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 Former member 2011-11-23 07:32:13


Can some one confirm, the exact cut off age for LKG admission, there are two criterias that schools follow:


1) 3 yrs 10 months as on 30th June 2012 (As per DPS, Royal Concorde, Sindhi school,Jain Heritage School,Euro school,Gomathi school)

2) 3 yrs 10 months as on 1st June 2012 (As per Kensri school)

MaggieM 2011-11-23 10:36:46



Apart from these, there are some more cut off ages for LKG in Bangalore CBSE schools:

3. 3.8 as on 1st June followed by some schools such as New Horizon Gurukul.

4. 3.6 as on 1st June followed by schools sch as PSBB.

5. 3.3 as on 1st June followed by schools such as Vagdevi Vilas.

So there is no fixed criteria - each school has its own criteria. No point in banging your head with the school authorities on whys and hows. Apply in the schools where your child is eligible as per age criteria. (Please note, such different criterias in age exist only in Bangalore. ) All the best.




MaggieM 2011-11-23 10:46:13


For Euro school is its 3.6 - please check their website.


 Former member 2011-11-23 11:03:57


  Hi Maggie, 


Thank you for the reply. I do know that there are different age criteria in different schools. I have joined my son in Euro school. He will be 3 yrs 9 months 5 days by 1st of June 2012. 

When I told this to my neighbour, she reacted negetavely, saying, if CBSE makes age criteria as mandatory for 10th standard, where in they make 15 years 10 months for tenth standard CBSE exams, she told that my son will fall 25 days shorter to appear for CBSE 10th Exams. And she also told that he might have to re do his 10th class if that rule becomes strict after few years. 

So she suggested that i should make my son do Nursery again, though he got admission in Euro school North for LKG. Hence I was confused and posted the above discussion. Please confirm if there is any such govt rule as of today by CBSE?


 Former member 2011-11-23 11:08:01


 i wrote my 10th cbse whe i was 14yrs old.. i turned 15 one day after the exam:) hope that helps. 

btw ask ur neighbour how she explain prodigy children who write boards at a much younger age? 




 Former member 2011-11-23 11:46:57


 :), Same here Jyothi, I wrote my 10th CBSE when I was 15.1 years. there are people who talk with minimal knowledge. that is the reason for such confusions. 

But i wanted to stay informed about the exact CBSE rules as of today.


 Former member 2011-11-23 11:58:43


hi Ragini

My niece just completed her 10th last year.she was only 15.Dont worry..some schools are just hiking the age criteria as per their will.As per cbse guidelines it is 5 yrs for 1st std.I enrolled my son at 3.6 yrs at lkg..but not many schools in banglaore offer admission for lkg at 3.6


MaggieM 2011-11-23 13:02:31



There is no rule by CBSE or Central Govt. or infact even the State Govt on 3.10 as age to enter schools. Its upto CBSE schools to define their own criteria. The schools most of the times scare parents by all that. As per CBSE, min age to enter 1st standard is 5 years as rightly mentioned by easy, also, all KVs follow this age criteria - and they are under central govt. So your kid will be eligible to write standard 10 exams. Also, if Govt comes up with a rule, it will be for new admissions - its never for kids who are already in higher grades. This will have a huge impact on lakhs of kids across the country, not just Bangalore, and will be impossible to implement for students who are in higher grades.

Please ask your neighbour to check with CBSE - she probably didnt have much options for her kids (just kidding)!! ;-)

all the best...



 Former member 2011-11-23 14:28:49



You are right with the age criteria. I just wanted to double check. I am peaceful now. Thank you for your valuable inputs on this topic.


ara80 2011-11-24 10:47:28


Hi Easy


Where did you enrol your kid for lkg at 3.6. I am looking for schools which will take my child for lkg, at 3.6years. I have done my CBSE tenth when i was 15, so I don't have an issue about coping up and all.

Please help



 Former member 2011-11-24 11:48:49


hi Ara80,

I stay near marathahalli i enrolled my son is vagdevi vilas at 3.6.Navprajna school which is in marathahalli which is group of poorna prrajna also admits kids at 3.6 .Also Vibgyor M'halli icse was ready to admit my son for lkg at 3.6 eventhough their off. reqmt was 3.10.

as faras my niece she completed from gitanjali look for new schools in your area.they will admit the kids at 3.6. just the established schools in the areas tend to define their own rules.


 Former member 2011-11-24 12:17:26


 i think there should be some act or any govt authority issuing the guidelines for age criteria


 Former member 2011-11-24 12:41:21


every year we see govt notifn that schools shd not start their admission process so aug/sept.. but all reputed schools in bangalore finish their admission formalities by dec.

so not sure if govt notifn etc..has any takers


 Former member 2011-11-24 13:45:54


 Hmm true, and as long as it does not effect the child, it should be fine.


 Former member 2011-11-25 08:11:23


 hi easy, u said ur niece completed her 10th from geethanjali vidyalaya in kaggadasapura? hows the school? academic wise? ive heard that they dont dont participate in any inter school competitions... any feedbak would be helpful.

thanks so much



 Former member 2011-11-25 11:39:19



Geetanjali is a Ok school .. yes not many inter school competitions etc. Academics wise it is good.They do have good infrastructure now. Their mont. in Tippasandra is good. The approach road last mile is bad. So you have to rely on school bus..and it is not good as the strength is less..they try to combine lot of routes so she ended up coming home at 4.30-5 when school close at 3-3,30 pm.

Now they have started doing some science exhibition etc. I think last year was the 2nd batch of 10th from the school..the strength was 20-25. now in lower classes they have decent strength and 2-3 sections and for blore schools their fees is nominal. i guess they charge some admission fee aka donation not sure how much is it now. my sis paid around 25k as it was a mid term admission 4 yrs back.


 Former member 2011-11-25 12:16:53


 thanks so much easy.. i have to yet check it out. the school's only 2.5 kms from our place in pai layout but from that route 2 km stretch is apparently so bad that the cars shock absorbers go for a toss!!! hehehehe ...

but i did read some good reviews last yr... thanks again:)


narayana1 2014-04-03 18:23:05


Hi all,

I got below information from Websites. I am from AP. So CBSE has not fixed any age criteria. As per state rules they will allow.
AP SSC board (X th Class) decided the age limit as 14+ years as on 31st August of the academic year.
Even I have checked with Reginal CBSE form this link, they also confirmed the same.

Could anyone confirm the same?

1. Has the Board fixed any age criteria to appear in class X examination?No, the Board has not fixed any age criteria to appear in class X examination however, at the time of admission the student should satisfy the requirements of age limits (minimum and maximum) as determined by the State/Union Territory Government, as applicable to the place where the School is located.
14+ years as on 31st August of the academic year

narayana1 2014-04-04 16:43:30


As mentioned in my earlier post, it's confirmed by CBSE â€‹Regional Office Bhubaneswar.

From: CBSE_RO_Bhubaneswar<>
Date: Fri, Apr 4, 2014 at 4:20 PM
Subject: Re: DOB
The age is for admission to class I and is as per state govt rules as mentioned in the examination bye laws. Pl refer bye laws for details available on the website.

Sihi29 2015-02-28 08:46:55


Hi my daughter will be complete 3.5 may 29 2015. Can we get admission for lkg?

Sihi29 2015-02-28 08:48:34


Hi my daughter will complete 3.5 yrs on may 29 2015. Can we get admission for lkg?


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