1 month Old baby - breathing difficulty/chest congestion

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jayabs 2009-12-04 07:34:20


Hi All

I have a one month old baby. Since last three weeks she is suffering from breathing problem in the nite...due to chest congestion..Doctor advised nose drops but it doesnt seem to work...There is no nasal congestion as such.

Just that she has that gurgling sound when she breathes and it increases over the nite time...it is very stressful to see this and am not sure whether vicks can be applied for the newborn ?!

Will any other home remedy which is safe and which will work ? Pl suggest..Am really worried about this..



 Former member 2009-12-04 09:16:42


Vicks should not be administered in children less than 2 years.

Try to steam water in a corner of the room where the baby sleeps. And if possible, add one or two drops of eucalyptus oil in the water.


Lavanya 2009-12-04 13:51:00


You can mix camphor with coconut oil and apply it on her chest. Heat the coconut oil and dissolve the camphor in it. Cool it and store it. Apply three times a day. There will be relief.

Also, dont make her lie down in a flat position. prop her up from the shoulders on to a small pillow so that she can breathe easier.

take care


jayabs 2009-12-04 15:28:10


Hi Murali/Lavanya

thanks for ur input..

Is coconut oil/camphor safe for children ?! many ppl tell this but the doctors advice against it...so i was kind of not sure..

have u tried this method ?!




Lavanya 2009-12-04 16:05:57


Yes..I have applied the same for my daughter. As long as you keep out of reach of eyes/mouth, I dont think there should be a problem. Better to apply only on the chest and throat.


maha 2009-12-09 09:28:06


HI Jayabs,

Even i had the same problem with my son. My son used to drink milk very fast and that it comes thru nose and i used to hear a snoring sound in the night. sometimes a kind of wheezing sound. It also happens if water goes by mistake in their nose during bath.Doc said nothing to worry. Doc suggested me NASOCLEAR drops to be put in the nose. sometimes u dont see a nose congestion. but still use this. this is very good. and u use this everytime before she goes for sleep.  This is just a saline water so nothing to worry. As another friend suggested, make her sleep in a slanting position so that she will breathe easily.

Why docs are against camphor is that they are not pure these days.My doc said no coconut oil even on body application. This is all just my experience. Please decide accordingly. But i repeat use nasoclear.



kn0609 2009-12-15 12:14:26



I completely agree with Maha on Nasoclear.

Its always safer to go by the docs prescription... because we need to fall back on them for everything,specially with kids health. I use Nasoclear very often... it clears the nasal tract so that there is free breathing. As maha puts it... you dont see any nasal congestion... all the time.

The inclined position also helps a lot. My son who is 7 months old now has a terrible cold and has mild wheezing also, which makes his night sleep horrible. but for the past two days he has been sleeping better in the inclined position., Please do try that also.

Wishing your child a speedy recovery and take care.




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