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jiphan 2012-01-05 16:38:30


Dear members

 this is just my experience of sherwood high for the past one and a half years.A school management that respects the parents ' anxieties and cheerfully tries to answer and solve issues to a great extent.A principal who is so child friendly and becos of it kids love school,and no tantrums on monday mornings.T eachers overall are good ,some are excellentand worth mentioning.T he hindi teacher,by name MRS.YOGITHA is a great teacher,who makes a child from a non hindi motertonge base,do well in hindi with confidence.This is worth an applaud.The transport incharge mr.Bhaskar,is really polite and clarifies all enquiries with patience.T he admin staff  are cordial.I FEEL MORE CAN BE ACHIEVED IN OUR KIDS IN SHERWOOD HIGH,with a little more effort from the management side on the screening process of teaching faculty.Otherwise the overall rating in academics,music and cocurricular activities are commendable.Trust the management will strive a little hard tis year in selectig the appropriate staff to the existing core team

well done sherwood

just a few weeds to be taken care of

thank u sherwood high for making a  parent's heart light


Petoskey 2012-09-26 00:01:23



I am planning to put my son to Sheerwood High.. so thanks for the review.I wanted to know if the scchool has after hours program?



jiphp 2012-09-26 02:46:41


need to check out with the school as i am currently out of the country



deray 2016-02-10 23:39:05


Is the admission still open for Nursery (Pre-nursery) in sherwood high? If yes, any idea how long will that remain open?


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