Montessori Schools in and around Banashankari

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tmbsundar 2009-10-30 17:21:47



Please help me with some good Montessori schools around Banashankari. I am looking for my 2.8 yr old son.



RadShan 2009-11-03 15:13:12


Headstart in Koramangala is one which i know of - montessori and good school (after the MONT, they follow ICSE i think)... but maybe Koramangala might be far for you. Prayag in Banashankari - I have seen the campus and I liked it... but its only for toddlers I suppose... you have to look for another school once your kid is 4/5 years old. You can check out the campus -

There is one in JP nagar 6th Phase (almost near the bus stop on Ring Road) I forgot the name. I have heard its old and pure montessori school... but I dont know personally.




tmbsundar 2009-11-03 15:16:25


Thanks for the info..My kid is 2 yrs 9 months old.... 


tmbsundar 2009-11-03 15:25:44


Thanks RadShan...If you remember the name of the school pls let me know...Or may be any land mark near by :-)


RadShan 2009-11-03 15:36:46


any specific reason why you are looking for only mont schools? why i am asking is - there are some good convent or other normal schools which may not be following mont.


tmbsundar 2009-11-03 16:57:31


The primary reason is that most of the schools in Bangalore admit the kids in Pre-KG(except Bishop, Baldwin and Stjosephs etc.,). I did not want the kid to enter a big institution at that age itself. Was more comfortable with him going to a neighbourhood montessori or play school and later transition into a big school.

Also, I heard that some of the big schools start loading the kids with home work and all pretty early...Montessori seemed to be a good play/do learn method compared to traditional school..

I am also looking at schools or pre-schools which have a lighter curriculum in the KGs even if they are not Montessori..Please suggest if you have some schools/ pre-schools like that.


RadShan 2009-11-03 17:12:41


Ok - I wanted to understand whether you are preferring a school which is MONT based and also continues the higher classes. If you are looking for playschool like MONT schools - you check out Prayag [] for sure. Look at their website... its near Deve Gowda Petrol Bunk. I think its near to Carmel Convent too... maybe later you can try out there also. I have heard Aurobindo School @ Banashankari is good - I think they start at KG. Depends on school-school... but I think at Nursery even bigger schools wont dump much on kids. For eg., my son goes to New Horizon... and I feel the curriculum is almost as similar as it was in his playschool. So it all depends on school. Check out the schools as well and then decide. I think JP Nagar school name is "Twinklers" - check them out... I dont have personal info... I had heard that they also follow pure Montessori. Carmel/JSS/Aurobindo/Innisfree/AV Education Society/Clarence are all good schools - some are in Banashankari and some in JP nagar. I dont know your exact location. Check school wise and then decide. Hope that helped. Ping me if you need any specific info.

Cheers! - Radhika


tmbsundar 2009-11-04 11:03:10


Thanks Radhika for the information...I will check them out...! 


svij5 2009-11-06 09:55:35


Hi Radhika

That was an informative post. Would be nice if you could help me with some specific info too. What are the good CBSE schools in and around Basavangudi (maybe 3-5 km radius from there). In specific would you have info about JSS? Where exactly is it located? Do they have a website? Are there other good CBSE schools that you would recommend? Thanks in advance!


RadShan 2009-11-06 13:36:24


Not very sure of Basavangudi area - other than Kumarans and RV schools which are well known there, I dont know. Banashankari and JP Nagar area I know, as I had lived there. JSS - its a CBSE school and quite good (though not so much as the new hi-fi schools). They have a school running in HSR Layout as well (I think near the HSR BDA Layout). Banashankari one - its in Banashankari 2nd stage near the Venkateshwara temple. JSS and Aurobindo schools are just next to each other on the same road.


svij5 2009-11-07 10:02:58


Tks. BSK area is also ok. Can you tell me a bit more about pros n cons of JSS. Also do they have till class 12? I am particularly interested in the BSK one.

