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zensathish 2011-09-20 11:54:32



My son is 2yrs and 9 months. We have relocated to bangalore recently. He was doing his pre school in Seeds Play School Chennai.

Now i am planning to put him in a play school which has day care facility in kaggadasapura.

I have enquried the below pre schools.

1. Euro Kids

2. Hello kids (No Day care)

3. Blooming kids

4. Kidzee

5. Mother Montessori (No Day care)

6. Roots to wings ( No Day care)

Request your comments on the above pre schools.

we had a very good experience with Seeds play school chennai, which my kid enjoyed and use to always wakeup saying that he wants to go to school. I am looking out for such a good play school.

Shaurya24 2011-09-20 12:44:54


Hi Sathish, I tool stay in CV Raman nagar. There is one day care/preschool centre, called MAPPLE BEAR just afer you enter BEML gate toward GM Palya. Looks to be good, also there is one more called SMART KIDS near the FRESH super market in 5 main malleshpalya.

I have seen SMART KIDS, for my son, looks pretty decent with decent fees/month. Although, my sons goes to PMS Kidzcare indiranagar and its wonderful, so far the exerience is pretty good.




zensathish 2011-09-20 15:18:20


Hi Shaurya,

Thanks for the info.

I'll visit MAPPLE BEAR and SMART KIDS by this weekend.

Till now i have visited Roots to wings, Hello Kids, Euro Kids and Blooming kids. Out of the four I liked Roots to wings.




 Former member 2011-09-20 17:26:30




You can check out Shemrock Toddlerhaus in CV raman nagar. It has both Play School and Day care facility.


zensathish 2011-09-21 10:49:14


Hi Cutysweety,

Thanks a ton for the info.




srisha1 2011-09-22 18:57:51


I think you should check out Ankur Montessori which is on the lane opp. to the one you take to Shemrock.


zensathish 2011-09-23 16:35:51


Hi Srisha1,

Thanks for the info.




zensathish 2011-09-23 16:43:08


Hi All,

Thank you shaurya, cutysweety and srisha for your input.

I am done with my personal visit to the below places,

1. Euro Kids (No Day Care).

2. Hello kids (No Day Care).

3. Blooming kids.

4. Roots to wings ( No Day care).

5. I play I learn (No Day Care).

6. Dolphins.

7. Dolphins Day Care.

8. Shemrock.

9. Nugen Kids Day Care.

I am in the decision making process.

For the benefit of the parentree members, I will share the fee structure and feedback on the above centers in the next update.





Gruha 2011-10-13 12:38:39


Hi Satish,

Which one u decided to join ur son???

Please also update the fee structure???

Thank you...






zensathish 2011-10-13 15:12:36


Hi Gruha,

I have put my kid in "Roots to Wings" Play School and "Nugen kids" Day care.

The fee structure of all the playschools that i enquired are

For 1st Batch (9 - 11) the timing is an average of all schools.

Hello Kids Ordinary


Little genius




Blooming kids


i-play i-learn


Roots to wings


Hello Kids Premium


Maple Bear



For 2nd Batch (11.30 - 2.00) the timing is an average of all schools

Hello Kids Ordinary


Little genius

not enquired


not enquired

Blooming kids


i-play i-learn

not enquired

Roots to wings

not enquired

Hello Kids Premium


Maple Bear

not enquired


Why I choose "Roots to Wings" Play school?

1. I might move to Whitefield in year or two. Roots to wings has a branch there and transfer facility to that branch is available (I can save on registration fee).

2. Even if I move back to Chennai in next three years, I will not have any problem since there is a Roots to Wings branch near my Chennai residence.

3. My friends daughter is in playgroup in Chennai branch had a very positive feedback from my friend on the curriculum.

4. I liked the atmosphere and the kid of toys they had.

5. My enquire meeting was very pleasant


Why I choose "Nugen day care".

1. One of my colleague’s daughter is going there for the past 2 yrs from the age of 9months. Had a very good feedback from her.

2. Two streets away from Roots to Wings.(that is close and safe)

3. Three more kids are going from Roots to wings to Nugen for the past 1 yr.

4. Good review from all the parents.

5. I personally liked the place.





Gruha 2011-10-14 12:13:55


Hi Satish,

Thanks for your information..

How much is for day care ???

And also provide info after 1 r 2 months....

Where is the exact location of roots to wings  and nugen kids also???


zensathish 2011-10-14 14:30:18


Day Care Fee Details

Blooming kids
Day care fee if opt for a year   
No Registration fee
For 2hrs Rs 1200/per month
For 4hrs Rs 2000/per month
after school till 6.00pm Rs 2700/per month
if opt for monthly pymt     (Targeted on parents who have plans of moving to other cities)
reg    6000 (one time)
monthly    2500/Per month

Little Genius
Rs 40/hr

Dolphins day care   
batch one 11.30 am to 6.00pm    Rs 3500
batch two 02.30 pm to 6.00pm    Rs 3000

Maple Bear day care (this had a lot but i had enquired only the below two)   
6hrs    4600
5hrs    4200

Nugen kids   
Registration Rs1500 (one time)
2 hrs    Rs 1500
4 hrs    Rs 2500
after school    Rs 3500
full day    Rs 4500





Ravishankaruma 2012-03-01 22:55:03


Thankyou Satish fr the clear reply. 

I play I learn has a spacious facility; looks like now they have started daycare.

Nugen Kids: Do they have food facility?

Ankur Montessori: Please, there is no daycare there.

