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Neethi 2012-03-14 20:10:47


Hi All,

My kid is 6 yrs old.....Lacking in speech and social behaviour....He is doing quite well in school..The teacher tells me there is no issue apart from the fact that he isnt social....

He is active..follows commands...but talks only when he has to...basically to signify his needs...When I ask him anything,he does reply ..but its unsatisfactory...

I have undertaken speech and occupational therapy in the past..but somehow not convinced with the results......I have taken him to several doctors...some say he will be fine with time...some say he has autistic traits..while some say its a developmental delay.......Iam at my wits end....

I reside in whitefield....I want to have a correct diagnosis of my child......Can anyone guide me whom I can approach in Bangalore.....I need a doctor who is experienced..who can really help me with this issue...One who show me the right path....I want to help my child....and I want  right person to achieve this....From past few yrs I have been running post to pillar with no avail....

Anyone who has had a similar experience and who has recieved the right diagnosis..pls help me.........




apoo 2012-03-16 17:15:11


hi neeti

you can contact aurinko academy- 919845497901 for guidance, counselling  and assessment. you can google them for the address, they are situated off sarjapur road.

good luck to you!


aanchal 2012-03-16 21:32:50


yes neethi, contact chetana keni @ aurinko academy. its not far from whitefield.  she will be able to  guide you with proper assessments. if PDD is ruled out, you can work with the child on speech stimulation (which is different from speech therapy). let me know when chetana gives you the report and guidance.


Neethi 2012-03-17 11:20:04


Thanks Apoo and Aanchal for the reply...I will contact Dr Chetana and get back to u Aanchal.....I sincerely hope and pray that nothing is wrong with my child and he will show good progress v v soon.....Thanks once again.........



ksb78 2012-03-19 09:50:47


hello all!

my name is kavita bhat. i have recently joined this forum. i have been reading all discussion threads...they r quite informative....i could have written neethi's post word for word...would you guys know someone in Bangalore south...maybe in jayanagar or j.p.nagar area...thanks in advance...

hope to participate in all the discussions..


Neethi 2012-03-19 16:05:19


Hi Kavitha,

How old is ur child?And as a parent what are the issues u feel ur child is facing?Do share with me.......


aanchal 2012-03-19 17:49:02


kavitha, i know a good speech therapist in south bangalore. let me know if you need the reference.


ksb78 2012-03-20 10:20:13


Thanks Neethi and Aanchal for your quick responses. Neethi, my son is 5 years old. He hardly spoke 5-8 words at 3 years of age. His pediatrician then refered us to Whisper Hearing Aids in Jayanagar 9th Block. He was evaluated...his hearing n other physical attributes seemed fine. He underwent speech theraphy for about 4 months. There was marked improvement. He came to know that he had to speak to communicate instead of gestures.

Then the speech therapist left and we had to discontinue.In the meantime I had second baby in Nov.2010.

He is ok with communication. His big problem is he mixes our home language (havyaka kannada) with bangalore kannada with the effect that newcomers are not able to understand him properly. His teachers can understand him. He can write alphabets-Big and Small, Cursive writing, Numbers 1-100.

I need some help for him to sort out his speech mixing problem and also for him to start speaking in English,if thats not too much to ask.

I think I have covered most of the issues. Neethi, if you could shed some light it would help a lot.

Aanchal, if you know speech theraphist in south bangalore, i definately want his/her number. I would want to get my son evaluated just so that if there are some serious problems it can be addressed at the earliest.


Thanks once again.





Neethi 2012-03-21 10:08:45


Hi Kavita,

Nice to hear frm u....Iam not sure if I can guide u rightly but I will try my best to write on basis of my own experiences as a mother.....

I feel u r on the safer side as ur kid can cummunicate.....Be it Kannada or any language the fact that he can cummunicate makes things easy for u.....Try talking to him in English...first say it in ur mother tongue n then repeat the same instructions in English...I did that and Iam finding some difference.....Take him to parks on a regular basis so that he can c other children playing...he will also get an opportuntity to socialise........Keep talking to him  about his day at school,about ur day at home,about ur little one.....keep him engaged with ur little one...getting water for the baby..getting other things...etc..slowly he will start talking with the little one too........

