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EuroParent1 2012-02-24 18:00:55


After 1 year of association with Euro School Whitefield Bangalore , below my observations..:)

Infrastructure is good, spacious class rooms and nice furniture with eye catching colors. Very impressive in first look.  Though the infrastructure got delayed and school started late last year, but acceptable. But initially when they are marketing at the time of admission, they were saying, they will use readymade blocks and building will be completed within 2/3 months etc.. Nothing that sort happened and took its own sweet time to come up.  At that time itself they were saying “high tension “ electric wires which are passing on top of school will be removed , but till now .. They are not able to do anything.  I think they should consider this seriously get it done, since it is not good for children health. ( if any of the school management says , it passive lines and doesn’t effect , don’t believe that argument  as  there is no such lines exists..:) some of the parents confirmed from KEB dept )

No swimming pool  , No Play ground  yet..Since last 1 year..

No Principle : Till now they are not able to get principle for the school, Initially they introduced someone and later they informed that she is not joining due to personal reasons etc.. But .. yes… Till now they are not able get good principle,. Since last 1 year managed by  Adey grey ( Head of council ) which is good.

Hope they will get good principle soon..

Transport :  Initial marketing was done saying GPS enabled bussed and etc.. Believe me this is purely marketing point , not working in real life. We need this information occasionally when the bus not reached on time. But whenever you request  you will get  SMS “Service is not available for this route  due to technical issues and sorry for inconvenience” , It worked for me once  and gave the some location for the bus , but unfortunately  I am not aware of that location where it is.. So finally it never helped me.  

Next coming to the Buses, as it is new school I have expected nice buses, But all are very old buses they brought some where as a bulk and got it painted, Not very good condition (you can make out by seeing the tyres and engine sound) , twice got delayed due to breakdowns. Not good condition buses, I see normal other schools launching new bused for new routes.

But I should say service is ok. No complaints.  I rate transport service is as same as any other school and nothing great (as GPS). ( I am not sure other school transport charges , so I am not comparing the transport fee, Though I feel it is High).

School Administration :  Not even single parent meeting they conducted till now, they say we have to book appointment with teacher to find out your kids progress – only working days , No Saturday and Sunday business J.

Not sure , why they are not providing the dais for the parents to bring up issues / suggestions. Probably they feel, handling individuals is easier than in parents meeting.

No school Day, No Sports Day, No Celebrations for festivals like August 15 and Jan 26 etc.. But there is a holiday on 15th Aug and 26th Jan.

 About Teaching ( Learn , Explore ..Discover Yourself).  

  They have study materials called work sheets, Every Friday your kid will get those books and you can see the progress for the week and you have to send the books back on Monday.  Basically you will not have any home work to be done by kids..Happy kids …Happy parents J

Ofcource  there is no exams also.. I am really not able to judge whether it is good or Bad.

Conclusion : Euro school is same as any other school and  they are here to make business only.  If you have any other school which is nearer than Euro school better to consider that .. I mean Euro school is not exceptional. If Euro school is near to your residence, make sense to consider this option.

Mr.Viswa  is responsible for all infrastructure and Transport queries, he is more polite till you take admission in the school.  After the admission, if you forced to meet Viswa for any issues ..haaaaaa.. Don’t expect the same politeness or favor to you..

Finally , It is parents responsibility to find out what they want and Is the school is meeting their requirements or not..

sumoh 2012-02-25 08:09:45



As a parent who has recently taken admission in euro school i would like some more information on teaching, how is the smart board method, do they use it?

which class is ur kid in?  i have taken admission for my daughter in Jr kg.  how about other activities like music, dance etc...


EuroParent1 2012-02-27 17:38:35


Yes,, They are conducting some music  and taekwondo clases.


 Former member 2012-03-08 09:35:06



so there's no hope of removing the high tension wires? i googled the ill effects on children and many sites mention the relation between electro magnetic field and childhood thats pretty alarming...after all the kids have to go there every day till the pass out from 10th or 12th.....

whats the school saying to all this? are they even trying to get it removed?

and another question...if gprs is not enabled in buses, then are they still charging for the gprs service? thats sounds unfair.. 


EuroParent1 2012-03-25 23:20:25


Yeah , As of now  the high tension wire are more worried part .. and School doesn't have any plans  /  progress towards romoving them..

This is more worrying me then any thing else..



kpaul 2012-06-26 02:42:39


  Euro school whitefield parents please join the group  Europarents.

 I have joined the yahoo group  Europarents  . I am waiting for the approval in the group so if anyone is the moderator of that group please approve me(kavitha_000) to the group. Please avoid duplicate groups and Request you all parents to join  Europarents as there are already 71 members


prpati 2012-09-18 19:47:06


Hi everybody i m new to this discussion  but till now was a passive reader ....lots of

valuable things came out of this discussion .....m looking to this school for LKG admission for 2013-14 ....since my daughter goes to Eurokids ,should i go forward

and join my daughter .....what say everybody ???????

Help me decide...

looking forward for reply .....or can i call those  parents whose kids already goes to EUROSCHOOL, Whitefiled.


aaa12 2012-09-18 21:21:38


As said before, there is nothing exceptional in this school.. just another school with fee close to 1L for LKG.. Smart board is not special. Nowadays most of the schools have this.. No playground in this school is negative , i feel.. Where will the kids play then? No exams (till 4th i suppose)... then how to judge the kids? How will they face exams suddenly in higher grades? Big question....


bitstree 2012-09-18 21:44:53


 These high tension wires should be the greatest concern of every parent......After reading the review of EuroParent11 I would never suggest any parent to put their children in such a school......Marathahalli/Whitefield has lots of options in terms of average to above average schools.......Vibgyor, Deens, DPS, Gurukul, Whitefield Global School,Gear. I know all these schools have some issue or the other but at least their campus does not have such a security hazard for kids !


prpati 2012-09-21 16:56:02


thanks aaa12 and bitstree  for ur suggestion ....then what u guys says ..should i try

New Horizon- indira nagar. Do u know what there fee structure like for last year.....since they will start admission process after dussera .How is there teaching process for LKG.

