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Shivakumar 2009-11-04 10:56:05



We have got admission for Pranav at Sudarshan Vidya Mandir for KG1. It would of great help, if some one can comment on the school



Hriday 2009-11-17 12:07:18



  This is ashwini, we have been called for principal meet in next week, as of now i have heard good reviews about this school. The only negative point i heard is that it does not have enough big campus for sports..otherwise evrything seems to be good.

Could u share opinion abt this school..u came accross any reviews good/bad?








Shivakumar 2009-11-17 12:41:32


Hi Ashwini,

Thanks for the response. We have not been able to find any reviews in the web. However, we spoke to one of the parents and also with someone running an activity center where a few kids from SVM attend. Here are some points

1. As you have mentioned, the facility doesnt have a proper play ground, which we believe is essential for kids. We were not convinced with the response the principal gave when we posed the same question. Looks like, they believe that not much physical activity is required for toddlers and they take the grown-up kids to the Jayanagar stadium by bus.

2. They focus more on the regional language and hence the focus on other languages get diluted. This is fine if your mother tongue is Kannada. If not, your child is bound to forget your mother tongue. We believe, equal attention should be given for all 3 languages opted.

3. There is a lot of conditioning in the name of tradition involved in their teachings and hence, I believe the individual potentiality will not be brought-out.

These are my personal opinions based on our priorities and do not want to generalize it.

We have decided not to attend the interview.




Hriday 2009-11-18 10:39:49


Ok thanks a lot for sharing the info..

then which other schools have u opted?. where are u put up .i stay in Victoria Road. i have only few options near by

Bishop, Frank anthony's but their admissions will start only by Jan or feb..

Any other good schools in jayanagar?



Shivakumar 2009-11-18 12:11:31


Hi Ashwini,

We have applied for New Horizon and the interview is scheduled on 04-Dec. Hopefully if it goes through, we will have New Horizon as an option and try for Bishops or FAPS in Jan. You can also check St.Josephs by early next week.

You can also try Aurobindo. There is no intake for LKG and if any kids are withdrawn, they might consider. We should call them by 1st week of March to know the status of availability. If your kid is in nursery, you can check Aurobindo.



Shivakumar 2009-11-18 12:22:47


I've uploaded an excel sheet with details on some of the schools. You can download it from the below URL



Hriday 2009-11-18 12:29:38


Hi Shiva,

  Aurobindo is very far for i have not opted for it..we will try for Bishop's and st.Joseph's sure.






rohiniula 2010-02-09 13:34:03



This is to Ms. Kanaka Madam, Please check with your friend about the incident you mentioned thoroughly, please investigate & interact with different people before posting this kind of comments on the net. I strongly deny all your allegations. My daughter is also a student here I can assure all the parents this is a very safe & secured school.  As responsible & educated adults, we can use electronic media to inform & educate the world. Hope you will agree with me ONE NEEDS TO BE VERY CAREFUL BEFORE POSTING his/her individual opinion about an organization / person. Dear Ms. Kanaka, please re-check, you will definitely feel the need to edit your comment. Since you have raised very delicate issue I have invited my friends to post their comments.

rohiniula 2010-02-09 13:37:23



Hello, I just happen to go thro’ your comments on Sudarshan Vidya Mandir. I have been closely observing the school since 19years. I have very high regard towards the institution. Mr. Shiva & Ashwini may I ask you few questions ( I do respect your concern towards the children).   With regard to your concern about giving importance to 3 languages. Q1. Do you know that school observes different language days? Each language is given importance. You must see the language flow when young adults of class X deliver their valedictory address in the graduation day ceremony.   The institution doesn’t have the play ground of its own ( Which is the case with most of the Bangalore Urban schools) and the parents are aware and informed how the sports & PE classes are conducted. Children are given more than an hour’s sports time in a week. Students with additional sports talent are trained & given chance to participate in the various sports events & they are doing very well. Q2. What else expected?

Hriday 2010-02-09 13:51:43


Hello Rohini,

  This is Ashwini..see watever i had posted earlier was just from wat i heard..i dint take it as a point for not sending my kid to sudarshan..I was ok with it..i dint't admit my kid due to non availability of transport. In this blog some people have shared their views and some people have put accross their decision its depends on their own needs.

By only these discussions which u saw u can't decide wat we think and wat we expect from school


sujaysvijay 2010-02-09 14:11:16


Dear Ms. Kanaka

I strongly oppose your allegations on SVM & Principal. My two sons, my sisters daughter, my brothers children and many of my friends children are studying in SVM. It is a very prestigeous & old school in jayanagar. We cannot imagine such a thing to happen at all. If any of the employee has misbehaved, you can not blame the principal for that. We have not come scross any such problems. Instead I quote lot of instances where the school has helped both parents & students in trouble. All of us request you to take back your comments on SVM.


kanaka 2010-02-17 22:18:26


Dear Rohini and Sujay,

The mental stigma caused by these incidents changes the child behaviour and makes them subdued.This condition is not advised by doctors as well.

It is expected a school should provide environment,  as in Rabindranath Tagore famous lines  " WHERE THE MIND IS WITHOUT FEAR AND THE HEAD IS HELD HIGH........."

Any condition deterimental to a free mind and health should be avoided completely and exhaustively. With growing cases against children in the society, the anxiety and intimidating incidents can be fully known if it happens to their own wards.



AMP 2010-10-20 23:33:51


Dear Kanaka,

Everybody should be able to voice their concerns without intimidation. I am new to parentree. I could not read what exactly you had posted. If true everyone should be aware of it.


Open your mouth and you're wrong.

Zen Proverb


revathis 2011-07-02 21:36:47


My own experience (primary grades) with the school is not very positive.

The issue really is not the lack of play ground or language.  The issue is hygiene factor and the teachers. 

The teachers do not seem to understand how to handle children.  There is one particular person who is notorious for killing the children's free thinking and spontaneity.  She believes children should behave like adults. 

 The choice of school is not that of parents but of the kids!

The day the kid does not like to go to school - you know there is trouble.

We have taken it up with the HM and Prinicipal.  No use! 

We yanked the kid from the school and put him elsewhere.  He is now happy and loves to go to school!

Oh, by the way...we just heard many parents have yanked their kids from the school (same class)....same reason...bad teacher....bad response (no action) from principal.


prajna 2011-12-05 15:45:07


Hi Revathi, please let me know which school your kid goes to and how is the experience there? Thanks.


sritarun 2011-12-20 12:00:11


Hi  i really agree with prajna the school making me feel very sad, the teachers r really unexperienced,  they have not even prepared there mind to maintain 34 kids in the class , they just complain to the parents ,they say thye are not responsible for any thing abt the kid.. Do u agree wid this does the teachers  not resposible for a kid , i am really fed up with in  1 year, last year i joined my kid in lkg in svm


Prasad07 2021-06-09 16:12:01


Hello I am also trying for a admission for my daughter in Sudarshan Vidya Mandir. Would you please let me know the phone number of principal. My phone is 9550732945. Regards

Prasad07 2021-06-09 16:14:46


Hello, I am trying for admission for my daughter at SVM. however, they are not taking my phone calls. Would you please provide me with the phone number of any faculty member or admission team. I am available on on 9550732945. Thanks for your help.


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