Need Information on Rashtrotthana Vidya Kendra school, Thanisandra, Bangalore

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apfriend 2011-10-22 23:52:32




If any one know the information on Rashtrotthana Vidya Kendra school that is in Thanisandra pl let m eknow. I am looking for my Son for 1st Standard.

Information on : when the application forms will be given, fees, how is the school etc...

Thanks in advance

dileepd 2011-11-11 20:10:19



The adminssion procedure is already started. You can get the form from school payin Rs.500. Fee structure for 2012-13 is 

Admission Fee - 8000
Tution Fee - 13200
Maintenance - 23800
Total- 45000
Books, uniform etc - 4000 and transportation 9000 min.

School is big with ample space and got big ground, swimming pool, basketball volley ball courts.. not sure about the teachig, but read reviews as good.


Venkat313 2011-11-12 11:02:24


 Hi Dileep,

Is your kid going to RVK already. I went 10days back to school for enquiry and they told 55K for 1st grade.


apfriend 2011-11-13 12:46:54


Hi Dileep,

45000 is for which class? I heard for LKG, UKG it is less but from 1st standard it is more like 55000 . We are not getting any feed back on the studies. etc.



Venkat313 2011-11-14 09:54:06


Hi Dileep/Raj(apfriend),

Please let me know if you have any good reviews on RVK, Thanisandra. School INFRA seems to be good.



NandiniNandu 2012-05-17 02:48:07


Hello Dileep/venkat

My son is studying in RVK,Thanisandra. He finished 1st std & is moving to 2nd now. The school infra is extremely good. co-curricular activities are actually followed, he had swimming classes every saturday. Tabla & yoga r also taught.

Academically, RVK follows CCE(Continuous Cumulative Evaluation) pattern of education. Kids have no exams til 5th, but they wil be evaluaed on a day-to-day basis. there wil be dictations, tests every day,but neither i nor my son felt the strain of getting prepared for everyday tests;  reading & writting works are given on alternative days.

There wil be a session on CCE in the first PTA. As we are used to the traditional method of learning,as a parent u might feel a little disconnected in the learning process of the child. but gradually it settels.


kraghum 2012-05-23 11:51:28



Can you give experience with Teaching at RVKB, my son is joined for Nursery this year. Pratham Pata is scheduled for 26/05/2012, they also called for short class of 15 minutes on SUnday for Kids to acclimatise to new class


Thanks in advance



NandiniNandu 2012-05-29 14:51:07


Hello Raghu,

I have so far had a clear & peaceful run at the school. Academically,i feel my son & i are not burdened.Initially i felt disconnected as teacher's were not sending the text books on a daily basis.once they picked up speed, there were home-works or reading works everyday.An hour or hour & half of study time would be sufficient for us to complete his school work.
Prathama Pata is essentially "Aksharabhyasa" for nursery students & saraswati pooja.
Do let me know how ur son settles.


dipsnitin 2012-07-09 20:24:16


 hai nandhini,


i would like to more about  RVK,thanisandra..i read good reviews abt the same ...but some where  while googling ,came to knw tat students speak kannada as a result of which students fail to cultivate their good english speaking it true...would like to knw abt ,how good they promote good communication skills....pls reply nandhini as iam inquisitive /tensed abt my daughters schooling...kindly help...

thanks in advance,




kraghum 2012-08-24 16:00:37



My son is in Nursery, and mine is 100%Kannada speaking family. we recently moved from Hyderabad where my son spent two years picking up good amount of telugu as well

Now it's been 4 months and he  do try to converse in English, yes i won't rate it as fluent as i understand being studying nursery and with family where he spend rest of the day (with his Grandparents) he has improved quite well. i mean as we leave in Independent home we don't have much choice but whenever we speak to him in English i can see he do reply in fair English

I feel for 3.5 year he has still enough time to Hone his English skills. so i don't have any complain and till this time we are quite Happy with the school and his Teachers

Currently they are teaching him Alphabets and Numbers (their AIM is is teach all english aplhabets and number 1-20 whole this year)


NandiniNandu 2012-08-27 10:19:36



I understand your anxiety about your daughter. Kraghum has said it right here, give your daughter some time to hone her skills. Also, converse only in English at home with her, there will a lot of resistance from her but do it anyways.

