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Nisz 2011-09-14 12:06:08


thanks CRKS,

i'm put up at Banaswadi area, and JP ngr is other part of the bangalore.. nevertheless thanks .. many other who are in that area will be intrested and will get back to you ..:)



KavAnk 2011-09-14 13:03:07


 Admissions for CBSE School in Whitefield :

1) Deens - 10th Oct. It will be online only.

2) Whitefield Global School - 1st week of Oct. The form subbmission will be nxt week after that and you have to pay a reg fee along wid form. That reg fee confirms your seat. 

3) Euroschool : 1st week of oct

4) Chrysalis : Admissions are going on. This school is new and yet under construction. However, they are saying that they will be ready to start by June. 



PrasannaLakshmiRao 2011-09-14 13:37:25


Helo friend,

For knowing about school, please talk to the principal and the parents. Parents would be the right ppl to give you correct feedback on the teachers and other things about the school :)

Hope this helps!


rania78 2011-09-14 14:38:32


hi 4sashi and rishal, my expierence is same as u....they did not ask me abt  my daughter s age....but when i mentioned that she would be 4.8 injune, that lady told me to try....there was no line.......have submitted  the form also...anyways new horizon will be issuing forms from 12th to 15th oct online......any feedback about nee horizon gurukool will be helpful...went to dps,east....they told me to come oct 2nd week after dussera.



Shivika 2011-09-14 14:44:25



I had been to Deens Academy today...

The school looks gud and has big playground. I had also been to Kideens the classrooms are quite gud nd strength being max 25. The most thing which I liked is they have a daycare inside the campus...

They will be issuing online applications in October and we have to submit along with DD of Rs.500...

Please let me know reviews on this school...




KavAnk 2011-09-14 14:56:41


 Hey Shivika,

Deens is indeed a very good school. I had been there too. They have a lot of activities also. I have some friends whose kids go to deens and all I hear are praises. I am also looking at Deens for my daughter this year.


Sanghamitra11 2011-09-14 15:30:24



My daughter is born on Oct09.I am looking forschool now. Any idea how far is Deens Academy from Marathalli & how is the school?


Deepabhi 2011-09-14 15:54:43


Has anyone considered Chrysalis?  Is it good to put a bet on new school in its 1st year ?


Deepabhi 2011-09-14 15:56:51


Is Deens moving to some other campus ?


kums9mamma 2011-09-14 16:11:26


Hi Prasanna Lakshmi,

In Kumarans school they take admissions only for PreKG and not for LKG.

This is clearly mentioned in there website. Do check it once


Nisz 2011-09-14 16:14:24


Kajal ,

u might want to  give "royal concorde a second thought" .. i just went through this link..



Sanghamitra11 2011-09-14 16:16:11



I called to Chrysalis.They are coming up with two school one in whitefield & one in varthur.


Deepabhi 2011-09-14 16:46:55


yes thts true.. but is it good to try some school in its 1st year?



KavAnk 2011-09-14 16:55:02


 Hey sanghamitra,

Deens is approx 7km frm marathalli. Its approx 1km ahead of ITPL. I have heard great reviews about it. I went there for a visit and I am impressed. I will def apply there for my daughter for nursery this year. Getting admission is not easy thou. 

Deepa : Deens is constructing a new campus where they will be shifting the higher class students. Chrysallis is opening 2 branches. I spoke to them yest. The buildings are under construction. They havnt appointed their management yet. Personally I wouldnt like to try a new school in its 1st year. From what I have heard of other people's exp with new schools, Things are always a mess. Every1 is adjusting to the new environment. Lot of trial and error takes place. Some times the trials work and sometimes the errors take place. So its a risk. After a few years the school may work wonders and you will be the prestige parent or next year you may be doing the search again for another school. So now its your call if you are ready to take the risk.



Anjuu 2011-09-14 16:58:36


Hi ,

My son is May 2009 born. I am looking for Pre kg admission for june 2012.

Can any one let me know the reviews about

1. BGS public school Kengeri

2.VSS International Public School(VSS Educational Trust)

    #78, Mysore Ring Road,Nagadevanahalli,

Any other good CBSE schools near Uttarahalli / Rajarajeshawari nagr?


sunny23 2011-09-14 17:23:29


HI All, I stay in hsr layout. I am looking for grade 1 admission in any of the HSR layout schools. Can any one have their children admitted to Jnana srishti school of excellance? Kindly update feedback about this school like fee, age limit for first grade etc.


ritwik 2011-09-14 17:30:49


Hi nisz

ya i m rethinking about rcis as i don't find ne other option in this area. but not finalised yet

either they are out of budget or have no cocuricular activities.

have you finalised ne school?



CRKS 2011-09-14 19:08:54


Hello All,

Please help me with some inputs or reviews on St Marks JP Nagar and St Pauls JP Nagar Schools.

Thanks In Advance...




