Games to play with 11 month baby

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Sarah12 2010-08-11 15:07:58


What kind of games should we play with a 11 month baby?
She doesn't like much to sit at one place and listen
to rhymes, music etc. She likes to play with ball and also shows interest in hide and seek games.
But she gets bored quickly. Is there any other game that makes her interesting?
My sister-in-law handles her very rougly like crushing her, throwing her on air etc
which my daughter likes. Because of this, my daughter always expects to play
in the same manner all the time and gets bored quickly. She doesn't like to play alone.  
When I am alone at home and play with her, she doesn't enjoy that much.
Is it correct to handle a baby in such a rough manner? In my opinion,
we have to let them play alone as well (instead of we stimulating them)
so that their brains also start developing. Please let me know if my thinking is incorrect.

NJ 2010-08-11 17:10:48


By now she may like to play with blocks or dropping shaped toys into different shaped holes like square, circle etc. Fischer price and playskool/funskool have got some good toys.If she likes physical activities she may like the small car toys in which she can sit and push. Using these toys she can play alone also. IMO, the more the parents interact with the baby the better as they may learn to speak faster or communicate faster. Building blocks are also good for improving problem solving skills and hand eye coordination. Have a mix of both - your interaction and using the learning toys.



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