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sudhalg 2011-08-29 17:49:59


Vydehi school of excellence have put up hoardings related to admissions for academic year 2012-2013. This is CBSE school and first batch started this year 2011-2012.

Any updates/reviews/opinion on this school are welcome.

skrsk 2011-10-16 11:57:01



Just last week I visited to this school. Here are my thoughts. 

Location: Inside the Vydehi hospital, but the school complex is a separate one. 

Infrastructure: The actual school building structure is ready (around 6 floors). But furnishing is in progress. Infrastructure for the present Nursery to UKG are good. The class rooms are very spacious. Class furniture is kid friendly. Surrounding the kids are various activity kits (I saw this in all class rooms). Few of the class rooms had projectors. 

School Staff: I had interaction with a school office staff and she was very forthcoming in giving answers. Also, we had some interaction with the school teachers who seems to be friendly and quite responsive.

Accademic: Nursery to Class 5 only. Yearly expansion planned upto 12th standard. 

Fees: For 2012 - 2013 (Nursery to UKG)
Annual Fees: 52000/- (Payable in 4 installments)
Addmission Fee: 30000/- (One time till school leaving)
Transport: 1100 / month (within 5 kms) and 1400 /month (Beyond 5 Kms). Please note that the transportation fees is applicable only for 11 months. 
School Uniform and Stationary: 5000/-

Now the minus points: 
> The school is yet to get CBSE accreditation. Planning to get it by Dec 2011. Important if you want to put you child in 1st standard or higher. 
> Couldn't see a playgound. In fact a big class room was carpetted and converted into a playing arena. 

In Summary: I think it is a good school in the lines of other Vydehi institutes. I am going for it. If you are located in whitefield, it is the best. 


 Former member 2011-10-16 16:35:21


hi skrsk,

im moving to blore next yr...i had heard about euro school and good reviews on it...i dont know if u checked euro, but just in case u did, could u give me a comparison between the two in terms of which one being better academically..i know both are new schools...but which one do u think is a better bet?

thanks so much in advance 



skrsk 2011-10-21 19:21:58


 Sorry Jyothi, 

Did not take time to compare Euro school. 
I consider them as a budding business which has now expanded to school level from kindergarten. 

We have to wait and see. 


Debanita 2011-11-17 11:07:35



I am looking for a school for my 4 year old kid. I have zeroed in on Vydehi for now. Liked the campus, but am bit skeptic. If you have already joined your kid, can you please share your opinion about it.


binuash 2011-11-27 15:22:10


Thanks for the update about Vydehi School.  By the way, the last meeting we had this week at school, I did check out the ground.  Looks good.


Hemak21 2011-12-09 14:08:19


Hi ,

Vydehi school is good..best part is they have the day care in the same floor so the kids dont have to travel to daycare after school. They have a very huge playground of 3-4 acres. I liked the school, they will def. invest a lot on the infrastrature as they are big group.

I have taken admission for my kid starting from Jan 2012 for Nursery.


Prinson 2011-12-12 08:44:38


Hi I am moving to blore 1st week of Jan and just wanted to check if someone has more information on little explorers academy in beml layout whitefiled. http://www.lea-bangalore.net/home.html


2013sundar 2013-10-21 20:05:46


Hi skrsk,

i really need your opinion of this school now.since this post is 2 years old. my mail ID is 2020omsantosh@gmail.com . kindly share your mobile Number in order to discuss with you for this .



vbose 2013-10-29 14:55:58


Hi, Could you please provide your feedback about the Vydehi school now? my mail id: varatharajan@gmail.com, I went to the school, the fees are okay comparatively, they are saying that they have cricket playground but I didn't see today, I am planning to go again to see all the facilities.


verghis 2014-01-08 19:14:27


Hi, can anyone suggest about this school for UKG Kids.... I am relocating to blre by March would like to knw whether the admissions are open for this academic year


verghis 2014-01-08 19:41:44


Did this school got CBSE afilaition by now.... i have seen a post years back waiting for CBSE affilaition


unni246 2014-05-19 09:36:21


The School has now got the CBSE Affiliation to Std IX as per their website (updated May 13th).
Seems like they are progressing quite strongly.
Link Below:


mbm1 2014-08-25 10:35:50


Hi @skrsk/ @Hemak21
I am looking at Vydehi as one of the option for my son for Nursery. I have zeroed in on Vydehi, Greenwood High, Inventure and Oakridge. 
I am in favor of Vydehi based on the location. But have seen good reviews on Greenwood High and Inventure and they are also ranked as good schools by some of the education magazines. 
But due to the distance, I am not sure. So wanted to find out since your kids are going to the school at Vydehi as to how do you find them? How are the teachers and do they change often etc. Kindly help  


mamma999 2014-09-13 19:58:25


Can anyone of you with your kids studying in Vydehi can provide me the reviews?How is yourr kids progress? how about the teachers?
How is the academics?

arya123 2014-11-03 00:38:01


hi .

I am planning to get admission for my kid in Vydehi for mid term for LKG as recently shifted here.
I am getting mix reviews but not clarity about the school's aceademics,child security, kid particiapation and co-curricular activities.
Please share me the information/review of Vydehi school and share via callmkumar@yahoo.com.


kamathsonline 2015-03-29 07:49:33


Please can any give feedback ion Vydehi. I like the school, but would want some experienced advice. thank you. Fees are comparatively better or at par with other schools. I am looking for admission in 2 & 9 grade. No other school is giving for both, it is either.

