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amspa 2009-10-15 00:28:04


Any opinion on Gopalan International School on whitefield road.

When will the admission form be issued in this school?

 Former member 2009-10-15 17:18:20


they have astarted already


MunuB 2012-10-04 22:02:06



            How is the feedback on this school? Any parents whose kids are studying in this school, please provide some feedback on this school for Academic, Extra Curricular activities, Fees, Transportaiton etc?




sws 2013-11-07 21:10:34


Any feedback on Gopalan international school?? Please reply

harita17 2013-12-01 19:53:00


Hi, my son goes to GIS.  I am very happy with the school.  The infrastructure is super good.  They give lot of importance to extracurricular activities.

subas 2013-12-02 09:59:14


Both GIS and GNS is good. GIS concentrates also on extracurricular activities whilst GNS is focused on academics. I have obtained admission for my son at GNS for academic year 2014-25. He will be going to PG 2

yugz 2014-05-05 15:42:10


PG2 is Equivalent to Nursery in other schools, however course outlines that even writing is not include in syllabus for entire year...Is it really for age group of 3-4 years?

rpoddar 2014-10-14 16:36:12


Hi Subas .. I am looking for admissions for my daughter in PG2 for 2015-16 batch. Can you please help us with your views on this school.  We also have NHG and GIS in our list .. but heard that GNS is good for academics.

hemvenk 2015-07-22 19:46:32


hi subas.. Can you give me feedback on GNS , fees structure and admission process.I am looking for admission for 2016-1017 for 4th grade for my daughter.

hereforkids 2015-07-23 10:37:56


hi, even we are looking for admission of out son in std. 1 in Gopalan National School.... feedback on the schools will be highly useful...thanks

Surya21 2015-07-23 13:55:50


Please open seperate thread for GIS, it makes life easy for those who search.

GNS Fees :
Tution : 64k
Transportation 18k
Books : ~ 5K
Uniform :  ~3k

GNS is a decent school, teaching is good, teachers are responsive, Head teacher, admin staff are good and very accommodating.
They take care of kids well, have nurse at school and call parents when needed if the kids is unwell or hurt after they do what they can do at the school.
Teachers are strict but very kind and there is no corporal punishment of any sort in the school.
small sized playground (drawback), have extra curricular activities like taek-won-do,  yoga, dance, music.
No lunch area, kids eat in the same place where they study.
There are after school activities like football, badminton if you can pick up your ward from the school

Please do mind, that the syllabus is ICSE, it is not for average students, the syllabus is very tough and it is like taking 2 steps every year when rest of the schools doing CBSE take 1 step.

learningpoint 2015-07-23 14:59:25
OKay-ish ICSE results
School-wise Analysis of the ICSE 2014 Results

Overall Result:Passed %:100.00Failed %:0.00Absent %:0.00Number of Candidates:6AGGREGATE:Highest Score:86.5Lowest:61.5Average:76.78Pass (35 and above) %:100.00Fail (Below 35) %:0.00Candidates Appeared:6ENGLISH + BEST FOUR SUBJECTS:Highest Score:90.6Lowest:65.8Average:80.37Pass (35 and above) %:100.00Fail (Below 35) %:0.00Candidates Appeared:6ENG:Highest Score:83Lowest:69Average:76.83Pass (35 and above) %:100.00Fail (Below 35) %:0.00Candidates Appeared:6KAN:Highest Score:66Lowest:66Average:66.00Pass (35 and above) %:100.00Fail (Below 35) %:0.00Candidates Appeared:1HCG:Highest Score:88Lowest:76Average:80.67Pass (35 and above) %:100.00Fail (Below 35) %:0.00Candidates Appeared:6MAT:Highest Score:96Lowest:46Average:76.67Pass (35 and above) %:100.00Fail (Below 35) %:0.00Candidates Appeared:6SCI:Highest Score:92Lowest:40Average:63.17Pass (35 and above) %:100.00Fail (Below 35) %:0.00Candidates Appeared:6CTA:Highest Score:99Lowest:72Average:90.17Pass (35 and above) %:100.00Fail (Below 35) %:0.00Candidates Appeared:6HIN:Highest Score:86Lowest:69Average:76.75Pass (35 and above) %:100.00Fail (Below 35) %:0.00Candidates Appeared:4FRE:Highest Score:66Lowest:66Average:66.00Pass (35 and above) %:100.00Fail (Below 35) %:0.00Candidates Appeared:1


