Presidency School in Kasturi Nagar

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rajeshlic2000 2009-11-11 01:44:40


How is Presidency School in Kasturi Nagar? Any feedback would be helpful.

my daughter is 3yrs.2months


sanjayg 2009-11-12 11:29:53



Its a new school.

Looks KG section is good but not sure about higher standards.

No place for sports activity. 

Uniforms are lot yet ready for last year joinees.

Construction is still going on in the school.



sanjayg 2009-11-12 11:29:54



Its a new school.

Looks KG section is good but not sure about higher standards.

No place for sports activity. 

Uniforms are lot yet ready for last year joinees.

Construction is still going on in the school.



sanjayg 2009-11-12 11:29:54



Its a new school.

Looks KG section is good but not sure about higher standards.

No place for sports activity. 

Uniforms are lot yet ready for last year joinees.

Construction is still going on in the school.



pollan 2009-11-16 15:53:57


I heard that this school is also very expensive. For a LKG they are charging 85K (including van fee). And there is no space for any sports activity.


kpsubbu 2009-11-17 10:21:17


not a good school as of now

but RT nagar seems to be good

roof is leaking a lot



Shysri 2009-11-27 14:14:15



I have just admitted my daughter for the year 2010-11 for Lkg.

School seems to be good, as I got good response from few of the parents.

Admission fee is Rs.31,000/- + 12,000 (3 times - term fee) ie., 67,000/- per annum for this year and next year onwards, 47,000/- per annum. Transport fee is seperate and depends on the exact distance covered.



 Former member 2009-11-27 15:09:40


@shysri -

is the construction work complete in that school? 

are the teachers friendly?

what was the interview process?


Shysri 2009-11-27 16:02:15



The construction work is over and only interiors / painting is balance, which they have informed will be over by the beginning of the next academic ie., 2010-11.

Teachers looked like friendly and I did not had difficult time at all. The process of interview was cool and I did not had any bad experience.

Nursery teacher will show some pictures and ask the kid to identify/name the picture, numbers from 1 to 10, rhyme of their choice, colouring the drawings, its not that cumbersome, it was a cool process.



 Former member 2009-11-28 09:43:43


Were you allowed to be with the child when the interview happened?

Or did they take the child alone?


Motor 2009-11-30 09:34:23


I have admitted my son in Presidensy for LKG and unlike RCIS or CMR NPS here they allowed parents to accompany the child for the so called "observation".

I also found teachers friendly and got good feedback from other parents.


Shysri 2009-12-01 10:07:18



Infact we were allowed to be with the child, but, myself and my husband preferred stay outside, since our daughter will not respond for anything if we are next to her.

So we left her alone with the teacher so that she could concentrate and get through wth the teacher.



paramanera 2010-08-11 17:45:26



    I have also admitted my kid there in kasturinagar of now not there but concern about health precautions they r taking in school about any epidemic disease like h1n1,can u tell something.


Shysri 2010-08-12 09:41:56



Its surprising, I suppose they are doing pesticides treatment in the school.

I feel we have to propose health check-up once in a month to all the kids in the school and this program to be initiated by the School administration itself.


paramanera 2010-08-12 13:29:55


Thank u very much,

                                Shysri for reply,I am sorry  to make u missunderstand but I am not in india as of now and wanted to know how safe is that to come back and sending my kid to school .cause I am reading lot of news regaurding H1N1 FLUE.I am very new to this group and amazed by your quick reply.pls give me any information if u have related to school.




jvshankar 2010-11-11 14:50:53


Hi Shysri,

I am planning to put mu daughter in Presidency school Kasturinagar for this year.

I can see from the above the discussion that by now(after 1 yr) you should be having more things to share..

Hoz the school ?....

are they asking for more money during the year like culturals...etc?.

Hoz the teaching ?are they experienced and Kind enough with the children?.

They are asking me to pay around 59k(admin+Anuual+1st term fee) by tomorrow to avoid being waitlisted.... not sure why they make it so hurry even though we have 6 mnths still left.Per year we need to pay 45k(admin + annual ) + 14K * 3 term fees = 87k.I believe from next year onwards it will be 67K.

Please reply ASAP as i need to take a decision by today.

Thanks in advance !





