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Special 2011-05-31 21:20:52


 My daughter is 5yrs old.... she has stuttering problem from when she was 3yrs old...

when i consulted our pediatrician he said wait till 5yrs coz its common in children... 

but now she is 5yrs (going to UKG) and the stuttering has increased only..... in  a sentence of 5 words .. her class teacher also said she has stammering problem have  a check....

she stutters 3 words.... im really upset.... My pediatrician also said she might have mild ADHD... im upset more now....

I stay in north bangalore... can anyone suggest me a good speech therapist and also where i can test whether my daughter has ADHD..... 

I also dont mind about the area... if the doctor is best...... 

With loads of hopes im posting this discussion that i will get an answer ..... Plz give me a good therapist contact info... Please parents help me....... 

Thank you all in advance...... 


aanchal 2011-05-31 21:49:05


speech difficulties are very common in small kids..not all stammering, stuttering, slurring, lisping means speech disorder..sometimes there are some emotional reasons behind a particular speech difficulty..for example, an overexcited kid might repeat a word several times before finishing the sentence, or a fearful kid might stammer, or an overpampered kid might use motherese (baby-talk).

check out these:




ADHD is also overdiagnosed these days..an active kid is very often labeled as hyperactive..clinical ADHD is a serious condition and should be differentiated from over-activity, restlessness etc..you might check this link for this




srsavi 2011-06-01 10:24:14


Good luck with your Speech therapist . Please go to a good doctor who makes the child feel at ease and not stressed out.

My child also stammers, it keeps waning and waxing. We spent 10 days at my mom's place and with so many people around him he started talking non stop and his stammering has come done greatly. 

The usual advice, talk to the kid slowly in a paced manner, keep your tone low, you should not talk fast . Please go through the above links that Aanchal has posted.


Anujaa 2011-06-03 12:53:34


I am taking my child for speech and occupational therapy at Vydehi Hospital's Rehabilitation Center in EPIP area Whitefield. It's close to Satya Sai Hospital. the website is: http://www.vims.ac.in/rehabilitaion/index.html


Special 2011-06-03 15:36:39


 thank u for all ur replies.... Aanchal.... i went thru all ur links.... 

i have got some vague idea.. but i really want to take her to a speech pathologist.... 

Anujaa.... i stay in Malleswaram... Whitlefield is really far from my place...


i can just visit the place for a consultation... but if they ask me to come regularly it might be difficult... 

so if anybody else can guide me to a speech therapist i will be happy.... 




chjogi 2011-06-03 16:29:05


 U can browse the site possibilites unlimited.they have a list of speech therapist.u can also go to chandrashekar speech and hearing institute in Lingarajapuram. In Indira nagar there is therapist in WINDS OF CHANGE in 11 th main, also Lisa george in Perception, 18th main.indira nagar.


Anujaa 2011-06-03 16:49:48


Communication DEALL  is very famous, but i did not visit there: http://www.communicationdeall.org/

and I visited SR chandrashekhar Institute of Speech and Hearing, it was okay: http://www.speechear.org/ 

Most probably, you would be asked to come regularly, atleast twice a week to any speech and language pathologist, so it would be better if it's close to your place. But experience also matters. At SRCSH i found that the therapists were students studying at the institute, though they offered therapy, but i would rate it as "okay". While at Vydehi, the therapists are more experienced.





Special 2011-06-06 15:56:54


 chjogi - indira nagar seems to be little closer..... can u share me the phone no of the clics u mentioned? 

Anujaa - i thought of visiting Vydehi as u have given a good feedback..... may be i will visit once and know what is to be done.... then wil decide.... 

can u tell me if there is any particular therapist i should meet or any one there? 


jdp 2011-06-06 18:12:55


You could try the Parijma clinic in Wilson Garden(near Shantinagar BMTCbus stand), they have good doctors - a friend of mine consulted them for  his son's socializing problems. And the best doctors IMO are in Nimhans - my brother's son was late in talking and we consulted Dr. Mukesh at Nimhans and he was top class. While other doctors weren't unsure what the problem was, they diagnosed the problem to be a mild case of autism and the boy is doing very well now.   The only trouble is, the registration process there is very beauracratic, but may be worth the trouble. Also you cannot meet the doc of your choice, it is decided when you go there. Also typically there is some sort of underlying psychological problem that is masked by the stuttering. So it is always good to get couple of opinions.


Anujaa 2011-06-06 20:59:18


Meet Dr. Komal at Vydehi. She is HOD of Speech and Language Therapy Department.


Neethi 2011-06-09 15:14:05


Hi Jdp,

Was just going thru this entire discussion.Iam an extremely worried mom of a 5 yr old son who simply refuses to talk.Talks only when he wants to.Nothing more,nothing less.This leaves me frustrated...V observant,intelligent and active but simply refuses to talk.I have to put in a lot of effort just to make him talk...I consulted speech therapist,went for OT,but hardly found any difference...

U mentioned abt ur brothers kid who was a late talker.U also said hes doing well now...This gave me some relief...I recently had his assesment done where the doctor told me that his attention span is short n hence hes unable to concentrate while one is talking...I have been to several doctors till date..I really wish my son would understand my woes and atleast put in some effort frm his side.....Looks like I still have a v long way to go.........


Special 2011-06-25 20:07:21



thank you all for the reply.

i visited Nimhans. i got my Daughter screened.. they said she has moderate stuttering and needs therapy. Weekly once they have asked me to visit them..

They have not assigned me to a particular dr. they have asked me to come on 30th for the next screening. hope this will work out for my daughter and she will overcome this problem.


Anuja - whitefield is really far. so couldnt use ur reference. i kept it as a second option.. so do not mistake me..


thank u all again..


