NHPS LKG Admissions 2012-2013

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vivan 2011-11-09 17:46:59


sorry for my previous reply, why most of the people prefer NHPS..?


Vin80 2011-11-26 12:40:54



Does NHPS also take donation besides the fee structure mentioned above?


Vin80 2011-11-26 13:08:38



Does anybody know what is the fee structure at NHPS for UKG/LKG and higher classes?



shriyapapa 2011-12-10 20:32:52


SHmom have you met the admission officer. Are they asking for extra money.??


SHmom 2011-12-13 11:51:17


Hi shriyapapa,

Yes, I spoke to the admission officer the same week. She asked me to meet her in person. Then I see a big queue of people waiting to meet her that day. infact they have a token system to meet her. All the kids who were on waiting list were there i guess.

They showed our son's feedback and it was all marked Good. and then on top of the Applicaton form. It was marked n big letters as Good/WL1.

They asked us to pay the fees as DD or cheque and then told we have to pay a one-time development fee of 75K by cash. They gave us one week's time for this.

when we asked them why we have to pay extra..they said NHPS-INR seats are premium seats, and that if we were willing to put the child in Gurukul, they din want extra fees for my child.

We decided not to put our kid in that school as we really felt 2 lakhs for an LKG admission is too much.




shriyapapa 2011-12-14 00:24:39


Hi Shmom,

Thanks a lot for the reply ..It was same for us..we were also told that our daughter is in WL1 ..but fortunately I was able to catch  the admission officer over phone ( posing as a family member) and straight away asked if the fees would be same for kids in WL as regular ones. She replied in the -ve and hence I didn't waste my time meeting her after that as we also felt as you that there is no point paying so much just for Nursery.








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