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stj 2009-10-27 18:03:20


WAnted to know how many of you are sending your kids to NPS, esp montessori? ANd what ur reviews are.
It seems everyone is trying over there, ready to pay a huge fees, but is it worth it?

this is a review i read on a site
My experience with NPS Indiranagar is not good .My daughter is studying there at Mont. stream .The teachers of her class are not at all caring and i think they lack the attitude of teaching/handling the tiny tots of montessori level.Teachers are very much complaining type and rude to the children.They have a very small play area for mont children..most of the time children remain in the class.I dont find anything interesting in their teaching methodologies.i regret my decision of admitting my daughter at NPS ."

Wanted to know if anyone else felt the same?


 Former member 2009-10-27 21:52:00


Could you please post the link where you saw this feedback.

  I am not sure of their primary classes but their results (10 and 10+2 ) is good. You can see NPS indira Nagar and Sishu griha children scoring highest in any quiz. Apart from that if you go in school and see the results of children posted in their reception, You will be surprised .

Like everything, NPS has also its cons: like tradional method of teaching, very very high pressure on children and if they don't perform well, can be asked to take them out from school.  So, I guess its parent's call to judge the child's IQ and accordingly take the decision to put there or not.  Don't just follow the croud.




stj 2009-10-27 22:07:19

scroll down , its a comment posted by "mita, 22. October 2009, 9:40"


actually its the first negative comment i hv heard abt nps indr mont..... but when it came from a parent of a student, i was a bit concerned.  Just wanted to know if anyone else has faced the same, so weall can get a clear picture.

Yes the pros of the school are the good results in the higher classes and the fact that once the child is in mont , parents can relax and dont have to worry abt admission again for grade 1.

But how is the actual teaching in the lower grades?


stj 2009-10-27 22:22:52


well ...heres another blog that i came across too


all this is sending mixed feelings abt the school.




 Former member 2009-10-27 22:37:51


You will generally find 2 sets of ppl for NPS, one who are totally against it and one who are totally crazy for it. I have a friend who is NPS passout but she didn't put her son there as she didn't like the pressure put on kids.   


stj 2009-10-27 22:53:45


its not the pressure i'm talking abt... that happens in many schools now.

Its the quality of the teaching  and the attitude of the teachers in the lower grades that i'm enquiring abt. After all the trouble that we take to put the kid in, if the environment is not good... then its a concern. After all,  these are their formative years 

Montessori is about wholesome education and requires alot of patience from the teachers to be able to observe and the guide the kids. Montessori style is a "child led" education system unlike the " teacher led" system of kindergarden.

I hope NPS  has proper trained staff that can handle the montessori section , and that it has not started its section just to attract ppl and bring in more money



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