Sri Chaitanya Techno School, ELectronic City, Bangalore

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VJ44 2012-03-23 09:20:28


Hi All,

Iam planning put my daughter to Sri Chaitanya Internation School (Taken over from Sunrise International School), Electronic City, Bangalore. Want to get valuable feedback regarding the shcool, its teacher panel and the teaching quality as many of the current staff are from the existing Sunrise management including the principal. Would be great if i can get a good feedback on the school as a whole.

Also would like to know about their fee structure.


Thanks in Advance.

 Former member 2012-06-29 08:32:45


 Hi, I am also planning to put my daughter in Sri Chaitanya International School, Electronic City, Bangalore.


I have enquired about the fees structure with the school. It is 70,000 excluding transport for I std. I would like to know more about the academics and extra curricular activites.  


Please share your experience with this school.


Thank you


abimenon 2012-11-05 18:29:25


 The schools concept is too good.. Good curriculam.. but the implementation is pretty bad.. teachers do not have any ownership. Its just a job for them.. I know only about this electronic city branch. only very very few teachers have Bed degree, and very unfortunate. The pricipal is running the school like  factory, with his exposure to defence school earlier. The torture that he is giving to the teachers, are flowing to the poor kids. Th intention of the teachers are just attending the school.. They just runs in to sign the attendance and their day is off. rest all is mechanical. 

If parents are capable of teaching the child, then its fine.The child scores good marks.Otherwise, god save. These teachers write in the board and students copy it and mothers teach them.. here goes the story. 

They have collected fees for swimming, skating, tennis etc..but still in want of a teacher. 

The less said about the principal, its best. He is not able to create an ownership in them. He is  adamant about the boring daily speech, which he bugs for 1 hr.  everyday.. its a complete mockery .. I dont konw, what the school authorities are doing.. 70k is not a small amount, for these type of education. 




abimenon 2012-11-05 18:30:16


 Never take a chance Anand. try in Christ . 



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