geethanjali VIdyalaya vs NCFE in CV raman Nagar

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aniruddha0209 2009-10-14 15:07:39


Hello All,

Can someone please help me to identify which scholl is better between NCFE and Geetanjali Vidyalaya in Kagadaspura, C V Raman Nagar.

My daughter is 3years old and i am looking for her admission in mont 1.

I heared NCFE is charging too much( donation plus fees) and as per the fees they are charging the quality of education is not so good. Education wise Geethanjali and NCFE are same?? Is this true?

Please suggest.



tpj 2009-10-14 19:19:22


what is the admission process in githanjali? , age cut off and admission process

thanks in advance


 Former member 2009-10-15 17:23:06


ncfe keeps raising fees year after year.there was a recent news article in dna paper also abt that.geetanjali is not very strict abt age niece is studying there..they are happy with school..


Varshaw 2009-10-16 19:36:11



I would recommend you to visit Blooming Kids Pre School @ 6 B Cross, Kaggadasapura. This school is very good, specially their teaching approach is excellent.


Pramod 2009-10-21 12:00:09


I'm planning to put my daughter (3yrs 2months) into NCFE montessory from next Apr / May. On the web when I searched for feedback I read bad comments about their fee structure. nothing specific about the teaching.

I spoke to couple of parents whose kids go to this school and they were positive with education quality.

Any of you has a different opinion?


aniruddha0209 2009-10-21 12:06:34


Dear Pramod,

I too received mixed feedback. Some parents are happy and some are not with their teaching as well as fees structure. Even some of the parents have decided to take off their childs from the school.

One thing i didn't lked about NCFE is that when i asked the lady at reception about the admission form  and fees structructure she said "First purchase the form then only i am going to explain you the fees structructure else not". I was surprised to hear this :-)

Any way i am putting my daughter in Geethanjali from June 2010.


Pramod 2009-10-21 12:16:32


Dear Aniruddha,

Thanks. I also came across the receiptionist as a very harsh person. however, I felt that she hardly matters to me after the admission process :)

How did you come across Geetanjali? Do you stay close by Basavanagar? Has Geetanjali issued forms for Jun admission? Do they have Montessory?





aniruddha0209 2009-10-21 12:23:42


Yes they do have montessory. They have started issuing the forms. My daughter is 2.6 yrs now. I stay in Kagadaspura 6th cross.

Donation is 20k and fees for Mont classes in 36k per annum. From class 1st onwards fees is 24K.

Geethanjali is from Mont1 to class 11th.From Next year onwards it will be upto class 12th.


prak 2009-11-19 16:15:10


speaking to the parents of children studying at NCFE and Geetanjali, i think geethanjali seems to be a safe bet. Actually parents of wards at geetanjali seems to be ery positive.


am05 2010-06-05 11:10:57


One big problem with Geethanjali is transport - they have limited buses and try to juggle the children of various batches between the limited buses. The result is that the travel time is unreasonably high for many places. E.g. where I stay, the bus comes in at 7:20 am, for the 9:00 am batch. My home is about 3.5kms from the school - the bus takes 100 minutes to cover that distance. My car takes 20 minutes; granted that the bus would take more than car because a bus has to stop for many children enroute, but 20 minutes versus 100 minutes is too much. In my opinion the reason is that the bus has to reach much earlier than 9:00 am because the same bus has to then rush out to get children for the 10:00 am batch. Similar kind of things also unnecessarily increase the travel time in the evening.

The school administration is most unreponsive about such issues.


parentconcern 2010-06-23 23:18:36


My child is studying in Geetanjali New tippasandra branch in Mont 1.

The class is in the 2nd floor. Eventhough the teacher takes the children to the class, not all children are held by the teacher. Most of the time i have seen my child and others as well not being led by the teacher.  The children climb up and down the stairs all by themselves. The school authorities are turning deaf to parent's complaints. Its obviously not safe to have classes for mont 1 kids on the 2nd floor. There is no security guard near the gate and the children can easily come out on the road where there is heavy vehicular traffic. Any parent reading this, whose child is studying here pls take note.





 Former member 2010-11-17 19:37:25


hi all,

i am planning to enrol my daughter for class four at geetanjali...readg to all above details im confused...i wl be shiftg frm guys pls comment in detail abt academics and teachg faculty at will be of great help..this is the only school which has confirmed admission for my daughter so looking out fr interview calls fr more schools at indiranagr as well...lets c


praveenmdu 2012-05-24 17:56:17


My daughter is studying in Geethanjali Vidyalaya(kaggadaspura) for the last 3 years and about to go to first standard. I feel ok on the education pattern.

I was staying very close to NCFE and i could see that the home work is more for the parents rather than the students. In Geethanjali, i observed a different approach that, they are teaching the children to learn in school itself as much as possible, so that the kids need not get burdened with more home works.

Fee structure NCFE is very much on higher side. Geethanjali too keeps increasing the fee.

Approach roads - NCFE is better. Geethanjali (Kaggadaspura) - Pathetic approach roads and railway crossing headaches. Pick up van timigings - issue with all the schools and could not help much. Geetanjali (Tippasandra) - Not safe, as kids might run to the road.

My personal view is.... what ever the school it may be, parents guidance is very much required to bring up the kid. Though kids spend some time in school, we also have to spend enough time to ensure that they grow in right direction. Atleast am proud that my daughter is in first 2 to 3 place in the class.

I considered basic education, least distance from my home & affordability to decide on school. I was impressed with the Principal's attitude to take corrective action for one of my cencerns and kept her word.


SSS123 2012-06-08 20:08:01


Hi All

Does anyone have comparison of the extra curricular activities in Geetanjali and NCFE. I want my kid to have good co-curriculars along with academics. Can someone throw light on what extra curriculars are covered in both the schools.



MrBanerjee 2016-01-11 19:12:43


Most of the threads are old , but let me give the latest insight . The school has exponentially increased the capacity at junior level , teacher student ratio is poor , Principal usually is accessible during admission , school management is not very co-operative or rather struggling to manage expectations of big fish market and talks rudely during exigencies . I have my son studying here at primary level and am shocked by the behavior of the front desk during challenging circumstance . Teachers are less efficient to manage children due to overcapacity crowd . Transportation and sanitation is pathetic . Children keep fighting between themselves and management has no control over them - who knows could be biased on the basis of ....... ( don't want to say what , you guess) . Overall not a competitive school if you trust the honesty of a frustrated parent .

rphilip 2016-01-12 12:07:40


@MrBanerjee, were you talking about NCFE or Geethanjali?


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