CBSE Vs ICSE New changes by Kapil SIbal

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aparnab 2009-11-03 10:54:11


Hi Friends,

I need to admit my kid to school next year. I was till now OK with either Cbse/ Icse and would give more weightage to school rather than board. But these new changes by Kapil SIbal - grading only for optional Xth, grading on attitude of kid etc. has made me re-think. I think now the boards will get very diff. bcoz of all this. I'd like to understand the impact of this. What are your thoughts?



chiri 2009-11-03 11:18:28


What are the changes being implemented?


aparnab 2009-11-03 12:05:02


as far as I know, Class X exams are optional and will be only marked with grades (no percentage etc.?). also, TOI said, that if eg. a student is very good at football, but flunks/ is weak at a subject then he can get extra leverage to review his academics. i.e. this is getting very similar to the patternt hat western countries follow for grading. also makring children on attitudes. i am concerned how they will be able to grade with consistency (train teachers etc.?) to mark attitudes in children. lot of subjectivity involved.



tmbsundar 2009-11-03 12:12:58


That's one of the reasons I preferred CBSE over ICSE. I think ICSE follows Marks and Grading which put lot of pressure on kids especially in the lack of standrad text books. CBSE use to score over both these points.

Now if Grades are introduced in an improper way it may harm the child rather than help the child...Basically the child has to be a "please-all" child to get good grades, even if they are academically better..A ditto of the evil in the current corporate world where relative grading is in the fore. 


chiri 2009-11-03 13:38:00


ICSE course is pretty exhaustive & one needs to study a lot. Exams are easier & not multiple choice type. CBSE is more intensive & offers multiple-type. Thats why students prefer CBSE as they study in a concentrated manner to get good marks in their respective field of interest.

ICSE is good for an all round development of a child for sure & CBSE is more exam focussed.

I do not see any issue with removing the grade-10 exams & using grades instead of marks. I am sure that this will wash away the competitive nature of indian students when compared to their western counter-parts, but at the same time release students of the "MARKS" presssure which they have to undergo. Thus indian education system is by far reduced to only scoring marks in a particular subject/exam, wherein the western education system is not marks focussed. Both have pros & cons & I am not sure how the indian society will take this.

One thing I definetely foresee is that indian students will loose their comptetive advantage over western students on grounds related to focus/labour & competition. Students will have more time & bandwidth to explore & experience other things apart from just studies. With other career options opening up in India (as is in western countries like sports/music/photography etc), this will kind of education system will definetely help. Till now in india the mentality as well as options available for making a career out of studies is only Engineer/Doctor/Lawyer/MBA. This looks like changing now & people are opting for careers in other fields.


tmbsundar 2009-11-03 14:57:43


Chiri....Your points are valid.....But grading attitudes and values of students will increase the subjectivity in assessments.....In that sense I would rather go for clearly defined "ICSE+Grade+marks system" than "CBSE+Optional Exam+Subjective grading system"..


chiri 2009-11-03 15:03:54


Hang on. Its just introduced & nothing clear on what it means. Also, it would evolve over the period of time. CBSE updates its syllabi & changes courses quite often. In a way it would make a child more stronger to face the adversities of this cruel & competitive world. I was an ICSE student through out & think that it was really a great syllabi as it had things which helps in real world & also in MBA GD's etc.

I think both are more or less same. It depends on the school also. In bangalore, the supposedly best academic school NPS are all CBSE. There are some good ICSE schools too.


aparnab 2009-11-03 15:41:02


thanks chiri & sundar,

:). this has certainly given me some mor info, since i'm from state board. i prefrably want a school with balanced academics & co. and am looking in bangalore & pune is also an option.


chiri 2009-11-03 16:28:25


I can give you the info for bangalore.

For pretty good academics, NPS Rajajinagar & Indiranangar is a very very good option. It has montessori method of teaching for kids. Also, they increase fees by 5% per year for existing students. Even Baldwins & Frank Anthony are good options. Both do not have the montessori method. Frank Anthony would be costly.

For both academics & extra-curricular activities, Bishop Cottons & St.Josephs is a good option. Both do not have the montessori method. Good old schools of bangalore & highly rated. Read somewhere that Bishop Cottons has been rated the best school in South-India. Getting admission is very difficult here.