Shylaja 2010-11-12 17:18:00



1) Presidency School, KAsturinagar is good with new campus.

2) So far I found Teachers are fairly ok, since I did not had opportunity to meet across other teachers in other schools, I feel the teachers here are fine.

3) Regarding Fee, its one time fee and they are not demanding extra charges for other activities, during the curriculum, that is really good.

4) Activities are good but they do not have play ground.

5) Parent Teachers meeting happen once in quarter and Parents are given one opportunity to watch the Class room sessions alongwith their kid. 

6) Altogether its fine, except for we have to shellout little on the higherside towards fee or otherwise rest all is fine. 

7) They have good infrastructure, class rooms are big and spacious and are well lit with natural light and air.  



nshubha 2010-11-30 19:58:47



ON last sat i issued and submited form of lkg for my daughter .

i am wating for their call for interaction ? Can anybody let me know what they ask in interviews for children or parents?

I came to know about the school by reading shylaja's review

hoping for good




jes 2010-12-01 09:03:27


@nshubha: i had taken m,y daughter for interaction on 25th ..they first asked her name,then gave a picture of ball to colour and asked her different colours,numbers shapes,recogniose alphabets she was also asked to write number 1 and 2...


Saran007 2010-12-01 11:20:22


shubha, they might also ask to recognise animals and also for a rhyme


nshubha 2010-12-01 11:29:49


Thanks saran and jes ....

Did u get the results ? Will they tell immediately wheather the kid is selected or after 2 to 3 days ? What is the procdure?



Saran007 2010-12-01 13:13:13


they will inform you after ~3 days and they will ask for payment within 3 days from there


reliable 2011-01-22 15:48:58


My son is studing in UKG @ CMR NPS. As a parent, we are confused whether to continue @ CMR NPS or not because every year fee has been hiked but overall facility is not worth to the amout we have been paying since last 2 years. Pls help me with your feedback.

Do you know any school which is worth the amout we pay near by Kasturinagar, Banaswadi, Rammurthynagar and K. R. Puram

Feedback from parents whose kids are studing in CMR NPS are more than welcome

Thnx in advance,


Motor 2011-01-24 09:11:29


hello reliable,


cmr, rcis, presidency all annual fee comes up to 50+ K.

Is it worth it? None of the schools worth..

Schools are not keeping fee for the facilites/services they offer but how much other schools in the same area are keeping so nothing much to differentiate between.


From my colleague i heard that new baldwin in banaswadi fee is about 25K and seems okay. I have no further details about this school ATM.



revatid 2011-01-25 09:10:32










SumaSutar 2013-10-16 13:27:40


My son will be 3.7 by june 2014 I am looking for a good school near to rammurthynagar. Can anybody please suggest good school nearby? How is presidency school?

SumaSutar 2013-10-16 13:29:08


Also please provide me the information on their admission schedule.

Venki231 2013-12-24 12:01:54


Admissions have started for Pre-KG to grade X for 2014-2015...below is their fee structure

Presidency school, kasturinagar

Admission Fee: 40K
Annual Fee: 35K
1st term tuition fee ( jun to sep ): 18K
2nd term tuition fee ( oct to jan ): 18K ( to be paid within 0ct 10th 2014 )
3rd term tuition fee ( feb to may ): 18k (o be paid within feb 10th 2015 )

Grand Total: 1,29,000

Payment to be paid in cash or in the form of DD as follows:

1. Admission fee and Annual Fee in favour of " AH Memorial Educational Trust "
2. Tuition fee in favour of " Presidency School "

Admission to be paid at the time of admission.
Annual fees and 1 term tuition fee to be paid within 45 days from the date of admission.

Fees once paid is not refundable.

Admission kit is 250/-

Just wanna know if this school is worth for my kid especially with such high fee structure. my kid is 3.7yrs old...currently is in nursery at podar jumbo kids, ombr.
Presidency school as such is in good location and has a basketball court and cricket net practice..
Anyone who can throw the light of this school would be very useful before we start attending the scheduled interview with the school authorities.


babie18 2014-12-01 15:18:28


I am planning to put My son  in Presidency school Kasturinagar for next year 2015-16 in LKG.
How is  school? ..any feedback would be helpful.
Thanks in advance.



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