Surya21 2015-07-24 16:39:55


Dear Learning point,

are you a commercial guy or spammer or a paid employee of any company ?

if results are the only criteria, the topper got 94% this year.

this is a group for genuine parents, and no spammers are allowed

hemvenk 2015-08-18 21:07:46


Hi surya,
We are planning to shift from indiranagar to whitefield as my hubby is working in ITPL.My daughter is studying in New horizon public school in 3rd.I would like to compare New horizon public school with Gopalan National School. Any details on this is appreciated.Is GNS in par with Gopalan National school?.Thanks

PC1234 2015-08-18 23:25:53


GNS is good but they have this little hidden charges that keep cropping up and ultimately push up the cost to well over 1.5L pa. I am not really sure it is worth this. 

hemvenk 2015-08-19 13:47:04


sorry just a correction to my previous post.Is GNS in par with new horizon gurukul in academics?


hemvenk 2015-08-19 13:47:59


Again sorry typo mistake in my previous post.Is GNS in par with new horizon Public school?


Surya21 2015-08-19 15:21:21


My son is studying class-3 in GNS now and has been there since class-1
If you can tell me all about New Horizon curriculum, extra curricular activities , i can reply you with a comparison.
the cost for GNS is already in the thread.

hemvenk 2015-08-20 15:40:25


hi surya,
Can you mail me your contact no so that I shall ask my husband to get in touch with you to get details of GNS?

PC1234 2015-08-20 16:09:46


 @surya21  Can you please explain to me what you mean by the below statement " Please do mind, that the syllabus is ICSE, it is not for average students, the syllabus is very tough and it is like taking 2 steps every year when rest of the schools doing CBSE take 1 step."  So by your "logic", IGCSE is 2 steps ahead of ICSE? And, Xceed is 4 steps ahead and only students that are "above" "average" should attend these curriculum's? What do you mean by above average? Do you have a testing system to check the averages? Or you decide kids are "above average" based on their parents higher income? Extremely curious, to know how you find out if a kid <10 years is average, above average and what not?  

suz2010 2015-10-01 11:06:12


Hi Parents,

My son is in GIS from past 2 yeras.
I have had good experience, they are very considerate to Kids. I like the fact the school is well equipped with all the Extra curricular activities. There is good balance between Academy n extra curricular activity.
Below Fee structure:
Preparatory(UKG) - 90k which includes Tuition, Books, Food, Uniform and stationery.
Transport 10500 half yearly which includes GPS tracking app and
Message alert.
Staff quality is good.They have French
option and Robotics in higher grades. Principal too is approachable.
Hope this helps!


Surya21 2015-10-01 13:59:18



IGCSE is based on Cambridge . the world knows that british primary and secondary education system is crappy with more than half of 12 year olds being able to barely read and write. This has lot to do with culture, etc etc of the country. However being on the IGCSE will enable children to easily fit into any school if they keep changing countries frequently. It is mainly meant for families in that kinds of  background.

Every child is born with some God gifted intelligence (we can have lot of arguments over this, but this is true, that is why prodigies like Raman, Ramanujan, Bose, etc could not be contained by anyone in this world) Most of the time I see my sons books, of class-3 ICSE, i see the standard is what i studied much higher in my academic career. The way syllabus is changing from class-2 to class-3, many parents also have the same opinion. I see many parents fighting with the teachers for marks in the PTMs,

Evaluating Intelligence :
You give a complex problem to a 8 year old group of 10 children.
Each will take different time to solve it and some may not solve it.
This is how intelligence is defined and evaluated at schools.
It does not mean the kids who didnot solve is fit for nothing,he/she has a different strength but not maths, may be. so that has to be found out and worked upon.

There are kids who are children of farm labourers, whose parents are uneducated and illiterate who made it to IITs and IIMs.
No, intelligence does not have anything to do with the parents income.
Having money does not make one intelligent, neither is the goal of intelligence to earn a lot of money.
there are very intelligent people in the world who didnt make any money.