For both academics & extra-curricular activities, Vagdevi Vilas high school in Marathalli area is a good option. It has both Nursery & Montessori method. I have got my son admitted in this school. It is cheaper as compared to other schools & the campus is the BEST compared to any other school, let alone the international ones. Bishop & St.Josephs also have good campus.




tmbsundar 2009-11-03 17:01:23


Chiri...I saw elsewhere that you were in a situation that your son is < 3y 10m by June 2010. Did you manage to get admission in V.Vilas  for LKG or Pre-KG...Which year he will transition to 1st std? Is this a CBSE or ICSE board? 


chiri 2009-11-03 17:11:54


My son was born on 8th July, 2007, so as on 31st June, he will be 7days short of 3yrs which is the age requirement for getting admission into Montessori-1 or Nursery. I got him admitted in (VVHS) in Mont-1 & not in Nursery. 1st standard will be 6+ & thats a standard anyway. (VVHS) is a CBSE school till class-12th.


pvs 2009-12-08 18:22:37


i m planning to put my 2.7yrs old son in montessori in vagdevi vilas school..anyone has an idea how the mont teaching will be in this frm parents whose kids r studying in mont in this school will b useful..


splinetol 2009-12-09 14:53:55


I think all of us tend to miss the point in entirity. ICSE or CBSE is an endless debate. Tinkering a little here or a little there, makes no sense in the larger picture. 

I wanted to share some of the thoughts and research about the same. If you look at the evolution of education in India, it evolved the way it did because of, multi-dimensional reasons. The world was going through industrialism or the industrial revolution during the time any sort of public education (administration led) came into existence. Industry needed factory workers and they were the guys with money....therefore gave jobs and a livelihood.

The minute that happens, everyone wants to train themselves to meet the needs of industry, and industry needed what was most useful to itself.....the ability to perform assembly line work, repetitive tasks, to count and calculate, to stigmatize mistakes as they were expensive in the factory etc etc...therefore the MATHS and SCIENCES were the most important subjects of the time, humanities were sort of in the 2nd rung and arts were 'WHAT INDUSTRY CATEGORICALLY TRAINED KIDS OUT OF'-because it gave way for expression and individuality and that was muted or it would get difficult to handle a workforce or labour.  Also this gave way to working to sounds of a bell, wearing a uniform, high importance to punctuality.... sort of like a way to condition kids in school to be prepared to grow into FACTORY WORKERS.

Now India during the time was ruled by the brits. Just like the bureaucracy and law system , we adopted the education system. The brits tinkered again with the education system to suit their needs. They wanted to educate a few elite and powerful in their London schooling systems and intorudce them to european culture, promote ENGLISH and colonize INDIA culturally.This is what gave rise to convents which held a highly elitist view of education and divided India into elitist and JUNTA. Secondly they needed to prepare a huge worforce to serve the british administration in India. This was the JUNTA public education they promoted and got influenced by the global scene or FACTORY WORKER scene!!

Then Independence happened and  Dr. Radhakrishnan was chairing the Indian education commission and he said..we have been good at maths and sciences so LAGE, medical and the traditional options need to continue.Till a some time this continued. In the middle someone realised, arrre boss, we are making all this in the factory, now someone needs to sell all this as liberlization happened, to manage these growing numbers..CHALO Management is needed , MBA is needed. Then Languages got importance. So now the GRE, GMAT, SAT, IITjee (sorry if i missed any other) all of these have Math sciences and language(english-arre baba global language).

Cut to the 21st century!!!! Its pretty clear by now that industry and education cannot be de-linked. So, for our kids to get jobs , have a livelihood, do well, what do we need? We need to look at what industry needs, not just now but 5 yrs from now 10 yrs or maybe 40-50 yrs. How the hell do we do that??? we do not know whats gonna happen tomorrow. no one can predict that!

We know change will take place.Change will take place constantly, faster and faster . Therefore the need to learn, unlearn and re-learn are constant.Business cycles are getting shorter and globalisation is taking place at a faster pace than we can imagine. The most wanted jobs and highest paying jobs 7 yrs from now have not yet been invented(yup they do not exist today). Therefore the need to learn, unlearn, re-learn and most importantly INNOVATE to continue to remain relevant.

We know we are not in the age of the Industrial revolution, unless some of u still want ur kids to be FACTORY WORKERS, so get over maths and sciences and stop sending ur kids to those silly classes that make them calculate 14537374 multiplied by 855875 in 5 seconds.

I am not saying math and sciences are not important...they are important...but not how important they used to because they only invented calculators. haha sorry to the  silly math classes!!

So, what i am trying to basically say is, we as a culture have excelled in every field (not just math and science) before all the tinkering to education happened in INDIA. Be it maths and sciences, humaities, arts...all.....we are not just good at math and sciences because NASA has a lot of indians or half of new jersey has indian doctors, we have much more latent talent in our rich culture. Just because 440 engineering and medical colleges were setup in the last 150-200 years, obviously engineers and doctors will get churned out.

Look at what we have latent in our culture and what time than NOW at the brink of the GLOBAL REVOLUTION to let every kid find his or her own talent and contribute to their given field! We are at the brink of the changing world economy. If not now, then when? We need to give kids the space to find what they are good at and the space to grow or we will get limited under our own burden of MATH and SCIENCES and never grow beyond that





sudhan 2010-04-13 10:21:21


Thanks Chiri

Nice to hear u are a student of ICSE, we are planning to put our daughter in ICSE we know ICSE is meant for all round development we are not intrested in Marking system can u give us an idea about examination pattern of ICSE



Best Regards




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