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scraje 2010-07-13 10:46:49


My son is 7 months old. Please tell me what you gave your baby at this age.Give also quantities in ml/bowls/spoons. Also, note that baby was gassy and still gets some gas.


roses 2010-07-16 10:25:36


I'll try to post this once again so that it is reader friendly!

Hi Shivangi,

At this age the main reason of feeding food other than milk (6-7 month olds) is just to introduce them solids and not so much to feed them solids unless they are still hungry after taking in a total feed of 32 fl oz (US) of milk in a day.  

Until 13 months their source of nutrition is chiefly from breast milk (or formula). Therefore, please do not be overanxious to feed him too much of solids. It is essential that he gets enough quantity and quality of milk.  

His milk intake should be 32fl ounces (US).

I can convert it for you if you need.

The chart is here:   This gives the average number of feedings per day Average amt.

Average amt. in 24-hour feeding per day by age:  

1-2 weeks 6-10 feeds 2-3 fl oz each feed total: 12-30 fl oz (US).  


3-4 weeks 6-8 feeds  3-4 fl oz each feed 18-32 fl oz (US).  


1-2 months 5-6 feeds 4-5 fl oz each feed 20-30 fl oz (US).  


2-3 months 5-6 feeds  5-6 fl-oz each feed 25-36 fl oz (US).  


3-4 months 4-5 feeds  6-7 fl oz each feed 24-35 fl oz (US).  


4-7 months 4-5 feeds7-8 fl oz each feed 28-40 fl oz (US).  


7-9 months 3-4 feeds 7-8 fl oz each feed 21-32 fl oz (US).  


9-12 months 3 feeds 7-8 fl oz each feed 21-24 fl oz(US).  


On solids: What I mainly fed my little one at 7 months was mashed bananas. Once in a while I gave him pureed kheer and sweet potato baked.


From what I've learnt through other moms on these boards recently : Nachni (ragi flour). Here's the link on how to prepare it for your baby:



I am sure other moms can help you better on home made pureed food that you can get your baby started on gradually, but here is a link of a site that I used for reference since I am far away from my 'real' world !   You can pick up some good tips on what to start with and how much:


 Former member 2010-07-16 15:38:29


U cn try stewed apple.start with quarter apple.if he likes thn after 15 days,givv him half stewed apple.mashed banana(nt the large one,small one i.e. calld yellaki in south) is also gud.start wid half banana.whtever u introduce, sud b increasd gradually nt suddenly.cookn mash rice thn mix it wid curd,a pinch of salt,a little fried(dry)jeera is very gud option 4 lunch as it is easy 2 digest.never giv curd or fruits at night as it may cause cold.


Ruhigupta 2010-07-16 17:13:59


Hi ,

For a seven month old child its better to start all the domestic things that we cook. But everything should be double boiled. We can give Nestum Rice / Cerelac Rice along with Breast feeds. Its better to start 1 item per week. Like milk being the old food, milk + rice in the 1st week along with Milk + Rice + Dal in th second week,  milk + rice+dal+ green leafy veg in the next so on and so forth. One item per week minimises the stomach upsets.

This is in accordance with what my Pediatrician DR. KEDAR told me about. He is available for consultation in and around Taranaka, Chikkadapalli, Vidya Nagar & Amberper areas. He is one of the finest Pediatricians I have met. 

I have met many Pediatricians in Hyderabad but none like DR. KEDAR. Inspite of his busy schedule, he takes time in explaining the issues about our child and dose`nt give un-necessary medications or investigations.



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