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AMP 2012-02-20 17:21:07


Hello Parents,

This is the time table and portion paper given to the nursery kids in Baldwin Boys' school. I would like to know if it is too much or is it on par with  what other schools give. They have recently finished alphabets, numbers  and now they started them with the names of the animals and I frankly do not understand the purpose of giving the spelling of nose, mouth etc which are 4 and 5 letter words. Aren't the kids supposed to be taught stage wise with 2 letter, three letter etc?

Monday           12-3-12   English Part A (capital letters and small letters Aa-Zz, match the capital letters with small letters, write the capital or small letter for the given capital or small letter, draw objects for the letters:  A, E, L, P, T, V)

Tuesday           13-3-12    Eng        Part B (Circle the correct letter for the given object, write the first letter of the given object, recognize the picture of animals: cow, cat, dog, pig, fox and write the name, Parts of the body eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hands, legs to be recognized from the picture and to be written)

Wednesday    14-3-12    Moral Science  ( 4 songs)

Thursday         15-3-12    Number work Part A (numbers 0 to 100, numbers in 10’s:0 to 100, circle the correct number for the given given objects)

Friday              16-3-12   Number work Part B (count the objects and write the correct number in the box, match the following, number names 0 to 5)

Monday          19-3-12    Recitation (Rhymes 27 to 41, 44, 46 to 51)

Tuesday          20-3-12   Recitation

Wednesday   21-3-12    colouring

Thursday    22-3-12     Conversation

kkk 2012-02-21 08:54:09


S.. I agree... The portions in Baldwin boys is too high when compared to other cbse/icse schools... my nephew is in 2nd std.. And he has eng literature,Geometry,Science,Social etc.. Grammar is too high.. But in other schools in 2nd std, they have only half the portions.....

        And in the higher classes too,their syllabus is tougher...



AMP 2012-02-21 12:36:19


Thanks KKK,

I always thought that Bishops had more portions and never even applied there. This comes as a shock to me.


AMP 2012-02-22 19:38:27


Hello people,

I wanted some more comparisons please. Am I making a big deal of it or do other schools follow the same standard. Please let me know.


Rupmom 2012-02-23 11:39:10


Hello AMP

My daughter is in Baldwin Girls (Nursery).. even though they have not been given a syllabus as yet, still I feel they exert tremendous pressure unnecessarily. They have started with spelling only from Jan this year and are already making her write complete stories (the teacher writes on board and asks students to copy!!)... My daughter is completely lost .. she can hardly spell a 3 letter word, and here she is supposed to write entire story!!!... I am very very disappointed with the teaching methods and the teacher.. I had high expectations when I put her in the school last year, coz I had heard a lot about this school .. but I now see its just another ordinary (or very bad) school... Parents of Bishop, Sacred Heart, FAPS, etc, can you please share your feedback on this?. Is the pressure in all these schools also comparable?



AMP 2012-02-23 17:37:16



I think every year they change their teaching methodology . My daughter is in 5th std in the same school and when she was in nursery she had just 1 or 2 pages of homework in a week. I remember that the teaching was very relaxed until she reached 3rd standard. That was the reason I chose Baldwin's  over other schools for my son thinking that he would be relaxed too. I had seen my nephews in Bishops' having too many homeworks and projects. So, I never even applied there.


prits1 2015-03-13 17:01:46


I am in dilemma to put my daughter in Baldwin girls high, considering 10 sections, having 50 students and so much burden. Is it still good old school?

Saanvi03 2015-11-09 12:04:49


Hi All... i m looking for lkg admission for my daughter in baldwins.. i need ur feedback as ur children are already in the school...  how ur feeling about teh school interms of saftly,academics and other activities

sc2510 2017-08-31 02:27:20


Hello Amp, I seek your review about Baldwin Boys High School. How is the culture and upbringing in the school? How is the pedagogy ? I am looking for nursery/LKG admission for my son. Regards


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