What about Aurobindo? Is it also CBSE, and do they have till class 12? In your opinion which is better of the two?

Reg Kumarans, I dont think the main school is in Basavanagudi now, its somewhere on Kanakapura Road. Finally how is RV school? Which board is it?

Thanks for your feedback


RadShan 2009-11-08 12:13:02


JSS - I would say is normal good school - they give good concentration in academics. Some teachers are really good. I dont think they pay so much attention to sports and all. They dont have till 12th. They have only till 10th. Aurobindo is considered more good school compared to JSS. Dunno if they have till 12th. RV I have heard its good school... no personal knowledge though. Kumarans, yeah they have moved to Kanakapura... however I thought, the smaller classes they still have in Basavanagudi... but not sure... you have to check with them.


svij5 2009-11-09 09:25:53


Thanks. Would you be able to tell me if Auro has till 12th? Also generally do CBSE schools in Blr have only till 10th or 12th?


Jaggi 2010-01-19 11:45:26


About Prayag Monetessori,

I am with National Public School, Bangalore. I put my ward in the pre-nursery and nursery in the years 2005-06 and 2006-07. I know about the syllabi for these years being in the same field and teaching the 10the std kids. But when I saw the horrendous syllabus that my kid had to go through for a tender age of 2-4 years I was appaled. First of all, the fun activities are very limited, physical activities hardly any, emphasis is more on the theoritical aspect of phonetics and msg boards. I believe you can teach phonetics through songs and games rather than as a regular oral practice. Ameeta the Principal is extremly arrogant, doesnt like opinions expressed. Even if you did, she wouldnt give up or listen. SHe would still stress on her methodology. As the Head of an Educational Institution, I believe, one should be very humble and understanding. When she lacks it herself, where do you expect it from her staff.They keep changing every year. Hardly any loyalists I have seen. I have met some of the ones who were with her and have left. Trust me their reviews were the same as mine.

Coming to handling naughty kids, their mode of punishment is "we will send you to Ameeta Aunty's room'(Out of a Horror movie). Just imagine the indignation that the child would face. They are kids which is why they are naughty.!!!

Overall I took out the child and put him in NPS Indiranagar. Contrary to what people say about NPS, I believe that they are children centric rather than syllabus centric. They understand each child and cater to their individual needs very thoughtflly.

So my rating of Prayad wuld be 2/5.

The rest is for you Parents to decide


Jaggi 2010-01-19 13:05:21


I suggest you could you for Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir, try out NPS koramangla. Most of the big schools insist on admissions from the Nursery itself. After which the admission process becomes difficult for LKG.


You could also try Brigade Millenium. But do not pick up Prayag(rating of 2/5).Check out reviews extensively before you make a decision.


Google school reviews of your choice


PadmaSharad 2010-09-29 16:26:14


Hi Jaggi,

Being an educationalist, I am sure you weigh the pros and cons and choose very carefully.

I have now been reviewing the syllabi at the Playgroup level and I must say though there are times I feel I was born in this generation, I more often see their pressure and think of the fun days I have had! Starting school at 4.10y was normal. But now, the age itself has moved back so much! I wonder how my little boy who refuses to heed to his potty training sessions or spills things everywhere cope at such a young age! But I guess, he has to, since the competition is what it is!

Would you have any idea of good schools (CBSE / ICSE in the order of preference) in and around Basavanagudi? I hear only Kumaran's and NPS.

I am not very familiar with the admission process and I have seen in many discussion forums that there are many criteria/quota etc. As an anxious parent, I just want to make an informed decision.

Can you please help? Thanks again.




nsri 2010-11-17 15:05:52



My daughter is 2.4yrs. I would like to put her in Pre-Nursery. How is Little Flower Public School in Hoskerehalli? Is it an ICSE school?


shinutom2002 2011-07-27 21:21:56


any of you can provide me a montessori pre school curriculum. i am in need of a montessori preeschool curriculum. please let me know  where that will be avilabile.



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