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achupori 2011-09-21 19:58:59



I just went through the website of Chrysalis high in varthur and kadugodi. Does anyone know which cirriculam they follow? I dont seem to find that in their website. Also looks new school Any one has any feedback on this?


 Former member 2011-09-21 20:25:47



it  is icse sylabbus and founder and staff most of them are from vigbyor,whitefield


manusri 2011-10-11 17:54:16



   Even i want to know more about this school, as i am looking for an admission for my son ashwath to place in this school as this school has a special educator

Also i am looking for a school which is having a special educator so that he will be having a one to one relation as hs language got delayed.

But there are very few school which is hsving an integrated program , and where ever i apply i will get the same reply that admissions are full.

Suggest me if anyone knows more about these type of schools.I want to know more about the chrysalis school also.






manusri 2011-10-17 11:18:10


Hi all,

    First my husband went to the school and enquired and they told admisson is guarentee , but when I went to that school to submit the application just in 5 mins thay judged my son , and told that we cannot give the admission.

So i don't suggest this school since during admission itself they played a very high drama and what about the education.They many be telling any number of lies about the kids and especially the teachers.

Strongly my suggestion is to not to look forward for this school to join the kids.




achupori 2011-10-17 17:14:19


Hi Manusri

What exactly was the reason given to you for not admitting your child. Beleive me there are more demand than supply of special educators and such schools. Most schools dont take more than 5-10 kids of the special category range. Why dont you try ebenezer international in electronics city?



LishaShaju 2011-10-17 17:25:16


Hi Manusri,

During my Euro School whitefield school visit last saturday, they explained me like they admit 2-3 kids who need special attention along with other kids. They have got seperate room for them[to spend after regular timings] and special instructors allocated for them.

Hope this information helps.




Neethi 2011-10-18 12:28:23


Hi Manusri,

How old is ur kid?U have mentioned that ur kid is speech delayed...Iam also facing a similar problem....Where in Bangalore do u stay?....

My kid is 5 plus...Still not talking properly...I wud like to know what u r doing to help ur kid...any theraphy..any home programme...Do write in.....


manusri 2011-11-04 15:49:55


Hi Pori,

     My husband went to the school and talked clearly about my son, and they told that seat is there and submit the application as they opened newly , so we went to submit the application after 2 days, she had seen my son and told we cannot take , simply in matter of 5 mins

My concern is this cannot happen in just 5 mins right , since they got more admissions they had rejected ours.If admission itself is like this then what about the education.

OK i will try in other schools as mentioned.





manusri 2011-11-04 15:55:47


Hi neethi,

Muy son can understand everything and could not express out in communication, we are taking him to play therapy and he had improved a lot.My kid is 4 year 3 months and he goes to a normal montessori school and we are staying in BTM 2nd stage.Right now i am looking for a regural school.

We are planning to take him to BMI now and in this therapy centre they follow ABA principles and i heard from many of the parents thet this therapy will work a lot

Also i am taking him to horse riding to improve his attention and concentration.

Even the apeech therapy also will work a lot.






manusri 2011-11-08 17:28:36


Dear sureshhiremath ,

      Unknowingly nobody posts here , and what will i gain by simply writing here.And also remember that without taking the pain of going and visiting the school no parent will join their kids.New school can bring up many promises as you said above, keeping the promises is important.We had talked to the teachers and also the principal and it's not at all trusted as i posted above.The school may be high in terms of everything for you , but you have to see other parents experience also.

Even i know about vibgyor is good at once from many parents and also i know about Mr.Sawal and also the pricipal archana , after enquiring everything about them we also had selected Chrysalis.

Also one more thing , any thing can be done for a normal kid , whatever you had said above and for kid who needs special needs is important , they had promiosed that they will give the seat finally we went there , they said they cannot be admission for my son. 

Last dont decide whet ever you know and dont critisize others comments.




achupori 2011-11-08 22:59:35


Dear Manusri,

As a parent of a special child, your concern regarding the school is very valid no doubt. But we cannot let it be a case of sour grapes. Just because your son couldnt be admitted, you have inadvertantly given a bad-feedback regarding the school which would have catered to the needs of some other special kid. After reading your feedback, if i were the parent of a special child, i would think twice about approaching this school. I would have immense respect for you had you suggested to special kids parents that this school has special education faclilites,you could guide them to try their luck . Getting admission/rejection is left to fate and god's grace. Being of help to some other special child after having own of your own is the greatest help you could be. Just my 2 cents.

PS : Please try your luck at Ebenezer International,EURO school whitefield,. I have heard about chetana keni's aurokin institute also .



manusri 2011-11-09 09:46:49


Dear Pori,

Thnx for the info and already i m trying in other schools.

