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spd 2011-10-19 09:16:34


Hi all,

I am trying for admission for my daughter fro grade 1. We heard about the Ekya school opening a branch in ITPL.

I would like any info about the school or any branches  : How is it related to NPS, fees, teaching methods.. are they comparable to NPS





Shyvee 2011-10-19 09:36:07


 Hi Sonali,


We went and saw Ekya School in J P Nagar. The school is very new and has only started operations in June 2011. I am surprised that they are already planning to start a second branch in ITPL.

The school has actually been built on the premises of an original residential plot, so it's four storeys of classrooms. They are very neat and impressive classrooms, but very very new. Bit of a risk is what we felt. Also, there is no room for outdoor play. Their amphitheatre downstairs doubles up as the basketball court.

No idea about the quality of education as such, since the school is yet to establish itself.

Fees for Std 1 comes to about 1.25 lakhs excluding books, uniforms and transport. Their one -time admission fee is around 2700/=

Hope this helps.


 Former member 2011-10-19 19:29:11



yesterday we got fliers with papers for ekya school in Whitefield. The founders are CMR institute people. May be they did not want to pay royalty for NPS people and hence did away with nps brand..but the flier says the curriculum,books are based on NPS curriculum.

Whitefield area is getting more crowded with schools..so parents will hv lof to choices..but unfortunately none of the schools fee is moderate/reasonable.


Geetaanand 2011-11-09 14:17:26



i called up Ekya today afternoon , and the lady who spoke was very kind she gave me the details of forms and fee

when i asked about the contruction she told that the scholl in under contruction for ITPL Branch ...

Pretty good response


Forms : Forms are available online

or it can be obtained in CMRIT college , near cosmos mall


Geetaanand 2011-11-09 14:29:43


Fees is around 89 thousand + 2500 (Registration fee) =91 thousand------> for grade one , this information i got from lady over the phone



Ppriya 2011-11-22 10:46:14


Anyone taken admission here? I am quite  apprehensive as the school is quite new. anybody have feedback on their JP Nagar branch?


Manokumar 2011-11-22 12:20:37


We got admission for our kid for Prekg.Infra structure is quiet attractive.We ddinot know much about the academic side.If any body knows pls respond

Ours is JP nagar EKYA


Feed 2012-01-17 09:22:01


Hi the montessori which I believe is Pre kg is good


sukhs 2012-03-25 21:03:35


Is this school really supported by NPS as they mention on website. I am asking this since I plan to put my child for Pre-Kg and they have claimed that they have relationship with NPS, I hope this is not a gimmick to attract admission.


coolblue 2012-03-26 13:18:35


ofcourse, it is a marketing gimmick.

CMR NPS also is working on the same framework.

Mr.GopalaKrishna simply has lent his name to these schools.

CMR NPS, EKYA all have their own management.




pujji 2012-03-26 13:57:47


 Just now called ekya school, ITPL branch. Admission for 1012-13 going on. Fees structure is 89,000 as annual and tutuion fee (uniform, books, etc. excluded), one time admission fee 2,500/-, transporation fees not yet decided by school itself (!!!).




coolblue 2012-03-26 15:52:39


It is quite surprising to see many schools such as DPS Whitefield or EKYA do not have up to 10th standard. It worries me what if any of them close off abrubptly the way NCFE has done..  (which was also a newly added branch to the main NCFE school)


@pujji : This amount is for which grade? Montessori or 1st? They seem to be pretty close to CMR NPS.


Nisha1984 2012-10-09 16:51:15


Hi All,

We are done with the parent's interaction session with EKYA ITPL and my daughter has got her admission for June 2013..........

The school infrastructure is good, since the student ratio is less compared to other schools(coz its startup), the individual attention which a student gets is really good...

The school started in the year 2012 with classes from grade 1-8, now for 2013 they have started grade 9(i think not sure)......

The academics should be good coz they have same management(NPS and CMT) and the travel distance is very less for those in marathalli and surrounding areas(considering bangalore traffic)


aaa12 2012-10-10 06:48:23


Hai nisha,

  Iam considering for grade 5 gor mu child this yr in ekya. Like to hv more inf abt the school. Can i hv ur contact no /mail id to discuss with u abt the school.. Thanx... 