 Former member 2012-05-25 23:34:30


 Hi anujaa.. This is a very old post, but need a favour from you. I am on the look  for an occupational therapist for my son. I live close to ITPL. Can u suhhest any therapist there.Also, How has been their therapy. Hows ur son now??? R U satisfied.



 Former member 2014-06-30 17:33:35


Anuja , I live close to ITPL , Whitefield. My son is 2.4yrs old just got fiagonised with ASD. Can u plz share ur experience in vydehi ? Looking for a regular speech and OT. Atleast 3 days a week basis. Please share ur email id. Otherwise u can contact me at - satavishasaha@gmail.com. need ur help urgently. Please get back soon. Thanks

BinduVaz 2014-07-08 16:18:29


Would any parent with a child having speech problem or ADD want to try chanting Sanskrit shlokas as intervention? I have seen amazing results with children who were on the spectrum.

 Former member 2014-07-08 18:25:53


Bindu , Wots dat? How will U do it? My son is just 2.4 with AsD. Will it help?

khdi 2014-08-16 12:26:45


Hello dear mom,
How is your daughter doing now after 3 years of her facing stammering. If something has helped, let me know. I too need help.
Best wishes....


Nagapudi 2014-08-26 00:13:25


Dear Parents,

This might be a late posting, however, better to be late than never.

1. Any kind of problems - let it be late speech or stammer - I would second BinduVaz on that - irrespective of the age, make the child sit with you for a minimum of 10-15 minutes every day and slowly increase the duration and theapize them with Sanskrit Shlokas. That will slowly make them repeat it flawlessly (Proven Therapy). 
This is a slow process and will take time. However, it is sure to work. 

2. Any kind of Neuro problems or Physical problems - please try out baby swimming (please google baby swimming for more info) which will resolve all issues. Because of the very fact that there is no better exercise than swimming (clinically proven)

Most important - Please do not show in front of your child that you are worried about them. That would Traumatize them all the more which would in turn make the above mentioned therapies ineffective.

Pradeep Nagapudi


DrLakshmy 2014-08-28 19:01:27


Ayurvedic medicines like vachadi choornam are suggested usually along with speech therapy.Reciting maheshwara sutram is also  very good for improving speech.

riti13 2015-04-20 16:01:08


Hi anujja,I was going thru ur discussion. Can u plz tell me who was giving sessions to your child, my son is 4.2 yrs,he was born with cleft palate so his speech is not v.clear, nasal sound is there. I met Komal HOD,I was satisfied things she tell me but now somebody else is taking session that too with long gaps like 30-35 days Only two sessions has been done n both were taken by different people. Can u plz reply n help me..plz

riti13 2015-04-20 16:03:19


Anyone can help me with a good speech therapist in Whitefield or can tell me about Vydehi speech therapist, their experience,which therapist u met etc.

Anujaa 2015-04-20 19:36:49


Hi Riti, sessions placed so far apart would not be helpful and you are right, changing of therapist is also not recommended as kids need time to first build some level of interest in the therapy. I have tried many other therapy places since then. Here are the ones i've been to:
1. Rajan Speech and Hearing: Indiranagar - http://rshc.in/ Dr. Anu helped at the time my daughter was having difficulty making sentences - she used to say just single words. Each session was 45 min-1hour long and twice a week. We did that for around three-four months and saw a lot of improvement. It might be difficult to take children for therapy, but i believed that therapy was more important than school at her stage, so we missed school on therapy days. This really helped her get started and we were very satisfied with the therapist too.
2. Playstreet: http://www.playstreet.in/ps/index.php - Mini is the person incharge here. She helped a lot by getting my daughter diagnosed by some good speech therapist who gave us ideas on some of the tools that can be used for our daughter. This was at a time when she could speak, but many sounds were not right. We ordered some tools from talktools on her recommendation. http://www.talktools.com/ These helped in getting some of her sounds corrected. We did this for a few months, but then they were in the process of shifting their premises, so we stopped.
3. RxDx - I have forgotten the name of the therapist, but she was also okay. We had just went for few sessions, mostly for the purpose of correcting some sounds (like my daughter said "ss" instead of "sh"). She mostly used speech therapy sheets as given in http://mommyspeechtherapy.com/ - which we had already used in the past. Did not use any special techniques. 
Now, my daughters speech is not 100% perfect, but she is getting there - maybe it will get better with time. 
Hope all this helps. 


 Former member 2015-04-21 14:22:31


Dr.Lakshmi - where can i get this medicine in Blore ? Also let me know the doses nd when to give . Thanks.

riti13 2015-04-21 17:36:36


Thank you so much anujja for your precious n quick reply, I will go through the links you mentioned. You did not take any session from Vydehi?what were the charges at the places u went? My son had cleft palate if you don't mind my Asking what is the problem with ur daughter. Thanks once again

sbhavankar 2015-04-26 10:26:51


Do not worry .

Pls  contact   Dr Aparna   Speech  pathologist  9900276001 .


sbhavankar 2015-04-27 16:16:12


Dr .Aparna   is  from  Jayanagar (Bangalore south ) 

she has lot of patience and  will give you moral support  that  what we have  experienced    

rajablr 2015-05-21 16:13:11


Hi Titas,

My daughter 3.5 yrs old also has speech delay.
After consulting Ayurveda doctors, we are giving her the following medicines for the past 2 months. We are seeing really good improvement. 
1.  Vilwadi Gulika half tablet daily on empty stomach in morning. 
2.  Saraswatarishtam (with gold ) - 8ml morning and night after food.
3. Brahmi Ghritam - half teaspoon daily once.
4. Vacha paste with honey. Vacha roots are available in Pooja bhandaras.
5. Stopped white sugar. Instead use palm sugar crystals .
6. Minimize wheat food , maida and biscuits etc as far as possible ( wheat is said to contain Gluten which contributes to autism )



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