I hope this clarifies.

It helps if you can have a constructive argument and put down your views and we help each other on issues.
I wrote my experiences, to help others, with a good intention, if it hurt you for any reason, i am sorry.


prasadka 2015-10-15 20:33:04


Hi Sujata, All,

We are evaluating GIS for my son who will go to 1st standard next year. We visited there and felt good about the infrastructure, general cleanliness, class rooms, play ground etc. I was happy overall looking at that.

Though, I am concerned and not really sure about the quality of teaching, focus on education, general grounded-ness of the school etc. Is it possible for you / anyone to comment on that. I also see that the fees are little on higher side.

We are also evaluating between GNS and Vibyor, if any comments from anyone on those comparisons, it will help a great deal.



Aaa1 2016-07-22 16:28:30


Hi Prasadka,
I would like to know about GIS if your son is enrolled to GIS as you mentioned above.
Fees structure, teaching methods,..

Surya21 2016-07-22 18:15:00



We wanted to get our son who is in Class-4 in GNS to GIS this year, but decided to wait after the principal and admin coordinator at GNS assured that things will change.
On finding out first hand info from other kids studying in GIS, there seems to be groups especially in higher classes especially with children who are very rich. The kid who was studying (my wife's friend's sisters's daughter) seems to be in lot of stress due to this.
It seems that kids keep discussing about their foreign vacations(holidays) and those who dont fit into that bucket are thrown out of the group.
This girl's parents are middle class people who struggled to get their kid into GIS (for the fees which is close to 1.5L for higher classes + etc )
Now we are in second thoughts because I dont want my son to be in that situation.

Another Case from my apartment:
I find kids who are in GIS being in all the sports/extra curricular activities in my apartment.
Boy - into music(keyboard), basketball Girl - Dance, painting -both in higher classes
So after paying so much fees in the school, and school having so many facilities for sports, parents don't find the school doing the right things so they are still spending money on activities beyond school - in this case the parents have lot of money, so they dont bother)

I suggest to not go by the huge number of sports activities(kids cant play all games , they can just concentrate on the one that they like most, it is more than sufficient)
Further Gopalan Enterprises who owns the school, rents the facility after school hours, so not all of them were built exclusively for the school, although the school uses.

I hope this gives you a fair idea and helps you make an informed decision.

Nidhid 2016-10-25 23:02:25


Hi surya21, Weare evaluating GNS and GIS for our son. Any reason to shift your son to GIS. At, GNS do parents need to put in more effort as compared to other icse schools. Please reply.

Surya21 2016-10-26 09:47:30


Hi Nidhi

Obvious disparities are in terms of facilities, but remember your kid can hardly excel in 1 game during a a lifetime.
I am not shifting to GIS, but probably thinking of moving to CBSE.
I dont think GNS higher grade teachers have the abilities to teach tough syllabus like ICSE.
Right now they are struggling.
About facilities, GNS started as a small school but has now grown to 8-9 sections per class in lower grades (upto 5th at least). the ground is barely sufficient and they are struggling but will not tell you this. Physical education and improvement is a myth, they dont even let kids use the badminton facility or TT facilities , no encouragement at all in sports, only focus is cricket, which is again outside the school offers, (private institution offering coaching)

Syllabus is vast and takes a lot of time, but school is only 8-2:30 and only 5 days a week.
to top this, lots of holidays during term exams.
Main focus is on completing syllabus as fast as possible and then doing revision.
My son is a book worm, has gained a lot of knowledge reading encyclopedias and can spend hours reading them again and agian, but still the text books does not interest him, so it is an issue with authors.
on top of this, it is knowledge, but reproduction that is in main focus, you cant go beyond and different from what teacher gives as answer.

Where ever your kids are, teachers will not bother and you need to take tutions and extra effort at home to ensure they get good grades (unless you are stinkingly rich to afford to buy any seat which i assume is not the case)
My son was struggling with hindi and repeated interactions with school teacher didnot result in any improvement for 2 years so opted for tution after which he picked up.

Hope this helps.


anamika08 2016-10-31 16:53:18


Please let me know the fee structure for the 2017-2018 academic year of the grade-I.

Thank you.



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