Schools near Vijayanagar/basaveshwara nagar Bangalore

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  I have a 3yr 5mths old son. Presently he is into Aryan Presidency school in Nagarbhavi. But I am not quite happy about the school. I am planning to change the same for next year. Can someone please suggest good schools in and around Vijayanagar and Basaveshwaranagar area. Also in present school they have taken him for LKG , and I think he is not able to still pick up the pace. would it be better he joins LKG back again next year as he would be 4 years by then. Please suggest.

myshil 2013-02-06 16:59:44



I am planning to admit my kid in Aryan Presidency school this year as i failed to get seat on other well known schools in this area. As you specified, not happy with this school, it would be helpful for me to know reasons behind that so that i think of this again before admitting there. please advise.

I heard new CBSE school started, it is Narayan school, still collecting details on this. other good schools are RNS, New Cambridge, Vidyanekethan.


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pls go thru link below



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