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TaniyaC 2010-08-15 20:12:17


 Anyone who has an infant please suggest me how to improve bottle feeding habits.

roses 2010-08-16 09:07:29


I am not too clear with regards to your concern on the bottle feed habit but will attempt to help through some basic information that we need from you...

- Is your baby on formula or breast milk through the bottle.

- Please advise if he has had formula right from day one or you had given him breast milk and are now trying to move him over to formula.

- Is he a fussy eater or is it that you are concerned that he is not taking in enough.

- Is spit up the problem. Have you just moved him to bottle feed and he has started spitting up or you have changed his milk that has been causing the spit up.




TaniyaC 2010-08-22 13:05:22


Hi Roses,

  • He takes only formula milk through bottle.
  • I breastfed my baby from day 1 but he had also taken some formula milk from day 1.
  • He is fussy . Sometimes he will take the milk without much trouble . I think it depends upon his mood. 
  • I think all babies spit up once in a while.

I breastfeed my baby as often I can but he takes bottle milk also whenever the need be. Thnks



roses 2010-08-22 16:04:43


Hi Taniya,

Since you are breast feeding your baby and supplementing with bottle feed it is natural for the baby to prefer the natural supply to the 'artificial' bottle. Most babies prefer to breastfeed than be fed through the bottle. It is but natural.

To get him to accept bottle feed try mixing breast milk with formula. Usually we start with 3/4 breast milk and 1/4 formula and then build it up gradually by the week i.e. first week the ratio is 3/4 bm 1/4 formula, week 2 it is 1/2 bm 1/2 formula, week 3 it is 1/4 bm and 3/4 formula. This way you trick the baby to accept formula more easily.

Couple of points to take a note of while you are trying to increase the bottle feed:

- Because he has been spitting up frequently try not to increase the quantity of milk beyond the recommended level in one particular feed, which is 4-6oz.The baby's stomach is too small and still not developed enough to accommodate an 'overdose' of milk. That is why giving the baby more frequent feeds is recommended to one large feed accompanied by a long break.

- Make sure you space his feeds by every 3 hours and not give him more than the usual amount of 35oz (fl oz- US) in a day. This means that at most he should be taking in 4-6oz per feed.

- Spit ups are more frequent with formula bottle feed than with breast milk at this age because it is natural for a baby to be able to digest natural form of food much more easily. That is why it would be wise to mix bm with formula 50/50 in a few feeds than give pure fromula feed. Noticed it worked with my son too.

Supplementing breast feed with one or two bottles (2x4oz each in total) of formula at this stage (3-4 month old baby) is ok and will help ease off the pressure on you, plus will help bulk him up. Formula tends to bulk up babies as compared to bfeed.

Late night formula feeds help because that way the baby sleeps well through the night (formula is heavier than bm). But try not to go over two feeds of formula since you would like to breastfeed your baby at least till he is 13 months old. Breast milk supply is usually a case of supply and demand. You need to generate as much as the baby needs and this happens much more easily when you breast feed and pumping helps as well. However if you start depending more on formula gradually your body's ability to generate the milk to meet the baby's requirement will diminish. You do not want that to happen because you can still provide your baby bm(breast milk) even without needing to nurse him.

Side Note:

Fully understand that at this stage you are exhausted with the feed routine that a baby brings. So much for the joys of motherhood...I did not see many (joys) of holding a baby when my son was that little! But there is no easy solution to this other than supplementing one or two feeds. My husband is all about the easiest, painless and realistic yet healthy solution. If he had his way he would've also redesigned the baby bottles for the solution to 'spit up'. He almost did that with the sales lady at Babies r us :-). 



TaniyaC 2010-08-22 18:30:29


 Hi Roses,

Thanks a lot. I will try doing what you have just advised.



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