I'm a English trainer myself, traing at colleges & corporate houses. My suggestion would be not to depend on the school entirely for language development. Work with the child also at home.

Having said that, i'd like to add this fact that yes, i'm finding my son has gone poor in his English communication. He spoke very well for a 1st standard when he started in RVK. 1yr gone, I notice his language has become a little slack, sentence formation is poorer than when he joined the school. As said, I'm working with him at home on English.





ashastri 2012-08-27 19:49:55


   Hi, Thanks for the info. I am comming back to india in Jan. i was searching for schools and came across ur info. How is Rashtrothana? my house is very near to that school. I have 2 will be going to pre kg and 1 to 1st standard. plz tell me little more about rashtrothana.



kraghum 2012-08-28 09:22:23



There is som information availabel in Net also here is there website, which does have fairly good content. about school in Bangaore North

1 if you leave all school with fees above 1lac

2 if you leave schools with Cambridge syllabus and State board syllabus then there few school which as per my opinion seems to be good. And listing is not according to any Rank

- Kensri : My friends Son going there. he is pretty much satisfied with school. though it's walk able from my house my wife didn't prefer it

- Rashtrothhana : we went there and seat was allotted (in beginning it was not our first Choice, as it was not widely known and we ourself went there first time just because Sindhi didn't announce there results in time)

- Sindhi school: lot of rush, rounds of interview and still we didn't get, it was our first choice, but now we feel it was good we didn't get as they ahve merged Kindergarten to Degree collegae in same campus and till nursery timing is from 7:30 to 10:00 AM which is like having teh kid at home almost daily(Read by comments in Zeeksha)

-Vidyaniketan: rated best and i have met kids who go there. And I agree with all reviews written

Other school with above lac fees (Jain heritage, Treo world school, Canadian, Aditi)


Back to Rashtrothhana, as already said they stress on Indian values (i don't want to say Hindu values, there are Kids from Other religion who study there with no issues)

One thing I am pretty positive about this school is, the other branded school need to earn some return on the money what they invested. Where in RVKB that will least preference as the school itself stands on land donated by Dr Modi and their main AIM is make enough money to run the school in best way. As each school want to differentiate in one way or other RVKB differentiate in adopting Indian way in small way. E.g. Saying Namaste, Prayer and lot of slokas (My wife makes fun saying my son for his age learnt enough slokas that he can become a priest J ),

This is only school around with 1:20 teacher ratio. and yes it's only 10 year old. but compared to other i just like the Infrastructure they have including a newly constructed auditorium. pool, etc

Teaching: till now my son is doing fine. Learning slow and steady, we had 3 parent teacher meetings. The entire syllabus for the year including the daily task is already planned and printed in the school Dairy. He doesn't get a page of home work every day. Class rooms are near. His Teacher Vijayashree is good and doing her job nicely. They got good play ground and nice little park for kids and it's all well planned. My son love to go to school every day in past 5 months never did he say he don't want to go to school.

I can go on writing in the end why we chosen this school?, we felt apart from Vidyaniketan/Vidya Shilp we felt this is the best school in North Bangalore.

Hope I haven't bored people




NandiniNandu 2012-08-28 15:06:53



Again Kraghum has said it right here. All he says about the schools in & around this area are perfect. RVK was our first choice, later i got more interested in Vidya Niketan & Kensri & its next to impossible to get a seat there; only if the child gets a seat in Nursery can you expect to continue. Else you rather not try & waste time & efforts(I did, but in vain).

I'm happy & satisfied with my son's progress at RVK.As Kraghum said, they concentrate on all hindu values & customs. My son recites Srimad Bagwadgita, pratama adyaya very fluenty. Infact, he also won a first prize in inter-school Gita recitation competition conducted at Vishita Academy HBR Layout, Kishore Utsav on account of Sri Krishna Janmashttami. Some 13 schools had participated. I credit this prize to my Son, Yashas & the sanskrit teacher at school as i have no knowledge at all about Sanskrit. i'm learning Sanskrit language from my son.

