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Most of you must be going thro' the same confusion i am going thro' .My son is 3 years and my husband both are working.. we keep getting invitations to attend some birthday party or the other...of kids who are more or less my son's age group..

the confusion is

what are the normal gifts we can give away?for 2-5 year old boy &girls..i assume preference may vary..what is the normal budget for a b'day gift?most of the invitations are for cake and snacks ..not for dinners.

do u people buy and stock these ../or buy on need basis?

is there a place near old airport road..where we can buy toys/books at reasonable prices?




ML 2009-11-12 14:13:01


hi, i usually keep soem stuff handy since on a weekday its difficult for us to go and get something....

I know bdays of most of her close frinds so those i keep ready a lill before the dates but I keep some stuff handy for her whenever she needs to attend a bday at a short notice....


shuma 2009-11-12 14:22:12



i feel the best gifts are books, my daughet is also 2.5yrs and i keep picking books for her every month , and she loves reading as well as ther are activity books for them like sticker books ,mystic pencil, paintingetc,

 I  also usually go to crossword-indiranagar,SapnaBook house,80ft road, opp.chinmaya msiion hospital,even u can go to TOYS AND TOYS indiranagar,they have board games for3yr old, like Dora-slide and Ladders,there are so may options, but personally i prefer buying eduactional toys and books as a gift rather than buying soft toys,and doll

Books u can get from 50rs to 500/-, it depends on ur range and how close the person is to u,even u can  go to oxford in Leela palace


NJ 2009-11-12 14:36:39


The budget of the gift depends on the closeness to the birthday child and family.

In case the family is medium close like co worker(except boss:-)) then the budget of around 100 to 200 rs is reasonable. If the family are one of your very good friends. have been very helpful , then a budget of about 250 to 500 seems reasonable. Bday gifts from the following will be useful.


  • Fancy watches(both boys and girls)
  • Vehicle toys like car, bus, auto,bike etc(boys)
  • Building blocks(both)
  • kitchen set/tea party set(girls)
  • barbie doll/any doll(girls)
  • dress(both)
  • VCD/DVD of nice stories, mickey mouse, kipper, thomas the tank engine, barney, rhymes etc(both)
  • books with big pictures. For 2 year olds you can choose educational books like , some animal , vegetable, fruit pictures mentioning the names and alphabet the name is starting with (both)
  • bat and ball, plastic ones are available(both)
  • basket ball set which can be fixed to the wall or door with a sticker (both)
  • Sipper
  • Crayon set/colour pencils/sketch/water color(both,  3 and above years)
  • Colouring book(both, 3 and above years)
  • Drawing slates where the scribblings can be erased with a slider(both, 3 years and above)
  • Puzzles(both, 3 and above)
  • tiffin box(both, for school going age), remember to put some choclates inside the box

You dont have to stock these items. Once you get the invitation its fine to look out. Or if you know about the kids bdays before hand and are sure that you will get invited, its better to buy and stock it.

I'm not in Bangalore now, I was 10 years ago. I know kids kemp (on higher end) and big bazaar(on lower end) where you can get childrens stuff. There probably are much more choices now.



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Thanks for the ideas. really nice ideas....



deepanmehta 2010-10-15 19:01:09



Yeah you are rgt.....we all face the same problem of arranging the gift, I usually keep some things handy like:


Pen Set

Pencil Set



Lunch box


C.D.(both rhymes and story one)

Board games are the best for all ages



These days in market many battery operated toys like cars, animals etc are availbale

Ben 10 products like walky talkie, train, figures, purses, etc.

bubble machines




Mere 2010-10-15 20:00:04


Hi Prabha,

Which part of Old Airport Road are u located? May be I can help u with some gift shops here


mythila 2010-12-12 07:18:30


 Hi Prabha

My son is now sixteen, but the habit I formed years ago when he was a tiny tot still remains... I buy whenever I see something interesting for a kid, and put it into an old steel trunk, known in my family as The Gift Box. I now have stuff for kids of all ages, but until my own kid was around twelve or so, I only had gifts for his own age-group. The great thing was that we were never stumped for a gift. Sometimes it was just one thing, sometimes we put in three or four small things.

There's no such thing as a proper gift, let me tell you. Just look around when you shop for yourself. Exhibition-sales are very useful places to visit. Handicrafts, books, clothes and accessories, toys, stationery... 

Some of my more successful gifts have been those I simply bought on the spur of the moment. I picked up a whole lot of wooden print blocks on a trip to Nepal. You can get them here too, and quite cheap. The joy kids get out of using them to print endless pages can't be described.

Then there are stickers. Kids love having a variety of them, including tattoo stickers. You might not be too popular with the parents, but remember your own childhood when you longed for wacky gifts?

Fancy punches are also very welcome, I've found out. These are just like the usual paper punches that you use to get paper ready for filing, except that they have interesting shapes (maple leaf, star, snake and so on) instead of the round cut-outs.

Kites are great fun too, but your kid is yet too small for them. And what about caps, handkerchiefs with animal prints or embroidery, pin-badges that can be put on school bags?

So yes, while you can go ahead and buy dolls and cars, you can also get anything that kids can use to create other things. Start your gift box now, and you'll be able to give us all suggestions and ideas from your own shopping trips.



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