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Souvonik 2012-02-01 02:41:53


Is there anybody who had admitted their kid in Pre-Nursery last year? How is the experience? Do they take proper care of the kid, specially for a 3 year old? Also do they have transport facitliy towards CV Raman Nagar or Pai Layout or Old Madras Rd, Tin Factory or Kasturinagar?

Rupmom 2012-02-01 12:58:21



I got my daughter admitted to Nursery last year. and can tell you that my experience has been absolutely HORRIBLE. They take NO care of kids, with 56 students being managed by a single teacher and a maid.  Have heard the prenursery teacher:student ratio is 40:1, So I guess you can make out how much attention will a kid in a class of 40 get. Regarding transportrs, I know they have buses till Marathahalli.. not sure abour Old Madras Road.


kidmom 2012-02-01 13:59:49


Really confused. There was another parent (@ atom) who was happy with the school & replied so to my specific queries. Wonder whether it all depends on the teacher ur kid ends up with ?


Rupmom 2012-02-03 10:31:30



You are right,  a lot  may depend on the teacher for sure. But then I guess there are a couple of other factors, like the philosphy folloowed by the  school, my kid and her classmates often get beaten up, besides being verbally abused. If the school is against such practice, then not even ONE teacher should beat her students.  Isn't it? When we went to seek an audience with teh principal regarding the matter, we were denied an interaction with her on the face by her secretary!! Secondly, it also depends on the parent's involvement,. I have a couple of friends whose kids are also in Baldwin, and they are all praise about the school. But they dont even spend 10 mins in a day with their kids, and return home from work after the kid is asleep on most days. So, i have to take their feedback with a pinch of salt.

YOu can always try your luck . Just submitting the form do not guarantee admission. As you must be aware, inspite of fitting all so called criteria set by the school there are many who are denied admission and then there are alternate channels to seek the same. Good luck !


Souvonik 2012-02-06 23:25:09


I am looking for some more feedback on this, parents of pre-nursery 2011, please respond.


Pkundu 2012-06-20 13:39:47


My kid has been going since June 4th and it close to three weeks that the school started.

We thought that its one of th oldest schools of banglaore and has a good repuration, so they would definately make a difference to my kids education.

however within such a short time ,I am not at all happy with the way the kids are being treated. She used to go to a day care and then a pre school since the age of 1 year and now at this age of 4 yrs she is so detested with the very word school because she complains teacher is hitting her and scolding her. I am seriously thinking of moving her out by the end of the session and look for other schools...

If the kid is so frustrated with the teacher and the surroundings how do I motivate to send her to school..

I am planning to go and meet the class teacher on friday to find out whats happening .

The transport department is equally horrible , driver is asking for extra money to drop at the designated pick up point and the receptionist at the transport desk is just to arrogant to interact with.


Rupmom 2012-06-22 11:50:49


Hi PKundu

I can emphathise with you coz last year even I was in the same boat, Which class and section is your daughter in? Trust me a lot depends on teh teachers. Thankfully the new teacher in my daughter's class (Junior 1) is good and so she is very happy now . I can tell you one thing from experience, no point meeting teachers. Last year we tried meeting the principal even, but can you imagine that her secretary refused to give us any audience. Regarding, studies. the lesser said the better. Anyway , I have just accepted it and try to train and guide her at home to the best of my ability. Hope your kid gets a better teacher next year,




sonumonu 2012-06-22 14:41:09


Hi Pkundu , Even my kid is in pre-nur..which section is ur kid?

Hi Rupmom, r u not happy with the teaching/studies? Why so?


mamo100 2016-03-11 14:39:51


Baldwin Girls school is just ok.
Management is very careless. You will never be able to meet Principal.
Transport department is horrible & the Lady who takes care of the transport is very rude to the parents.
For Nursery also they have ratio of 1:50 1 teacher, 50 kids with one maid.
you can imagine  1 teacher handling 50 ,four year kids. Maid sometime hits kids if they dirty the place.
This happened to my kid.

I am planning to change the school. Why to send my kid so far its not worth.

I had big expectations from this school but I am very disappointed.



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