I feel he will pick up English from school...while the teacher cummunicates he will slowly learn the language....Never lose hope on ur kid...I feel he is doing v well....academically..speech part will improve...U have another kid na...sometimes I feel i too should have had a second child soon so.My elder one wudnt be lonely like he is now...........

I used to undertake occupational therapy...it was undertaken for a duration of 45 mins....as my childs attention span is short plus he is hyper too...But the therapist used to attend her personal phone calls in between...or some other doctor used to cme n talk to her in between...I didnt like this.....When IAm paying for those 45mins...I believe those 45 mins belonged to my kid.....I tried talking to her abt this but that didnt make much of a difference......so i found no point continuing....

Sometimes I feel i coudnt be a good mother....When I feel stresses,I cry just to release my negative emotions......Iam trying to do my best and I will continue with my efforts....It can get a little tough while people around make fun of ur child..or pass negative comments....but the key to success is to hold on till ur last breath....I keep telling myself that my child will be allright..no matter what people say or feel..he will be precious to me......

I think I wrote a little more than I anticipated.....I think ur kid is doing well....Dont worry abt him..continue talking to him...narrating short stories in english...asking him small questions once the story is over....if he can answer u answer it for him...he will gradually pick up....desribing the surrounding in english...like see the vase is on the table....what am i doing?Iam cooking...Will u pls switch off the light for me?....etc...In this way u can tackle this issue....Try for a month Iam sure u will notice a change......Wishing u all the v best..........Neethi.


ksb78 2012-03-21 14:29:21


Hi Neethi,

Thanks for taking the time to answer...thanks for the encouraging words....i am taking him to the park for the past one month...earlier it was quite difficult....he had problem mingling with other kids n playing in a group...it was difficult for him to verbalise his feelings...other kids also used to make fun of him...in fact other parents used to ask many awkward questions like ' what he is saying cannot understand'..'5 years and still he cant speak properly!'...n so many negative remarks...the sad part is my son can understand but cannot reply back...so I used to speak on his behalf n tell other kids that you guys take him for playing etc...so many days I used to cry all alone..but slowly things are getting better..now other kids are trying to make my son also a part of their games...atleast they dont make fun of him....other parents have also stopped making negative comments...


Its a good suggestion that I should first talk in our mother tongue and then repeat in English...i will do that..n thanks for the other suggestions also....yes we had a second child so that he will have a companion at home to grow up with..most of the days he bonds well with his little sister...

I also sincerely hope that you make good progress with your son...both our kids have a bright future..dont you worry

Take care...





ksb78 2012-03-24 15:42:55


Hi Neethi,

How r u? Hope you are doing fine...



ksb78 2012-03-24 15:43:59


Hi Aanchal,

You had said that you know some speech therapist in Bangalore South...do you have his/her number?...thanks in advance...


cool1701 2012-03-24 17:58:49


One of my friend consulted Dr.neeraja karthi at nimhans for her kid's speech problem.. U can make appointment n visit that hospital...





aanchal 2012-03-24 21:36:45


have sent the reference to the therapist :)


ksb78 2012-03-25 11:22:32


hi cool1701 thanks for the link...

aanchal, if you could provide me the therapist's name n address, i could cross verify their credentials :)


aanchal 2012-03-25 13:37:39


will send through PT inbox


ksb78 2012-03-28 09:52:40


hello aanchal, what is PT inbox n how to access it...thanx!


aanchal 2012-03-28 13:25:14


when you access 'my page' on homepage of parentree you can see 'inbox' on right top corner.


Agalya 2013-01-21 13:23:06


hello all!

My name is agalya. I have recently joined this forum. My kid is 3 yrs old.....Lacking in speech and talks only very few words... would you guys know some speech theraphy in Bangalore j.p.nagar area...thanks in advance...



Agalya 2013-01-21 16:50:30


I have a three yeer old daughter who seems to be hyperactive.She is constantly doing one thing or the other.She lacks patience and hates any activity which will require her to sit in a place for more than 5 mins.She was a late talker and speaks remotely. Please suggest whether to go for speech or occupational theraphy. Please suggest some theraphy in Bangalore j.p.nagar area...thanks in advance...


praxy 2013-01-21 20:12:40


st.jhon hospital koramangla have saparate departent called "child guidance clinic" they do councelling for children n parents both..they have speech and hearing clinic who even does evaluation of infants. their peditctric department entriely s very good..heard lot of parents' satisfactory result.



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