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soumita 2009-11-09 12:10:36



Can someone share their feedback on Ryan International? I am looking for a good ICSE, CBSE school for my daughter who turned 5yrs in oct'09, she will join 1st standard from 1st June '10 . She is currently studying in KIDZEE, J P Nagar in UKG (Sr.KG).

I would also like to know admission procedure in Bethany School, Koramanagala and if any bus service is available from bannerghatta road (Kodichikkanahalli)?



 Former member 2009-11-10 11:43:29


Dear soumita,

U can try for ur daughter in Padma Seshadri school and kumarans as i suppose they must b close to ur place. Dont know much abt other schools at that area.




soumita 2009-11-10 14:28:28


Hi Arati,

Thanks for your response. PSBB has closed admission for standard 1 and will consider application only once any child drops out. Kumarans have moved to kanakpura road which is quite far from our place.




Deepp 2009-12-04 14:49:17


Hi Soumita,

My daughter is also studying in UKG  Kidzee J P Nagar, yesterday only I called up PSBB and submitted form to their Hulimau branch for std I.


govinda 2010-01-10 08:06:49


Ladies, any feedback about Ryan International would be of great help. I'm thinking of enrolling my kids in this school.



soumita 2010-01-11 09:51:39


Hi Deepp,

Thanks, I tried in PSBB as well!  So where do you propose to put your daughter?




Deepp 2010-01-11 10:22:15


Hi Soumita,


After seeing lots of -ve feedback about PSBB bangalore I've finally decided to go with Ryan Internation Bannerghatta Road though it was not upto mark but due to date of birth criteria i left with very few option and so i decided to go best out of them. My dauther is 30th Dec born so most of the schood I tried namely Kumran, DPS and Brigade (these from my area) declined to take in std 1.





soumita 2010-01-11 10:47:08


Hi Deepak,

We had the same issue as my daugter is Oct born so we are also considering Ryan.  Although not sure, if they will accept the admission now as she cleared her admission test sometime in Nov'09 and we had bought some time but its already Dec.!!

What is your daughter's name?






Deepp 2010-01-11 11:23:13


hmmmm, i guess they should take I also asked for sometime and they permitted only 15 days from the day of result, You should talk to them @ earliest, My daughter name is Adya Saanvi. whats ur daughter's name?




soumita 2010-01-11 11:26:09


Thanks, i will. My daughter is Shirin kher.





Deepp 2010-01-11 11:37:09


you welcome. good luck





govinda 2010-01-11 22:06:08



We are moving to JP Nagar 6th phase and my daughter will be going to Ryan International as well for 1st std. I've just now gotten the application form and will only be able to come down in April for the entrance test and such.

Deepak, can you tell me why you think school is not upto mark? I've a son going to 4th Std so want to make sure this is the right school for him as well.







mkp 2010-11-15 15:22:07


Can  any obody explain the admission tests in Ryan bannerghatta?

Will the teacher read out questions to child?

Will there be additions/ subtractions( they are in UKG last term - yet to study)

Will they permit parents along with child?


Can you please explain your experience?



mkp 2010-11-15 16:14:17


My previous post is about admission tests to 1st std. (I didn't mention that) 


priyavalli 2011-05-11 16:39:14




We went for Ryan North for admission. 

we were said that a teacher would come and do the child observation ( admission exam), instead the lady from the fee counter  conducted the test .

Questions :

A- Z alphes writting

Spell out numbers 2- two, 7 - seven etc....

Number 1 to 50 writing

one hindhi fillin the balnk question

One kannada fillin the blank question.

Althought we mentioned very clearly that my daughter did her kindergarden in USA and donot know hindhi and kannada - they said they cannot admit her as she din't answer hindi and kannada questions !!!!!!!!!!

Plus: They did read out questions to my daughter 

Minus: The very common issue with KG kids - writitng 5 invertedly ( althought my daughter din't miss any number between 1 to 50 or the alphabets) , J inverted .... was considered as  dis qualifiers . They say the m3 kids in their school will never write it this way !!!

The lady in the recption said they cannot admit my kid - no admistration people was arond or involved to talk to ......

Any way, they said they have global school in the same campus for NRI kids .

Hope this info helps.





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