What a bad way to begin a Friday morning??

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DivyaRaj12 2009-11-06 12:38:29


Was all excited about waking up on a Friday morning,as the weekend was fast approaching, but it was such a rude shock to read the news article on Page 1 of Times, about a nanny giving sedatives to a 7 month old baby and sending the little one to beg !!! It just triggered so  many thoughts in my mind..........Will any parent feel secure about leaving their little one in the hands of a nanny,henceforth??  Will any working mother be able to give her 100% to work, when her child is at home with a maid?? Will such an incident create a bad scar on the whole "Nanny" community?.....So on and so forth !!

After getting over the intiial shock and extreme anger, I couldn't help but think about why anyone would do this to a poor hapless 7 month old child? At the cost of sounding sentimental, how can a woman who is probably a mother herself, do something so ruthless to a child,who has been entrusted in her hands with so much trust by the parents?

Understand the apprehensiveness of the parents in maintaining their anonymity, but I think it would do a great deal of good, if the name of the agency  is published(from where this particular nanny was outsourced). And in my view, such agencies should be blacklisted, so that other agencies also get the fear in them and conduct a lot of safety checks to in future.

Such incidents only reinforce the thought that our human values are fast deteriorating...!!!

NJ 2009-11-06 13:20:56


I had posted about this article in the morning, which the moderators have moved to working women group. This is very shocking incident and disturbed me a lot. I think the best is not to hire a maid itself for the child. Even agencies cannot 100% run a background check on the ayahs, though I feel such a hard minded lady would have been having a bad record earlier also. For parents who are both working, its best to lookout for a professional day care recommended by friends or relatives. If grandparents are in the same city, the child can be left with them. If the grandparents are not very healthy, an ayah can be hired  to look after the kid, but only under the grandparents supervision.


 Former member 2009-11-06 13:55:08


Exactly the same incident was reported in a regional language magazine a few months back.

Maybe this particular maid read that article and got ideas!!!


NJ 2009-11-06 14:57:32


I dont think a reknowned paper like TOI would give fake reports.


 Former member 2009-11-06 15:47:47


NJ, I did not say that TOI article was fake.

I said, the maid must have got this idea from the article which she read in the magazine.


NJ 2009-11-06 15:56:45


Ok, I thought you meant that the news sounded fishy as the same was reported sometime back also.


JC 2009-11-07 00:07:19


 These types of things happen every where in the world.  Doesn't mean every nanny/caregiver is bad and you should stop trusting them.

During our daily park visits when my son one was very young, to play with kids who were taken care by nannies, grandparents I had an opportunity  to observe/chat with them.

Following few important things to observe in your child after hiring a new care giver:

1. Food  and hunger

2. Sleep habits

3. Cranky/crabby behavior

4. Like and dislike for any particular toy/food

5. Change in method of getting attention


Following are the examples for the above mentioned behavior changes. Though I write these details, start with a thought process that the child has a genuine problem and do not suspect the care giver, right away. Never confront a care giver unless you are totally sure  to discontinue getting help from her.

#1: Some care givers give adult food mixed with yogurt. Not all adult foods are safe and healthy. Especially if you send your own food. Some folks give too starchy foods and kids don't get to eat vegetables. Some times you have picky eater he/she can get neglected  and come home hungry.

#2. Change in sleep habit, too much or too little is either due to too much <food, medicines> or too less <too excited, chatty nanny or not eating enough>.

#3: Cranky crabby due to lack of enough attention<nanny on phone most of the time>, food or sleep.

#4: Kids can suddenly like few items more like toy phone, soda bottle. Child who used to eat healthy foods with little efforts, now  throws his/her food and resists even  more than before <as care giver isn't putting in enough time/effort to make the child eat>.

#5: Suddenly scream to get your attention <this is what they ended up doing as nanny is too busy with her own stuff or chatting with others>.

While caregiver is watching your child who is watching your caregiver?

Basically observe them a lot. This is what I feel it's best to keep observing even though you have hired the best caregiver in the world, until you feel your child is safe with that person.

I go with a pinch of salt when it comes to child care and on the other hand my wonderful hubby who wouldn't trust even grand parents as they don't know CPR and modern things to do if a child is hurt or injured. Boils down to he can only trust people who have gone through CPR, finger printing, criminal background check.......you get the idea,

Always be vigilant and in a relaxed manner, observe caregivers but don't let them know that they are on your radar system! 

If you find something seriously wrong don't wait too long.



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