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Najma 2012-03-21 18:42:00



I've been hunting a good school for my kid for grade 1 for almost 6 months in the Bannergatta road area. I was also basically looking for a christian convent. That is when I came across Carmel Academy in Gottigere. Though this school will start functioning only in the coming academic year 2012-2013, I was somewhat happy with it as it has a good building, a good play ground, good campus which I did not find in the other schools i visited in the same area.

However, since this is a totally new school i am a little sceptical about its future. I would like to get some suggestions from other parents who have finalized this school for their kids or from those who know about this institution.



akkuayu 2012-06-01 16:58:53



we are also searching schools from almost one year near by our house,today we were passing by bannergatta road and i saw the school then we have visited there. we feel like this is the school where we can send our kids.all are nice and specially its a  new one so they will take care more of our kids and afterall its aconvent school so must be best. we have decided to get admission for ou kids.


kera42 2013-01-18 10:41:55



I hope you have admitted your kids in carmel academy. Please share your experience with the school so far. It would be great if you could share the fee structure and about the one time deposit.


MK123 2013-03-12 01:41:58


I had given my child in Carmel Bannerghatta branch last year with many expectations. Experience is in single word "WORST"



Pramz 2013-10-24 15:14:47


Any recent reviews on Carmel Academy, bannerghatta road?

prerana1 2014-11-19 16:42:47


Can anyone tell how is carmel academy on Bannerghatta Road? Shall I consider the school for my child's admission to the pre-kg? Aany feedback on the school would be really helpful

gcsmca 2015-06-02 15:22:08


please tell me how is carmel academy in gottegere on bannerghatta road? I have plan my kid admission LKG.

freezergames 2015-06-05 12:08:17


Hi gcsmca, this might help as this seems to be the latest.

6mnhgd 2015-10-24 09:45:54


To all dear parents Carmel Academy is the worst n horrible ever school which one can find... We had a very bad experience with this school... If u wish n want a bright education n future to ur child then pls never get into carmel academy even by chance... Warm regards

kskumaraxa 2015-10-24 11:30:52


Those complaints on the link are terrifying to say the least. Had a little hope due proximity and infrastructure, thanks for info. Its completely off my radar now.

6mnhgd 2015-10-24 12:42:03


BVM- nandiwoids, NPS TJ and SVM are too good.. I hv applied for Grade 1 in all these mentioned schools...after thorough observation and analysis. Hope u too... Regards

gimmi 2015-11-23 22:35:08


I am Dr.Gimmi Joseph K, Advocate parent of two children in Carmel Academy, having the right to speak as a parent with identity.

Carmel Academy School is a Roman Catholic school in the city of Bangalore, the school has been operated by the Carmelite order of priests and brothers (O.Cram) founded in 16th century. Having more than 400 years’ experience in teaching and Academic by running various schools and college in different continents in the world so the quality of the education by them are excellent and famous across the world. Few of the teachers are priests and they are trained and studied in Italy and USA. Please refer the below link to know more about their schools


In beginning few difficulties may face by the parents because of their narrow view (I, Me, Myself, and My child)  


shut 2016-06-14 23:34:59


If the same statement would had come from someone other than Carmel Academy's official advisor in legal matters, then it would have had some value.

gimmi 2016-06-15 07:10:02


can you share your feed back

advnk 2016-06-16 15:43:58


Suggest me some good school near bannerghatta road 


advnk 2016-06-17 12:39:31


Thanks for your reply. I have heard lot of good review about Chrysalis High. Probably will go with it. Any idea about the Fee Schedule. 

thehappydad 2016-12-01 21:39:24


Hi All,
Thanks for all the reviews and inputs.  I had visited the school today for my kid, for 1st STD, for 2017/18, but after reviewing the comments and the complaints in the link below, I would better opt out of it than experiment with my kid's schooling.
All the best for all the parents in their search for a good school.


123test 2016-12-07 12:08:28


My son is studying  in that school from Year school started
NEVER faced any one the issues mentioned.Rather it was the other way around
Completely satisfied with the school.

Good School,Good Facilities(Not AC class rooms,Swimming Pools).For that fees its worth
Enough room for Physical activities in TimeTable

tes123 2017-06-13 12:11:09


All of us belonging to an extended family are very happy about Carmel Academy.  Children of all our cousins are studying for the past three years. They are balancing both scholastic and non-scholastic with élan !! Great job  !!




dvir 2019-07-19 18:34:21


What is the fees?

Janani412 2021-02-23 11:45:39


Can someone provide recent reviews about Carmel Academy Bannerghatta road?


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