Looking for a good play school in HSR layout.

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AANIYA 2011-10-11 15:11:10


Hi Friends,

I have  a two year old toddler.I am staying in HSR layout.Can anyone suggest a good playschool nearby,one that handles toddlers really well and with care.Thanks.

sonalavu 2011-10-11 19:47:06



My daughter is presently going to SERRA international .Its opposite BDA complex next to ROOTS TO WINGS .  have seen a lot of improvement in her since she joined the playschool . The staff and teachers there are very friendly and caring .Your kid will feel at home far away from .I would recommend that to you based on my experience .


AANIYA 2011-10-11 22:45:36


Hi Sonal,

Thanks yaar.I am glad you have taken time out to reply.Actually I have also thought about Serra,but I was'nt  too sure about it as it is a new institution.My daughter is 2year old, am planning to put her soon.

Are you aware of the teacher-student ratio in Serra,and anything else about Serra which you would like to share. Do they have any admission mid year?And compared to other schools is there fees structure ok?Wat are the school timings?

I guess I have asked too many questions.Thanks a tonne for all the help.Will look forward to your reply.

Cheers .



AANIYA 2011-10-12 14:56:25


Hey Sonal,

It is great to have somebody share the experiences as i do.I have been to the school today and loved the way the children were enjoying their classes.Actually i liked it and definitely one factor being the no.of students and teachers and ofcourse the hygiene part :).

The school here says 2.5 for nursey do u think it is ok?Becos my little one is 2 and will join coming month .So the next academic year she moves to nursery is that ok.

Anyway will definitely mail u soon so that we can catch up.





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