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sushash 2012-02-04 00:16:24



i am trying for LKG admission for my daughter in cluny, baldwin girls and bishop cotton girls.

she studied her nursery in a regular school but could not handle the school pressure and we moved her out and repeated her nursery in jumbo kids. she improved a lot over here. i guess the teacher's attention and care played a great role.

i fear putting her in schools where she will be lost, she is a very shy kid( as far as the outside world is concerned). i feel she will get neglected. i am wondering if there are any schools in bangalore north and west where classroom strength is less and the teachers are friendly.

Any review on the teachers in cluny??how about brigade gateway? we contacted them but they say the admission for LKG is over and we need to try next year. what is the fee schedule if it is worth my daughter's future we will go meet the management.

we stay at rajajinagar. however subject to availablity of such schools which are not harsh on a child's mind we are willing to shift also. we thought of samhita academy, however it is way too far for us to relocate due to job constrains.

please help me folks:-)

anxious mother!!

sushash 2012-02-04 14:47:58


please people help me with school suggestions


vicky1 2012-02-16 09:30:43


You can try for Venus/Venkat International at Rajajinagar.  I have no feedback on the school.  I believe Venus is ICSE and Venkat is CBSE.   But pls get reviews from other people since you are looking for a specific kind of school.   Good luck!!



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