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maha 2009-09-07 16:12:36



My son is 3 .5 months old. I could feed him only for one month after which i dont know for what reason he stopped sucking. also i didnt have much milk due to which he used to cry after feeding also that i started with him on formula milk. I am feeding him ENFAMIL A+.   This is really good.

but still i want to feed him. I had lactare tablets, also ayurvedic tablets to increase the secretion. But could not check the increase in milk secretion as he was not even to trying to suck from me. Is it worth to buy a breast pump at this stage. please suggest me.


mango_mama 2009-09-08 09:29:14



You can still try to nurse your child between formula feeds. The skin to skin contact will be beneficial for you and your baby. And now that the baby is bigger might be able to latch on and suckle better. And who knows perhaps you might be able to nurse as well to some extent. Your milk supply might increase. Assuming you still have some milk left.

The milk supply is based on demand and supply. The more your breasts get emptied, the more it signals to your brain to produce more milk.

Maybe you could try seeing how much milk you get after using the breast pump and then see. Do consult a doctor (paeditrician or a gyne) or a lactation consultant. Of course if you get  a breast pump and decide to take on the big project of increasing your milk supply. You will need to pump I think 8 times a day. Make sure you have good help. Because it can be a big project. And do get some input from a doc.

But do try nursing from time to time if nothing else. Very satisfying.

Take care,


(Btw, I too had the same problem with my first. But after a week, I pumped exclusively for 2 months (8-10 times a day). It was tough but we did it. I gave formula only 2-3 times and nursed my little one till she was 18 months. But was in the United States at that time, where pumps and lactation consulting expertise is in abundance.

That said, it is not a big deal if you cannot nurse. Try but then the idea is to feed the baby and not get too stressed.


mango_mama 2009-09-08 09:30:13



This article might be useful


DivyaRaj12 2009-09-08 11:20:51


Hi Maha,

I had typically the same problem.......did not have too much milk because of which my daughter was still hungry after every feed....hence put her on formula (Nan1) in the first month itself and completely on formula after 4 she is quite fine.Initially there was a lot of guilt inside me that I cud not feed her fully but then I realised that it is more important that her hunger is satiated.......dont worry....feed her as much as u can and supplement it with formula........its really not too big an issue.All the best!!


DivyaRaj12 2009-09-08 11:23:17


Sorry...forgot to mention......if there is not too much milk secretion, I dont think it is worthwhile to buy a pump...even i tried buying one, but it was of no use, since it is only typically for people who have a lot of secretion......guess u can try borrowing it from someone and using it, before actually buying one.....since the electronic one is quite expensive!


mango_mama 2009-09-08 12:18:34



Actually as DivyaRaj12 says, make sure the pump is of great quality. Else no use. You can perhaps rent (if exists) from a hospital--hospital grade pump.

But one clarification (different from DivyaRaj12)  pumping regularly will empty the breasts and will actually increase the milk supply. Depends on how you do (how often) and the kind of pump you use.

Then again as Divya says it might be just fine to nurse and not get into pumping unless everything (information+expertise+equipment) is all layed out and accessible.

Good luck!




maha 2009-09-08 13:48:14


Thanks for the information.

Here the real confusion is that some says that pump is for only people woth excess milk and some say that it is to increase the milk secretion. This made me confused to go in for buying the pump. my gynaeic doc said no use in buying pump without milk and my paediac doc said i will become tediously tired if i go for a pump.

but as divya said, i am so guilty that i am not able to feed my son. and that too elderly people like my mom in law asks for it i am not able to answer. my mom has understood my situation. she says i didnt have milk from my mom. dont know whether this is the reason.

 i will try out for renting a pump.can you say where we can get a rented one.




aundhmom 2009-09-08 14:31:45


If your child is already 3.5 months old, it might not be worthwhile to rent/buy one now, as the milk flow would have already got set. Pump is useful for establishing/increasing milk flow if used in the first few weeks after birth if you have milk production issues.

You can find a whole lot of information about breastfeeding, pregnancy,childbirth, child-rearing in

If you decide to use a pump, I would recommend buying Ameda pumps. I don't know if they are available in India. Hospitals in US rent hospital grade pumps, don't know if any hospitals in India do that.

I can understand your guilt as I had the same issue after my first one.All I can say it don't feel guilty(easier said than done) and it is not your fault. Lactation issues are a lot more common than you think. Formulas are as good as breast milk in terms of nutrition.


mango_mama 2009-09-08 14:32:00



OK. So now I understand your situation. I really feel for you. I have been through this and know how bad one feels. But really, many many many women go through this and very soon, this will pass and you will look at your cutie pie and wonder if you actually went through this phase.

Btw, you are feeding your child well. You love your child. Let know one taunt you or get your spirits down. Tell your MIL to talk to me. :-)

When I was diagnosed with low BM supply. My baby would feed continually--every 1 hour, my nipples were sore and bleeding and I was a nervous sleepless wreck. The baby had lost more weight than the norm. My baby was about 5 days i think. The paeditrician sent me to the lactation consultant and she told me 2 things that I feel are really basic and still reasonate. Perhaps they might help you.

