Need info on Pre-school at Little Elly - Kartik-Nagar, Marathahalli

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AnandKV 2011-09-21 22:13:47



Is anyone sending their kid to pre-school at Little Elly - Kartik-Nagar, Marathahalli.

I guess this was opened recently as I don't find any old thread here discussing this pre-school...

Please share your valuable experience including the tentative fees.




Silpi 2011-10-13 23:10:17


My kid is in LKG Little  Elly Karthik nagar , It is good , I find that his teacher is very good and the learning methods efficient too...




Nishasj 2012-01-03 12:51:32



There are around 6 play school in Karthik nagar and i had chosen Little Elly assuming it would be better than the others.But from past September, we are facing a very hard time with the School's transport. My son is in Play group which is 2 hours (9- 11am). But he gets picked up at 7:45am and returns at 12noon.This is too much for a 3 yr old kid considering the school is hardly 2km from our home. We have been requesting the school authorities, Nirmala and Surbhi from past 4 months and there is no improvement at all apart from the usual words, "we will try" from past 4 months.And now when the academic year is going to end, They are saying nothing else can be done. So nothing to lose from their side now considering that they have received the whole fee installment.Absolutely disappointed. We had not taken admission in any school thinking that we will send him to Little Elly only but we wouldn’t do it in any case now.Authorities not considerate at all and only money minded.

Nishasj 2012-01-27 09:59:20



The transportation issue mentioned above has been resolved. The school has arranged 3 vehicles now and my son is reaching home on time.

I would like to thank Nirmala Ma 'm for being empathetic with us and also apologize for any hard feelings caused.

My son is extremely happy being in the LE environment and also their learning methods are really very efficient . We also never faced any issue apart from the transposrtation which is resolved now.

We plan to continue sending my son to Little Elly in the next academic year and have taken the application form as well.





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