Euro School Whitefield Bangalore

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Neet3 2017-01-13 12:21:15


i agree to the comment.One of the worst schools ever seen in Bangalore.
They dont even take care of kids and half the time focus on taking money from parents stating different reasons.
The staff is also not dedicated and even the Principal keeps on changing, the current Principal also is not fit for the role.
Kindly dont put ur child to this school seeking the admisson counsellor suggestion.

Ash25 2017-03-03 16:13:28


I would like to know the feedback about the school .
your feedback is sooo valuable 

Bhavanazz 2018-07-12 11:08:02


Few pointers for you to join or not
- No blackboard / Whiteboard in Classes (it seems the contract got over and the vendor took the blackboards away) school was sleeping
- No Uniforms in Place (We paid for uniforms on 16th February 2018, its July 12th 2018... NO UNIFORMS YET)
- No Worksheets for few subjects
- No answer sheets for worksheets given
- Worksheets not pertaining to whats studied in class (way to difficult for 3rd standard)
- If teacher not good and complaints sent to principle, they would just to defend the teacher although its clearly mentioned teachers have signed they cant shout/insult the child. 
- Every month asked for some or the other Cheques, For Tennis during school hours/ for Skating etc.. these are activities during school hours. 
- Teaching methodology is good. some teachers are really good. some are just there to complete portions.
- No Discipline in School at all. Be it uniform, Bus leaving time, School starting time.

Parent of a 3rd standard child (child in school for 5 years now) - Would advice parents not to join this school at they are just in School business not looking for teaching.

bangalorewhitef 2019-01-29 23:24:30


Hi Bhavana,

Which 3-4 schools would you suggest in whitefield area then?

Thank you


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