1) The most important thing for the child to get her food--either breast milk or formula. She put some formulae for the baby to drink in a bottle and I remember how my hungry little baby lapped it up. I remember the consultant pointing that she was curling her tiny feet with satisfaction and pleasure. Priceless and so satisfying to see the baby being well fed!

2) She told me if I wanted to try pumping. Left the decision to me without any judgement. And said that if I wanted to try for a week and then decide. She said that you should be able to look back and say that this time was sort of okay in retrospect. My pumping journey was lots of hard work. It was challenging and overwhelming. But there were few things working for me:  It was still early. Baby was just 6-7 days. In the United States the facilities, expertise is there for pumping. My husband was very supportive. In fact he first learnt how to use and helped me use it since I was so overwhelmed. Of course I was determined.

Clarifying:  a pump is used mainly to empty the breast. Emptying the breast signals to the brain to make more milk. It is essentially used to express milk for feeding the child. It can be used for both I think--for increasing milk supply when baby cannot suckle and when you have low milk supply. Also, sometimes when you really have excess milk and are very uncomfortable, perhaps you can use pump to pump extra milk out. Or if you have extra milk and want to keep the milk. Yes, folks actually freeze milk etc. and then thaw for babies in the U.S. etc. But of course in the proper way.

Actually, pumping can get very tiring. And now that the baby is 3.5 months, you might not even have much milk. Or you could. Not sure. You could do 2 things:

1) Just chill and relax. Do not bother with pump. This is a very common situation. The formula these days is very advanced and it does not matter. Just continue to nurse your baby with love between formulae feeds. Perhaps in a week, you might notice the child swallowing more--meaning that there is more milk in you. You will find it very comforting.

2) You could get hold of a quality pump and pump (a trial one) and see how much milk you have and then make a decision. If you cannot even get 1/2 ounce then maybe not a great idea. Just for your mental satisfaction that you did try.

Not sure what I would do. Hmmm...The super analytical one that I am, would have tried the 2) route but then if I were truly wise should just do 1).

Pumping, breast milk, formulae are not that important in the larger longer scheme of things.




mango_mama 2009-09-08 15:38:57



One more thing in this saga (;-)

Actually, by now your baby is big enough to suckle vigorously so (if you have any milk) will be able to get it out better than he could when he was a newborn. And babies can take out more milk than pumping. Also, even if you do have milk at this stage you will definitely not be able to have enough for the whole feed. Also, the baby can by now digest formula much better now that he is older.

Also, as Aundhmom says you might not have much milk now so might not be worth it at all.

Just have fun nursing the baby--just the feel. Enjoy these precious moments. They grow fast.



Sasp 2013-07-16 16:35:17


Hi Everyone...

I am not sure if Maha or M-Mama will even read this reply or not.. but I need to say thank you to all of you for your msgs above.. I have become a momon 15th June 2013 and going through hell since then.. I do not have even 20ml milk rite now and my baby is on Nan1 since day 1..initially milk was coming but not enough for the i was being asked to first breast feed and then baby got so cranky when i tried to my nipples are completely flat and milk was not even coming out even after nurses pressed them so hard which made me almost cry due to pain.. i used to use breast pump so tht atleast i am able to give my baby whtever milk then i fell sick due to severe gastric pain and then could nt sit with legs folded due to pain coz of the mom took care of my baby and due to her sick health i could nt tell her to use a dropper to feed we had to use a bottle.. when i told this to my gyne..she yelled at me so badly that i strtd to cry.. coz i ws already going through a lot of mental trauma and ws very upset coz of the turn of events.. she called me a liar.. and tht i ws seeing my own convenience and i dont wnt to feed my child.. i ws so hurt.. i cud nt utter a word..and walked out frm her chamber..she also said..crying is very easy..which i must say is nt.. i was crying frm day one..coz of this odd situation... then i have to hide it frm my in laws..coz i knw they will strt commnting too..and all the blame will come to me and my poor old mom... which i cnt husband is very supportive and said nt to tell my in laws or any relative anything.. bt i was getting tormented coz i wntd to feed my i cant see him crying due to hunger and coz he had already lost weight..feeding him nan1 ws the only alternative.. after reading all the above articles i am feeling a bit better..knowing there are moms who have the same issues as i have now... i am trying my baby to breast feed even nw.. he tries to as since he dont find anything to latch on..he looses patience and strts i extract whtever few ml comes and then feed him nan1.. but i still feel very upset..and feel like crying almost evryday i wake up..coz i never imagined this situation. i like evry mom wants the best for my child... bt i cnt expalin tht to everyone wht pain i am going thru everyday..


somnaga 2013-08-23 00:08:46


Hey Sasp,

I just wanted to reassure you that all will be just fine! I am also a new mom (for my second kid) and let me tell you I know the guilt trip that one goes through. My first kid was almost completely formula fed (well for various reasons) and one of it being the same, I was hospitalized immediately after delivery due to which my parents had to take care of the child and there was no option but to start with formula. Now with my second was a complete action replay (although I was hoping not!) I got hosplitalized again after delivery and so had to start formula for the second one as well. I still try to feed my second one during the day and give her formula when ever she is cranky and not full.