Nisha1984 2012-10-10 18:00:05


my mail id is nishanairkk@gmail.com, can mail me to have a discussion abt the school..........


kkk 2012-10-11 14:01:51


I went and saw this school yesterday and these are my views:


  Good infrastructure,nice, spacious and ventilated classrooms. The queries are answered well..


 Everything else..

   Even after using the NPS name, the school is not able to attract many students. Now the school strngth is 130 +...

 The fee is definitely high... Close to 1L + books+uniform+transport. No affiliation yet..

The school is in the midst of industry(graphite india)... V.polluted.. Travelling to and fro for the kids will be definitely hectic...

 So,i decided to drop this school off my list...


Sweta012Kumari 2013-09-23 12:16:44


 I see this posts and decided to admit my niece in this school but the above link is not working so here i am putting correct link to go admission page of ekya as i have found it by searching to help other parents/guardians: http://www.ekyaschools.com/admissions/





Gungho 2013-10-09 12:56:07


Visited this scool recently and I would say this is the most absurd admission procedure have ever seen. They take written test for the KG admissions, common!!!. Not sure what they are looking at, may be they want their teachers to not give any attention and the child and since the child is a prodigy the child will be a self starter.

Someone please tell them that not all children are same on mental and physical growth and if they are looking for a junior future NASA scientist probably they should only look for kids with high IQ only. The school principal and  teachers are least interested in taking up challenge.

 Former member 2013-10-10 11:40:39


Hi Gungho,
Is ur kid selected for KG and which branch, have u tried?

I have put my daughters admission in Ekya JP Nagar branch for next year Nursery..


vhars 2013-11-20 12:50:50


while reviewing the feedback for EKYA, below are some sites that had lot of feedback (positive and negative )


Might be helpful to some one..

pandey123 2014-02-14 15:47:39


I liked Ekya School the JP Nagar campus for my daughter. Its located in a very quiet area and its within the city. I find it very convenient. my interaction with the teachers was also good. they were very polite. there is no playground but I saw all the facilities downstairs and I saw the students doing PE. I liked the discipline of the students currently in Ekya.

Gungho 2014-04-19 12:47:09


Tried for admission for daughter to Ekya ITPL just to make sure of a backup seat. Will directly jump to feedback.

Positives: None I could find except they have CBSE, though for me that too isn't as much of a +ve.
Negatives: First and foremost the school isn't much of a premium school (neither in infrastructure compared to others) but act if the school is run by no other than Harward Business School management. I guess they only need kids who are prodigies and have higher IQ than Einstein.
They wanted to have a written test for a 4 year old kid. Okay fine, once that was over was the meeting with the principal, who was not just arrogant but worst attitude too, did not expect a principal of a such a school to be so back dated in thinking. The first question that she asked was enough for me to judge her and also that my kids in not going to this school. I guess they need parents can work harder than the teachers and with no efforts give them the results they want, in short only admit kids who are sure NASA scientists.

Being a psychologist myself, wasn't difficult to judge how low on IQ the principal was who knows nothing on brain development. Went with Vibgyor Marathahalli.

Anyways good luck to people who are trying for this school.

KavAnk 2014-07-01 20:09:39


This school is not worth the effort ... Based on personal experience I would ask you all to read the below link seriously ..... Most of allegations are quite true ....

firoza123 2014-07-03 16:48:13


Admitted both my daughters to Ekya ITPL last year after returning from Singapore. Has been a very good experience so far. The school is at par with most of the international schools. Sufficient attention in given towards discipline, acads are top notch, extra curriculars are adequately incorporated. Would recommend Ekya ITPL ( CBSE curriculum ). They also have ICSE in the JP Nagar campus

purkyat2 2014-07-30 01:25:25


Excellent School. Love the faculty and the study environment created. Kids are not scared of studies... they love it rather. Especially love the experts at Ekya concept. Children get to know about professional life in such an interesting way...


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