But as I'd mentioned earlier, there is a little dip in his English communication. I feel he reduced his level of language to the level of his friends at school. I'm not exaggerating here; we would watch hollywood movies & he'd understand & laugh at sentences at the right time.I'm an English trainer, so i'd trained my son accordingly on the language at home. I'm working again on it with him.

Otherwise, school is good. Facilities are good. & all concerns as parents gets addressed easily by the PRO, Parents Relation Officer Mrs.Kavita. PTA happens once in a quarter for primary kids, if need be you can always fix up an appointment with the help of Kavita & meet the teacher.





ashastri 2012-08-29 11:52:28


 Hi ,

Thanks kraghum and nandininandu.

i was really tensed about the school.

RVK is walkable distance from my house. after reading ur feedback, i have decided to go for that school. 

thanks for ur valuable info. 





dipsnitin 2012-09-19 19:02:18



thanks kraghum and nandininandu for ur information.....



gannamani 2012-10-09 14:38:39


hi all,

i was looking for my kids admission in RVK for 2013-14. one is for Nursery, and another for 1st std. i got enough information on RVK.

pls give me info on fee and admission process. is there another (jaigopal gorodia) RVK in rammurthy nagar. how is education there ? does this belong to RVK chain ?

i have few doubts. from other discussions i read that this schoool encourages hindu festivals and they dont give importance to other religious holidays also (no holiday on christmas and ramzan). is it true?

pls help. if there are any other good cbse schools around hebbal pls do share. my budget is 60 -70K for each kid.


NandiniNandu 2012-10-11 09:34:13


Hello gannamani,

As mentioned in my earlier posts, my son joined RVK for 1st std. I'm not aware of the admission procedure for nursery. However, for 1st std there was an entrance test. Entrance test was on Maths, EVS, Hindi & Visual (coloring).

On successful completion, we were asked to meet the Principle & once that was done, we were informed about the admisssion procedure.

The admission cost this year for 2nd was 43k and 15k for transportion. We are given an option of either paying it in one or two parts.

I'm not aware of the JGRVK.

Yes,the school encourages only Hindu festivals. There is only 3 days of holiday for Christmas & no holidays on any other religious festivals other than a Hindu. I feel this is an unhealthy move as children are not made sensitive to other religions. As working parents,we don't many oppurtunities to spend time with the child, other than on holidays & weekends.This is not possible. Also, planning for holidays with cousins is a difficulty.

Getting a seat for 1st std in any other school is going to be a challenge. However, having a sibling to start nursery maybe helpful (mine is an only child).

Kensri, follows CBSE. Seems to be a good school (i tried for 1st std but could not get a seat). Royal Concorde,CMR NPS,DPS,follows CBSE, have heard people say its good, no personal experience though. These schools are going to cross the 70k bracket.

All the best!



tsri 2012-10-27 21:47:17


 Hi All


New Branch is opened at Banashankari 6th Stage. It is located on NICE Toll Road connecting between hosur road and Mysore Road.

Infrastructe is good. Swimming pool and class rooms are very neat and tidy. Strength is too low. As it is located in isolated place. Nearest known place is rajeshwari nagar and kengri.

I am putting my son in Vth Std 2013-2014. So, far his school friend joined in 2012-2013 session. Parents are happy. This is CBSE school. Till Vth std they will have mix of NCERT and some other books.

From VIth onwards full NCERT (CBSE).

The school was opened on EID also. I think this school is good for hindu religion.

School Fees :

Tution Fees 42000/-

Admission charges on time : Rs 8000 (will not be charged next year)

Bus : 15000/-

School uniform + Books (approx Rs 7000/-)





Kishen 2012-11-06 12:43:29


Hi All,

I am planning to enroll my daughter to pre nursary at RVK Thanisandra starting march 2013. I wanted to know the advantages of both regular pre nursary and Montessori.

a. How is the teaching in RVK for regular pre nursary and Montessori?

b. Which system is more effective for the child?

c. If Montessori, when should the child switch to regular.

Thanks all for your advice.