MapleBear, G M Playa... for gods sake, dont even put ur kids there... total moneyminded!


zensathish 2012-03-02 11:17:14


Hi Ravishankaruma,

You are right, "I Play I Learn" has a very good spacious facility, but when I was enquiring for my kid... it was their first year.. hence I was hesitant to put my kid there. Now I see quite a few kids going there. I am sure the next academic year lot of kids will join "I Play I Learn". My comment is specific to the branch in Kaggadasapura branch next to "Roots to wings".

Nugen kids : They do not have food facility. I give the food to them in morning (in Tupperware). They heat it in microwave before giving it to the kid. I am totally satisfied with the Kaggadasapura branch.

Ankur Montessori : I have not come across this.

Maple Bear, G M Palya : Yes, I totally agree with you,  they are money minded...

Pls Note: I am not promoting any brand... all the above are just my views.






laxmi2012 2012-03-03 22:16:02




Please help choosing between Dolphins Vs little millennium (  Roots to wings)

did you see happy hours (has 30ys exp) or toddler bay(1500/- per month and has day care too)?




zensathish 2012-03-05 10:59:47


Hi Lakmi2012,

Between Dolphins and little millennium (R2W), i too had this confusion.

What I liked about Dolphins is that, it has a very good&big garden, they have a spacious infrastructure and the parent feedback was excellent.

What I liked about R2W is that, the quality of toys, parents feedback and will be able to transfer to any city.

Why I choose R2W, its close to my house and has a day care close to it.

I'm sorry no idea abt Happy hours and Toddler bay.

Both Dolphins and R2B are really good for schooling, pick whichever is sutable for other needs (daycare / distance).








aagl 2012-05-31 20:41:22



Anyone sending their kid to i play i learn kaggadaspura? I am thinking of putting my child there in nursery. I may need daycare in future which they are providing. But I dont know how the teachers and studies are there.  please help.


Twisty 2012-06-01 12:26:36


Hi Satish,

How do you find Nugen Day care, has it been a good experience? I am looking for my 11month old son for a day care around CV Raman Nagar.





aagl 2012-06-01 21:38:24


I didnt like nugen, found it cramped and no space ..


zensathish 2012-06-12 11:14:01


Hi Twisty,

Sorry for the delayed response.

This is the second for my kid in Nugen kids day care. We are happy with the facility.

You can very well leave your kid and feel safe.





zensathish 2012-06-12 11:22:20


Hi aagl,

Sorry for the delayed response.

I had visited "I play I learn" a year back, for enquiry.

My opinion is that, they have a very good infrastructure and the management (Husband and wife) who are running the facility have high ambitions, which in turn will motivate them to do the best.

I hope they would be providing good day care facility.

With regard to "Nugen kids", when I was searching for a day care. I found "Nugen kids" as the best. And now it's almost a year and I had never regretted on my decision even once. We are happy with "Nugen kids".

If you feel Nugen to be cramped, then you should search a lot since there are less options in kaggadasapura.

Pls Note: I am not promoting any brand... all the above are just my views.




aagl 2012-06-12 15:20:11


Thats Ok sathish.thanks for reply...I have started with I play i learn and lets see how it child looks better here and they have homely environment. and good books.. will keep you guys posted She is going to nursery.


Atthu 2012-09-04 15:51:44


Hi Aagi,

I have been sending my daughter to the Nugen Kids since she was 9 months old. Now she is 3+ yrs old. I find Nugen kids absolutely homely and safe.

yes, as you said the Kaggadasapura(Vignan Nagar) branch could seem a little cramped. My daughter was in this branch for almost 2 years and the last few months I have moved her to a larger branch of the same Creche at GM Palya as this is closer to my office.

The care has been the same and they ensured that she doesn't find the place new. If the logistics favour you, may be you can visit their GM Palya branch.

They do not have TV which is a huge + point according to me and this makes the kids engage themselves in various other activities.



sinhaprakash 2012-10-06 18:08:06


The best pre school in this area is Nimai Fun Fundamental (This is not a daycare). 

Withdrew my kid in 10days from one of these corporate franchisee school to Nimai 2.5 years back and thank God it was such an appropriate decision in hindsight now. She is in Montessori  3  now and we are very happy with her progress. 

The thing which stands out is the noble intention & affection with which this school is being run with religious cultural implantations into the little ones due to its association with Gaudiya (Hare Krishna) Mission in some way. 

It is even lighter on the pocket ! :) 

Negative ...Private Transport. 

So try it once before deciding ! 

Shakha 2012-12-17 15:39:01


 Hi aagl,

please let me know your feedback on I play I learn. I have to decide on a preschool for my 2.5 years old son.

I am confused between little millennium, euro kids and I play I learn. All looked same when I visited them. Also my experience when I visited them was nice.

Thought the actual feedback from the parents would help me in my decision making.




Rubyrastogi 2013-01-07 01:11:43


 nigli pre School in Aakaash nagar,near kaggadasapura is a very gud pre school with a day care facility along with pick and drop for day care too...

they have got many maids and teachers also are pretty gud..they conduct summar camps and other kind of competitons which are very gud for child development...



Sakith 2013-01-23 22:09:21



My son will be 3 yrs in June and I am looking for a good pre-school around kaggadasapura, with a pick up and drop facility.  If you have had an experience with The Foundation Montessori (5th Main, Malleshpalya)  or have made enquiries in the past, please let me know.




honeysen 2013-01-24 07:21:37


 Hi Sathish,


Could you please share me fee details for the Play School, I too stay in CV Raman Nagar and also it will be helpful if you share which is best in CV Raman Nagar/Kagadasapura






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