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vandanadugar 2011-09-27 13:35:39


hi am vandana next yr am shifting to malleswaram , my son is 4 yr old .can anyone suggest me which school i should go for ...

am interested in montessori based schools ....

pls help me


Malleswari 2011-09-28 15:27:19


Dear Vandana, am new 2 Blore. But, having done lot of research for my daughter to put her in Sr.KG nd now, doing the same job to get her admission into good school for Grade 1. I can share some points with u. It is always a best option to choose main stream schools like NPS, FAPS, Presidency or any Intl kind of schools like VIBGYOR at Jr. KG or I say at Nursery itself. One main advantage being no assessment pressure for the kids, the other big advantage I have realised recently is less pressure on what next. lemme tell u in detail. In all the playschools or preschools focussed chain of schools. u have mushroom of names now in every corner of Blore. They do so much of activity with kids, do hungama and all.... At the end of the day, their objective will be to prepare the kids for the mainstream schools. they pressurise the kids unknowingly by introducing cursive at tender age when they r not even ready to follow pattens correctly. though kids pick it up, it is still bcoz of no other choice. Whereas Mainstream schools, doesnot have such pressure and they focus on methodology. Most of the reputed mainstream schools offer montessori in kindergarten. donno how much of use it is for u, just wanted to share wht I have learnt the hard way.


vandanadugar 2011-09-29 16:13:48


thanks a lot ...u have really helped me by giving ur suggestion n time......any schools u can recommend me nr more thing how is brigade school?..... am shifting in there compound only if u can help me


srikalluri 2011-09-29 23:07:17


Where do you stay. I stay in Kaggadsapura. I am looking at Sishugirha, NPS and also New Horizon.

I am looking for admission into grade-1 for my son.




 Former member 2011-09-30 07:59:48


 hi srikalluri,

there's geethanjali vidyalaya in kaggadasapura...any idea how the school is?



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