Regards, Kishen


tsri 2012-11-06 20:12:08




I think you can admit your kid in RVK directly. No, need to put in Montessori and again shift to regular school.

All the education for these kids will be more of play with some basic A,BC... and 1,2,3 and some rhymes.




gannamani 2013-04-08 20:16:51



i visited RVK and impressed with their building, play area and facilities. only thing which i was concerned is there are 3 languages to be learnt by children for 2nd language - hindi, sanskrit, kannada from UKG to 8th class.

i am worried whether kids can learn 3 languages at a time ???

wont they get confused with the letters? how much home work should the parents do to teach them. wont there be pressure on kids and parents ?


tsri 2013-04-09 17:13:45



He will have following


English is must in all school. As we in karnataka all school will have local langauage

As RVK is CBSE Hindi will be must and additinal sanskrit will be loaded on student.

Sanskrit is like devanagri just like hindi. I don't think so it will cause confusion. I studied in CBSE school in Delhi and sanskrit was compulsory. Sanskrit is scorring subject.

It may but some burdern on student but i don't think so that may cause any issue provided that if teacher is good he will enjoy this subject otherwise it may cause some trouble.




aadumom 2013-10-15 11:59:07


Hello Everyone,

We were searching for a good school in and around thanisandra for my son who would be in 1st grade from 2014. We have liked RVK and have also collected the admission form. Thanks everyone here for all your valuable reviews which helped us decide n this school. I would like to know how is the typical test they conduct for 1st grade. My son has to attend a test next week. Please share if anyone knows. I heard it would be on English, Maths and GK. 


Annu83 2014-10-13 17:05:10


hi parents, i m quite confused whether to go for rvk or not. Do they promote too much of hinduism, sanskrit, slokas etc.? Will our kids learn english there? what is their medium of conversation- is it kannada , sanskrit or english? plz help me in decision making...i will b putting my kid in montessori1

shashituppad 2014-11-22 19:31:53


Hello Everyone,

Thanks so much for your wonderful comment and feedback.

This is what exactly I am looking for my son to be study.  Any idea about admission dates.  Hope I'm not missing it.

pnairk 2015-06-26 16:23:50


We will be moving to Thanisandra next year and looking for a school for my daughter currently studying in 4th. I would like to opt for RVK, but I am worried about second languages. As my daughter was having only hindi as second language, we are not kanadigas, so she do not know kannada and also no sanskrit. So  is it a good option to join RKV??? Pls help.


kraghum 2015-07-09 22:42:15


Best is you can call the school on number provided on website (mobile number), Pratima i think her name she will answer your question. now my son is in his 4th year (1st standard now)

Experience till now

ENglish language: They still need to emphasis on Phonetics for english, we as parents do put of own effort but they need to improve
 few changes i have observed, when we joined him to nursery, school was not much known. Now it know and lot of Parents queuing up so number of section increased to 8 sections (in nursery they had 4 sections). will wait and see how they will manage
 before start fo school year they called for parent meeting to explain on syllabus and their plan. so starting from 1st kids are going to learn read and write (Kannada+hindi+sankrit). will write more details on this later
I think my commnets are late since you would choosen good school for your kid
They emphasis on Indian Values, Medium of conversation is English. but they do use Kannada in programs just enough give it it's credit for being in Karnataka. you walk in to corridor you lot many non-Hindu parents happily coming in on Janmahstami dressing their kids in Krishna dresses :). i mean they are positioning them selves little different from other school (may be Branding you can call it)
I don't rate them the best.., but i can always rate them little more than DPS/chrysallis etc. this school may be flashy like other school but they do a fine job at least till now and scope for lot of improvement


Neema123 2015-07-10 00:49:10


Wanted to know that do we have a branch in Rammurthy Nagar too ? needed feedback on the same


Nankay21 2015-09-30 10:59:47



I'm looking for admissions at RVK, I stay at Sanjaynagar its about 13 kms from Thanisandra, can you please let me know the timings of the school for nursery kids.

My son is 2 years now it'll help me dexide if its feasible for him travel that far.

Please update me about the fee structure.




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