Ansi 2011-09-14 21:26:54


SJR School - Crap

I would like to share my bitter experiences with SJR school, KammanaHalli near HBR Layout BDA Complex. This is a CBSE school and the infrastrucure is good with a big playground. Last year We got LKG admission for my daughter and we thought we were v lucky at that time. Though they had communication diary, it never got updated by the class teacher. Also  They never gave any  Home work to the kids. I's really impressed by this quality. I hoped they are providing enough practise in the school , hence no homework. My kid used to play in the evenings leisurely where rest of the kids in the flat have to spare some time with homework. In september we got a communcation ( finally) from the school, that they have assesments in the mid of sep month. When I checked the assement portion, I's shocked. Within 3 months these people have finished A-Z, a-z, numbers 1- 100 and also started 3 letter words combination. I enquired kids in Presidency and Royal Concorde, they have just started with Alphabhets and numbers . I have realized SJR people have finished the whole year syllabus in just 3 months. I checked my concerns with other parents from SJR, they also echoed the same. Though my kid is a bright and active student, she's totally confused due to the fast pace in their teaching. I's v much worried and spoke to the class teacher in SJR, she assured me everything will be fine, but I's already running out of time. I checked with the SJR headmistress too. But they are v much careless. Now I've only two options. Either I need to coach my kid personally the entire syllabus with fast pace or change the school. I opted for the school change option. I have decided not to burden my young kid anymore and also dont want to waster 1 year. Hence I changed the school and put her in Roots to Wings, Kalyan nagar in LKG . I also briefed Roots to Wings abt the past history and they assured they will do their best. My kid was able to pick up the new environment and now she's in UKG and doing v good there. We lost our money, time and peace during the time in SJR school. I'm feeling v happy for my decision.


4Sashi 2011-09-15 00:37:28


Thanks, Rania. Picked the forms today.

All - I'd like to have 1st hand opinion on the criteria for admissions to Montessori and LKG at NPS. What of the age limit?

Also, I came by Chrysalis High, in the forum. Any experience? Tx


PrasannaLakshmiRao 2011-09-15 09:22:45


Hi Sanghamithra,one of my collegue's kid is studying in Deen's Whitefield. She said it is good.


Sanghamitra11 2011-09-15 10:16:59


Thanks Kavank &Prasanna.

I will definately try for deens.I am also  trying for 2012 Nurssery.Any other good school near marathalli?

I have already filled form in Vibgyor.How is that school?



shilchill 2011-09-15 10:23:15


Hello Everyone,

My Son in Feb 2009 born and looking out for Nursery school admission in 2012-13 batch.

We stay in Bellandur on ORR.

We have reserched few schools and are waiting for their form to be out.

1> DPS Sarjapur: Couple of friends kids studies there and over all they are ok with the school, studies and activities.

2> NPS HSR: brand name, Good review abt studies, not that great review about extra cirucular activities.

3> Freedom International HSR: Need to analyse.

Will appreciate if some can give some feedback on these schools or schools in and around HSR/Sarjapur/Marathalli area.

Thanks in advance.



Nisz 2011-09-15 10:37:30


Kajal ,

  i'm  short listed some schools.. sorry they are not very near.. range of 5-10 kms  sud be fine i guess.. 



sindhi high school

if ur looking for near by .. guess maxwell public school  is also good .. its ICSE syllabi.. just had one review.. so not sure .. have a look at it..then u have devamatha (CBSE) ... and also this mariam nilaya.. {my inalw said its good.. not very satisfied  personally .. } but these are much better than rcis..

or u have an option like  continue  KG  in any the schools and go in for 1std for clarence.. that my plan B too..


mahmood 2011-09-15 10:55:37


Hello CRKS,

I have not heard much about St Marks. But near JP nagar, the good school are St Paul, Innisfree, OXford and Aurobindo, though JSS is also there but is not good compared to other school mention.

regarding St Paul, every year results are good. you can ask the circular to check last year result

it gives more importance to academics though extra curriculum activities is also there. Campus and play ground is small compared to other schools.

Admission has already started. To get admission to nursery is easy there but may not for LKG.


aanvi 2011-09-15 10:59:17





Shivika 2011-09-15 11:37:13



Please let me know which is better between Deens and Whitefield Global???




minny 2011-09-15 11:40:53


Hi Kajal n Nisz,

Gone through the link of RCIS review..Hmm..need to think..

My preference is a CBSE school with quality education n co-curricular activities.N distance also matters fr me..5-6 km is fine i guess.

Dev Matha...one of my frnd's daughter wil start here. They said infrastructure is good.Bt havnt seen any review.

Presidency...they dnt hav their playground even..donno. !!!

Legacy..is ICSE board i guess...so nt a first preference fr me..

Kenseri...review is nt very gud...seems lots of pressure on kids here.

DPS North..very far ..around 13 km...

So still in  dilemma...:(


Ansi 2011-09-15 11:47:07



Can you give me your feedback on RCIS. I'm looking for schools ard Banaswadi


Ansi 2011-09-15 11:50:17


RCIS is issuing application form from Sep 15th onwards

Syllabus : CBSE

App form Fee : Rs. 1000

Admission Fee : 40K

Annual Fee  : 65 K

For me this looks better than presidency east . But I'm bit concerned after seeing the feedback from Nisz, Kajal and Minny.

Pls share your review on RCIS



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