      If you read my comment above i had mentioned  what the experience i had with the school and sharing my views , i am not telling the school is not good anywhere if you read it properly.What is the necessity for me to mislead the parents.

Also remember that , reviews are written exactly what the parent will face and not the false things.

Also I mentioned that they promised that seat is guarentee and you can come and pay the fees , after that this mess had happened , it not not the fate/luck  the we are getting admission or not , i will think more before suggesting to someone.

As you said getting admission /rejection can happen in the schools and it is common but they will inform at the earliest like first come first serve or any other criteria and we cannot guarentee you.

Please note that i am helping the other parents of my posting as you see above .






manostar 2012-05-18 11:31:44


 Hi, Visited this school recently - for playgroup(2-3 Yrs)

1) they charge 8,000 Rs. term- 4 Term =32,000 /year

2) No donation / admission fee this year.. hold on- dont be too much happy after this.. they do charge 16,000 Rs Anuual feel on top of the term fee ;) - no uniforms, no books will be provided. 17:1 teacher and they said not to expect any teaching for this group.

3) No transport

Crysalis playgroup fee for this year: 32,000 + 16000 + your own transportation fee = ?? 

I dropped off my idea coz of distance, fee...


sree22 2013-01-16 12:33:40


hi  sureshhiremath,


That was a valuable feedback.I did have an interaction with the principal and was quite impressed with her talks.

It would be great if you can help me out further with few queries. From what they claim, we dont have to sit and teach our wards, only prompt them to complete worksheets.So how do u feel, are the concepts taught well? Also about the Champs concept, is it really useful, are sufficient classes given in each category?

Very keen on the above points as they were the highlight of the discussion with the principal.

please post your detail feedback, as there will be many parents who would benefit from the same.

Thanks in advance.





Neethi 2013-01-16 13:34:36


Hi Suresh,

Thanks so much for information in this school..I was looking forward to it...Pls also share the information on fee structure (approximately....)also pls tell me if its a CBSE or ICSE school.......


sree22 2013-01-16 14:40:39


Hi Neethi,

Chrysalis high follows ICSE..fee structure is term fee (13500 * 4 )and annual fee of 25000, approximate total of 80k, uniform and transport extra.


Neethi 2013-01-17 21:24:46


Thank you so much Sree22 for the information.....


sree22 2013-01-18 10:41:09



The fee I have mentioned is for Std 1, I guess its less for pre-primary, not sure. The fee structure I got did not have the fee for pre-primary, as I was looking for admission to STD1.





aaa12 2013-01-30 13:36:36


I am looking for this school for higher classes.. Can anyone say what is the procedure? Do they have till 10th.. Valuable feedback frm parents is appreciated...


DeepaMV 2013-03-04 15:29:52


They have till 8th standard now and will be adding 1 class each year.

I've got very good feed back on nursery classes. Can someone provide some update on the higher classes?

I came to know that Chrysaliss High follows their own textbooks. Is it a good approach? How is the examination system for middle school? What is the average  strength of each class in middle school?

Are the kids given enough opportunity on extra curricular activities?

I'm very keen about this school for my kid going to Grade 6. Any feedback is highly appreciated.Thanks in Advance...




bsbabu 2013-03-06 16:15:42


 i am planning to admit my son in class 2 at yelahanka. I am impressed about the facilities and teaching methods they follow as explained by principal and director. can any one help me about this school review


ahu 2013-03-06 17:11:11


Hi bsbabu,

I have enrolled by son to LKG at yelahanka. If you check out other blogs, this school has great reviews till date. So now since 2013-14 would be their first year in yelahanka, got to wait and see their performance. But all said and done, with the kind of vision and initiatives they have, it should be all positive.


DaddyDayDream 2013-10-08 16:57:10


I wouldn't go by everything the Principal says. They did a lot of marketing when we went for admissions and then didnt follow up on any of the commitments made. The teachers are generally nice but there are a few who are probably not suited for younger classes.  These are the same people who made Vibgyor a crowded and badly maintained school before jumping and starting another one. I am seriously considering changing schools next year. It is a new school and instead of learning from the mistakes they made in Vibgyor they are repeating it all over again. The principals attitude is very different before and after admission.

vhars 2013-11-07 18:56:11


from their websites i see that Chrysalis High has both CBSE and ICSE. it has 3 branches..out of which the one in kadugodi follows CBSE. the rest 2 are ICSE...Can someone tell about their current fee structure and the admission process

nerla 2013-12-15 17:33:43


Today I visited this school in kadugudi. Its under construction. They told every thing will be finished by feb. Wheather any one visited this campus.


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