I am moving from Mumbai to Bangalore in May15. Please if any one can reply .... Thank You

me26 2015-03-29 16:10:09


From our apartment complex many kids go.The parents are satisfied with their kid's performance. Few parents had shifted their kids from Whitefield global school to Vyedhi last year. They are happy too.In general a positive vibe.

kamathsonline 2015-03-30 09:16:11


Thank you for your reply me26. Going to Vydehi today. Hope to get admissions

kamathsonline 2015-03-30 09:19:09


They have already confirmed for 10+2. For 9th grade, it is their first year and are also offering discount on fees, and waiver of admission fee. They require students in 9th. Other grades are almost full

ramnathgoswamy 2015-06-19 10:01:24


Its a very BAD school .Dont spoil your child's innocence by admitting here. The receptionist will start showing tantarum at 1st place itself.

Initially during admission they will talk all sugar coated words.After that they will show theire true colour.

Now for Nursery admission they are taking 1lakh 15 thousand .Apart from this Stationary ,Dress ,Food and Transport cost is separate.
Transport they are taking 20 thousand even for 2 km distance..

For each and everything they are asking money. 

Initially this school was not CBSE affiliated,so they were behaving good with parents. Now since the admission increased from last year they are throwing attitude. If you kid is 5 min late they will nt eager to allow you (even for nursery kids).They will scold you telling who will take care of your kid..Madams will  play music and sit in the class but they cant allow a 2 year 6 month kid to class.If you are paying extra money for day care then u r fine and allowed inside the school ..
We talk about child care and psychology.So what kind of care this School is taking.
There are very good schools around  .Parents request you to go for that. Don't get frustrated by paying money to this school.


kamathsonline 2015-06-19 11:29:33


Dear  ramnathgoswamy, I am surprised by this. My children are studying here. Got admission this year itself with absolutely no problems during admission & post that till date.
I think this would be a one off case, & can be sorted out.

I have been to almost every other CBSE school around Whitefield & I felt these people were the best even when it comes to speaking & respecting parents. Not sure which other school you have compared it with, not saying others are bad. It is all about our expectations & what we experience.

I have been to schools who did not even give me the school fee, told me to keep checking the website daily & I will get it. Another school tore a small piece of paper & handed over to me & dictated the fee structure (both of these are renowned schools in Bangalore & India), hope you don't face this, it is insulting.

For transportation, every school charges 20k minimum ... it is a band 0-4 kms for which they charge 20k, rather they have made zones. Even if you are say approx 4.5 kms, they may still charge 20k.

There aren't many schools who provide food in school (even for an extra payment), I personally felt this is a a fairly good school.

I haven't faced the problem of late reaching, as my children go by school bus. Initially they were a little reluctant to come to the gate of the society I stay, but then they agreed.

I think it is a matter of talking over the problems & sorting it out.

anjalik 2015-07-02 12:43:01


I think Mr Rangaswamy's concern is genuine.

School is for kids. The school authority (staff/principal/teaching and non teaching staff) should understand.

Vydehi school is taking very good amount for admission fees which if u compare with DPS or Ryan or Vagdevi Vilash its very high .(On an average thir fee is starting from 50 K to max 75k). But in Vydehi its starts with 1 lakh from this year . So parents should expect good amount of care for children specially in the lower classes and good behavior to parents. 

Even My son's friend's mom told that her daughter did potty and since she was nt wearing diaper they did nt even change the dress (which she used to put in bag) and sent her home .The little girl waited in same dress for long time.

Nothing wrong in raising alarm.  this otherwise why we are paying such a heavy amount for our kids?
Whats the difference this school is creating if we compare this school with neighbourhood schools??
Bottom line is school should treat kids as kids,give emotional support so that they can be brought to maturity level.Every child is special and uniq.School should play a major role in making them precious. Instead of showing attitude that school time started ,they should treat with care so that the kids should feel like going to school daily.
Other wise all school take money and teach ABCD.If they continue like this they will loose hope in future world.
Most important the staff courtesy they should teach them .Now a days we have seen how so many big schools have come with many child abusement cases.They will nt allow parents to go inside the school but the kid used to b abused in the same campus by staff.

So we want the school authority to shape children dreams and make them feel coming to school ,miss school and not to be scared going to school at the age of 3 year . 


dj123 2015-09-22 12:56:39



We will be relocating to Bangalore in November. Looking for schools in Whitefield area for Class LKG(mid year academic session i.e 2015-16) or UKG(for next academic session i.e 2016-17). Can anyone please give review, admission process, fee structure about Vydehi school


Menakara 2015-10-29 11:31:02


Hi Gayusharma,
   I just want the full details of the school as I m planning to place my kid dere...can u help me out....my email id s Menaka.visvanath@gmail.com....


Menakara 2015-10-30 15:13:33


Thank u for ur kind help......giving me the numbers which I can find in net....anyhow thanks a lot...

CaptainR 2015-11-05 14:09:53


Not sure where the people have got this information about the fees. I work in the Vydehi campus and have visited the school twice. Below is the fee structure:
Admission Fee: Rs 12,500
Tuition fee: Rs 85000 annually
Transport: Starts from 1650 per month


Ramankumar 2015-11-16 09:47:06


Here are my thought about Vydehi School of Excellence. Vydehi School is quite renowned school. The school is very good in terms of curriculum and extra curricular activities. They focus on entire personality development of the child. Individual attention is given over here. Teachers and other school staffs are very supportive. They have a huge play ground and day care facility in the same campus. Campus is full of greenery and fresh air. I really appreciate the way teachers work with childlern. 



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