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Kaywin 2011-09-29 08:55:50


Hi parents,

Please share your comments on Harvest  Cherubs Montessori School in HSR Layout. and could you plz suggest any good pre-schools in HSR area. 

Thanks and regards,


aastha2u 2013-10-11 01:36:14


After a lot of research and reading on internet, i confirmed Harvest International for my son.We visited Cherubs and Harvest International last Saturday and was very much convinced with their teaching methodology, environment , the Staff and infrastructure.Though Cherubs ishas  small campus, they do have lots of activities to engage kids, including dance, music, sand pit,etc. 
    The campus at HIS is decent in size and covers everything required for a kid at school including big playground ,library, music class , dance class labs,and indoor basket ball, tennis, badminton court.They shift the focus on the studies as the kid grows. Initially they start with 60% acextra curricular and 40% academics. and 8th onwards it is 70% academics and 30% extra curricular. They are affiliated to CBSE and have plans to run IGCSE as they get enough strength for it.
Their Day care facility is till 7 30 pm at cherubs Montessori in HSR. Kids going to HIS can also be dropped at Cherubs's daycare if they avail this option. Principal at HIS was very humble and fair in her conversation. I enrolled my son in M2 at Cherubs for 2014-15 session His seat will be blocked in HIS in grade 1 but we will have to pay the Admission fees again.

1809 2016-09-26 01:26:55


Hi aashta2u, Just wanted to know your feedback on cherubs..m confused for the admission my 2 year old kid ,as there is no open space there.Your suggestions will be valuable to me.

Rob28 2019-08-02 16:12:43


Harvest Cherubs is a very good Montessori according to me.Basics are taught very well and the teachers are trained in Montessori way of teaching. Liked the school a lot.


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