..Anybody heard of Fusco's school in old madras road ...any reviews?

Also thinking of NCFE .-malleshpalya ,SHISHYA BEML...... as option.Any idea?

Suggestions will be a great help to decide .




aaa12 2012-09-22 10:31:45


Go for NPS- but getting admission is next to impossible.. shld hv luck...

 Shishu griha-- v. good school... not sure if they've started admission process... just check with them...

NCFE- not that much gr8 reviews...

Can try FAPS,bethany,cathedral...



prpati 2012-09-22 20:14:27


For NPS .....they don't give seats to outsiders .

shishu griha ...only taking Mont1 admission ...children aged bet. 2.8- 3 not possible.

bethany etc. too fer from my place.

what about New Horizon Public school.-indiranagar.


aaa12 2012-09-24 09:04:31


NHPS.. Donation amt is too high.. 2 L or 3 computers for their school...

 Can try some new schools like Deens,greenwood high... But dont know how the school is... as most of the schools in matathahalli/whitefield r new..


prpati 2012-09-24 13:01:16


thanks ...aaa12 .


Unbiased 2012-09-24 20:57:54


 My kid goes to ES Whitefield from last 4 months. But not very satisfied with the school management. It's not very responsible management. Even there is no structure to escalate your concerns.

Transport - Almost 4 months are gone for this session and till now NO GPS/SMS tracking that was promised while admission. 

Communication - They talk great about communication but it's pathetic. They are running school on 2 mobile numbers and bunch of email ids. In case of emergency it's hard to reach them. They will never inform from their side. It seems only one lady (I will not name here…) is running the entire school. She will just talk and not listen what you are asking or your concern.

Administration – Even after 4 months for so many kids they have not issued permanent ID cards.

I selected this school after my kid spent 3 years in Euro Kids but Euro School disappointed me a lot.  If you are selecting ES thinking about EK standard, do not expect the same.

In today’s environment every parent need confidence from school that they are responsible and sincere but even after 4 months I don’t have that feeling. I know ES that runs on lean staff must be saying WHO CARES !!!!!

I am giving them some more time otherwise next year I will put my kid in different school.




chhavi123 2012-09-26 10:33:22


Hello Unbiased,

How would you rate acedamics in the school?


dk2012 2012-10-03 12:23:01



I am satisfied with this school, getting all the info on time. There is no issue with school transport, teachers, way of communication(sms, letter and email), etc.

There is no issue with child ID card and parent ID card, I got both on time.

They conducted PTM during Aug month.  I didn't find any problem when asked for rescheduling the PTM .

They also celebrated 15th Aug in school.

So in summary no issue.

If we really want to make an issue then no school in bangalore is a very good school, every one has some +ve and some -ve things.








EuroWhitefield 2013-01-09 16:35:58



The school has recently launched web tool called Webgenie. This is not used often and does not have any details except the notifications.

Another probelm observed is, If the teacher is on leave or vacation, the class is having FREE time/period - There is no provision of adhoc teacher or spare teacher just to monitor the young kids. The kids are unattended and is very risky.

Similary, if the child has selected Hindi as an optional language, during Kannada classes he or she has to go to some other class or enjoy the free time in corridor without any body's supervison and same case during Hindi class if child has selected Kannada as optional language.

They dont have any dates for functioning of the real play ground nor the swimming pool.

The biggest problem is - They dont have any Canteen and Cafeteria. Kids have to have their food inside the class room only.


EuroWhitefield 2013-01-09 16:41:33


It is below average in this campus. The euro school has good academics in Airoli  Mumbai schools.

Honestly speaking, this is a teacher friendly school not the child or educational friendly. They have highest number of holidays and no saturday working for PTMs


BAJ1980 2014-02-24 16:10:35


hey...lukin a school for my son,siddarth who will b 4 in jun was tougher than expected...with too many schools promising a lot and mixed reviews we find it really tough to take a decision..and moreover fees r soo far the oly school I got a gud opinion was this euro school in mahadevapura....... but again has bad reviews below:
- high tension wire going over the building
- transport issues

can some1 guide

dabsulu 2014-02-28 21:29:29


hi any latest info on this school for the next year 2014-2015 like studies and the fees, like admin, application, tutuion, trtansportation etc ?  My kid goes to Euro school at hyderabad ..but we have the bad experience with the principle here..the class 1 teacher was like super good and this year the improvement is nill ....
We felt it all depends on the teachers here..

I liked the books and their policy of less books to carry and all the other facilities like clubs etc...

dddddd 2016-11-03 18:14:55


I am looking for Grade III admission in Euro Whitefield school for 2017-18. I saw mixed reviews and confused to take a decision.
Can any one provide the info like academic practices, Fee structure, admission fee, CBSE exam results...?
Still the school has high tension wires..? or it is removed..?

Please guide me as I am unable to take a decision..


dddddd 2016-11-03 18:26:01


Hi Euro Parent..
Is your kid still studying in Euro school..? is there any improvement in school..? above mentioned concerns are still active..?
Shall I consider this school for my daughter for Grade III for academic year 2017-18..? please suggest.. completely confused..
Please share your e-mail id on for getting more details on this school as your experiencing the school...
thanks in advance..



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