Preschool for 2.6 yr around Sanjay Nagar,Bangalore

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JyothiMallik 2012-01-19 00:28:23


Dear All,

This is the 1st discussion I've started in these 2 yrs...Its very crucial...I'm sure I would get good help from all the members of the forum.

I've daughter of 2.6 yr old  (just turned on 24th Dec'11) ,looking for the best preschool (preferrably Montassory) around Sanjay Nagar,R T Nagar,RMV 2nd stage..Kindly help me..I stay at RMV 2nd stage..withing radius of max 8 km I'm looking..



chaitalee 2012-01-19 21:03:02


Check for Vidyasagar - feeder for Vidya Shilp & Niketan.

Buddhi school in RMV (I think) - heard that they are pretty alternative in their methodology - best to check with them


JyothiMallik 2012-01-20 16:05:53


thanks Chaitalee..I checked Vidyasagar,they've closed the admissions...

I'll figure out Buddhi..thanks...Hows Bumble bee at sadashiv nagar...


chaitalee 2012-01-20 22:11:32


 No idea abt Bumble Bee - I dont live in that vicinity,

Also you will notice that majority of schools start their admission process by Sep of the previous year and close it by Nov/Dec. You may need to push a little with them to check if they have any 'no shows' by Feb/March.

Good luck!



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