My first kid - the formula boy is doing great....some myths abt are obbesse -so not true first one is almost underweight :-) can get lazy - mine is a hyper active can fall sick - well he has fallen sick the same number of times a breastfed baby has nothing there as well....

All I want to stress on is, for some reason after a baby is born everyone seems to forget that the mother has also gone through a lot ..I mean A LOT ...9 months + delivery pains + recovery pains! she deserves some caring and nursing as well. So do not let anyone make you feel guilty coz at the end of the day your baby is not gonna walk up to you and ask ..did you breast feed me or not ...all your kid needs is love and lots of attention....

take care girl and dont let too many thoughts and people bother you ! You need to be healthy and cheerful for your baby that is important!

P.S : i do hope u have changed your Gync. She sounds a lil crazy to me :-)



Sasp 2013-08-27 01:22:58


Hi Som :)...

I am soooooo happy to hear from you... Thanks a tonnnnn... reading your msg.. i am feeling so relaxed... i always get so anxious if my baby even sneezes..and immediate thought which pops up is..m not able to feed the gives such a pain of incapability..but reading your again feeling very very relaxed.. 'thanks' is a very small word which i can tell to express my happiness rite now!.. Only a Mom understands anthr mom's pain..:).. Love you for writing to me.... :D....

Before my baby.. i had hoped for a twin or atleast two kids..LOL!! Now managing one i am not even sure about another one ;)... I salute mom and every mom..who have more than one kid.. :).. God bless you and your babies.. m sure your hands are full :)... i am doing a night shift currently..coz my baby is very active during the nite.. ha ha.. hope it changes in due course of time!!.. Abt my Gync.. ha ha..yes ofcourse.. i did nt saw her face..ever since.... but yes.. i never thought..things had to end in such a bad note..cant help it though...

Take care dear.. keep in touch..whenever possible!!.. we moms are always buzy..;)..



somnaga 2013-08-27 23:05:37


 hey sas,

good to hear back and im so happy tht u r a bit more relaxed now! thts how u shld be to njoy ur motherhood! howz ur baby doing? alreay 3 months now! they growup real quick :) 

well for now i have sometime in hand since my first one stays with hubby and im with my second one @ my mom's place! (although we live closeby so i get to meet my first one everyday!)

wat have u named ur boy?yeah my boy was also a nite charmer but my second one (touch wood) gives me some sleep time in the nite...not sure how long this will last :)


write in wen free and lots of luv to u and ur lil boy!


selangia 2013-08-28 19:13:32


Main problems is due to bottle feeding . baby will accept only one mother feed , either bottle mother or natural mother . once you will start bottle baby will become use to of easy way of bottle feeding . he will stop breast feeding . if you want to give breast feed , than stop bottle feed . with in one or two days baby will accept breast feed.


Oshi 2014-03-28 09:41:13


I am sorry bit I dont agree with you on this. I have a 3 month old, I am breastfeeding him, but he takes the occasional bottle that I pump. We do thid when we are out and about. A good advice I was given wS not to introduce bottle in the first 6 weeks, just to reduce confusion. Plus, try and find bottles that mimic breast. i am in aus and have many options, for both pumps and bottles, dont know about the options in India.

As for somnaga, its totally acceptable if you have to give formula, or mix feed as long as the baby is fed. I would suggest you to pump as much as possible so that your supply increases. 

navgill 2014-04-23 05:34:20


Hi My problem s my 6 month baby does not like any type of formula milk she refused to bottle feed bt my breast milk s not sufficient Now my Lil grows very poor Wat to do pls help me

gayujag2010 2014-05-02 23:16:53


hi Navgill,
I have 2.5 yrs old kid and just want to share my personal per pediatric suggestion, i never introduced bottle.. F milk would be suggested only if there is less flow,  however by your diet your breast feed could be increased.. check with your doc before introducing anything new.. because as we all know that  breast milk is the best and nutritious for the little.. one of my friend did the same thing by introducing f milk due to less flow, due to which kid stopped taking even breast milk which resulted in kid growing under weight.. hence do nt wait to approach doctor and get suggestion to improve your flow of milk.  take women horlicks which will enhance breast milk flow, actually i got the feed milk overflow, due to which doc suggested to take women horlicks.. thus it has all such nutrients which would boost up your feed

navgill 2014-05-03 10:49:21


Thanks alot...... U r experience must be useful for me

aishusmama 2014-12-15 14:40:26


Take feenugreek capsule 3 times a day and mothera tea it will help you to boost up your supply. Also start pumping once or twice a day I did that and my supply went from 2 oz every pumping to 4 oz from each breast

Mytz 2016-11-03 12:11:19


Very reassuring to read your post. I have always wanted to get the opinions and experience of mothers who have formula fed their babies ans ask if there is any difference in growth. Your post made me feel nice and hopefully I won't feel guilty for the top feed I give my child besides the breast milk. thanks for your thoughts and positive words. God bless.


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