Starting solids for a four month old

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monic 2010-03-23 17:30:12



I have daughter who will turn four months next month. I want to introduce some solids. I am not sure if the ped will reccomend. do u think it is advisable to start solids now or best to wait for six months.


momzy 2010-03-25 14:43:06


 you can wait for more two months, it will be good for baby.


Deepviki 2010-05-15 16:21:55



Solids onces (at night) could be given. It is advisable to check with you ped before u start. I did so.


mlaks 2010-05-16 12:02:42


Hi, As far as I know, paediatricians advise only milk (ideally breast milk, if not, formula) till 6 months of age. This is what they told me 5 years back, and from what I hear, the recommendation still applies. Their advice is based on research done in USA etc., and it really makes sense to go by your doctor's advice.

I think fruits like mashed banana can be started from 4 or 5 months of age, but the best thing to do is - ask your paediatrician! Bye,


aanchal 2010-05-17 12:23:00


hi monic,

you must not start anything new without consulting yr child's doc. different pediatricians have different opinions. plus, they suggest something based on their observations of the child and thus may suggest different things to different son's doc suggested diluted cerelac and mashed bananas when he turned 4 months..and i found no difficulty :)


rakhim 2010-05-19 20:20:48




I too had introduced mashed banana, cerelac and nacchni (Raagi)  when my son was 4.5 month old. However your kids doc . would be able to guide u correctly. Happy parenting to all :-)



Madhuu 2010-06-01 18:49:14


As per the doctor's advice breast milk for 6 months is very good for baby. I would suggest starting any other food after 6 months. If you are not feeding breast milk you can ask doctor.


mommyash 2010-06-03 17:58:35


my ped adviced starting mashed banana and ragi when my daughters turned 4 months old......try mixing only 1/4th of banana with nan1 to start with.....keep it on for once a day for a week...then introduce ragi in week 2 along with mashed banana.....till 6 months u can give children only 3 solid melas to babies....after that u can keep on increasing the number and quantity of servings....also ur baby will sleep well after being fed banana.....and u will find much relief.....


Nags 2010-06-11 13:36:55


breast milk is best for baby till 6 can consult ur doctor............


Pushpa 2010-06-11 23:49:44


I have a daughter who is 4 yrs and a son who is 8 months old. For my daughter I started ragi when she was 4 months and I had a lot of problem making her eat. For my son I took the peds advice and started solids onlt after 5 1/2 months and  do not have an problem as far as food is concerned so far. touch wood :). His advice was to start the food that we have regularly at home. since we are rice eaters we started with rice kanjee. so if you do no have ragi as ur staple diet dont start with it. for my son I was lucky to get a goods ped who advices even that diet at different stages. So please follow the advice of your is worth it.


monic 2010-06-25 17:28:38


Hi all

my daughter is now 6&1/2. I started her on solids one month back on the advice of the ped. I give her thin khichidi ragi and banana. she seems to be enjoying it. Thanks all.





tejalpshah 2010-06-28 11:02:55


from the 5th month you can give homemade cerelac, boiled apple, rice kanji, dal also.i started dal water with some rice, boiled apple and home made cerelac when he was 5 mths.




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