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Ammo 2010-07-22 17:40:19


I have a 11 month old boy. He seems to be fond of books. i have couple of books which i read with him everyday, he excited to see them everyday. would like to know if there are any recommended books which likened by 11 month old.


RoshMom 2010-07-22 19:51:51


Here are some books for your toddler. the classics like The run away bunny, good night moon by Margeret wise brown, brown bear brown bear what do you see, hungry caterpillar by Eric carle, Good night Gorilla, chicka chicka boom boom, how do dinosaurs series such as how do dinosaurs say good night, how do dinosaurs go to school, how do dinosaurs eat their food etc, David shannon's No David, David goes to school, all Doreen cronin's book are wonderful. our favourite is click clack moo  cow that types..


itawer 2010-07-22 20:46:28


Try some of the ladybird books- The Enormous Turnip with the repetitive "pulled" is nice ( I had lots of fun with my son cos I wud pull his hand or foot with every "pull"). Also Town Mouse, Country Mouse, Three Little pigs, Chicken Licken ( modify the story to suit, if required), Spot books are also good since they wud teach manipulative control of opening flaps. Noddy, Pooh are characters u can introduce now. I usually avoid the fairy tales cos I find them too stereo-typed- heroine is always the beautiful girl or guy, ugly fat people always the villains. Try getting stories where there aren't any BAD characters but simply some who do naughty things sometimes.

The usual board books with pictures are good too to increase vocabulary. Though select books with bright & as far as possible true-to-reality pictures.

Also please read the book beforehand before reading it with your child. That way u do not stop the flow of the story as u alredy know what comes next & how u have modified it.

Browse a lot in bookstores because u might come across some unknown pubishers who have super books too. The best place wud be a library, if u have one near u.

Happy Reading!!!


itawer 2010-07-22 20:49:15


hey just saw u r from Bnaglore.

Try Eloor library in Infantry Road ( behind Safina Plaza). Very good collection of ladybird & other books for kids.

or even has a good collection of books though u wud need to spend time browsing online a bit. They home deliver.








Ammo 2010-07-23 10:44:40


 Thanks all for help. 



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