Curing autism 100%

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manessvijay 2010-12-20 13:56:55


Curing autism 100% (My 6yr old son is 70% cured)

hiradhu 2010-12-20 14:30:54




kgvs2006 2010-12-20 15:43:53


I would like to know how autism can be cured. Please tell the details. 


vijinarsi 2010-12-21 11:04:26



  Pls share your experience


manessvijay 2010-12-22 17:26:31


My son from 0-2 was severely autistic including ADHD of unbelievable severity. We celebrated his birthday on the th of this month. From 0-1 we were staying in Agashi, Virar(A beautiful developed village near Arnala Beach). Then we shifted to Panchgani, a hillstation near Mahableshwar. We used to move to Goregaon,a suberb in Mumbai which is our original place of residence 4-5 times aa year for the last four years

I used to roam with him as per his wishes and allowed all his indulgencies. His roaming sessions or playing in gardens wsa a daily routine which streched from 3 1/2 - 4 hrs. it took nearly 2 yrs to gail his confidence. You have to match his level of stamina, energy and have infinite patience to satisfy their destructive-creative instincts

We follow a strictly vegetarian lifestyle. I allow my son to carry out his destructive activity. He has recovered nearly 70% from his ADHD problem. We have'nt as yet given him any allopathy medicines or sent him to any therapist. He is still non-verbal but yet creates different voices and his actions are less repetitive. I believe in his self-healing power and has given him supportive ayurvedic brain tonic.I know he will be normal within 2 yrs.

My approach to autism, ADHD, PDD NOS is that these children have come with a solution in the present global condition which is beyond the capacity of normal human beings.The reason i have taken a different line of approach is beause I want my child to be a normal human being. Getting them settled in later life is not a problem because they are already born professionals. My job is to allow them to learn simple things in a normal way which they will decide because they are very stubborn kids. Reffering to allopathy medicines as the cause is not yet known, there are no precise drugs to cure autism completely why reduce the self-healing capacity of the child by giving him allopathy medicines.

I'm in meditation have a swayambu activated magnetic electric gravitic field. I can only state a simple fact that our medium of communicaton whether English, Sanskrit or any language are all created by humans beings and are limltated to the conscious mind. Breathing or Vipasana meditation and on a higher level trying to form a fusion with the 5 elements is a meditative form that gives peace to your conscious and moves over to your subconscious mind. Forming a link between the conscious gives additional energy to your conscious brain and the quality of link between conscious brain and physical activity increases considerably


 Former member 2011-03-01 12:21:37




r u telling about Reikhi,pranic healing or something else?


manessvijay 2011-04-01 08:51:42



it is neither reiki nor pranic healing or any other form of healing-those groups who claim to heal our planet it is neither prayers, blessings or mantra-tantra etc., etc

it is a continous flow of inner sound vibration similar to the sound emanating from our planet or other planets of our solar system. it is like going for a long distance drive on an empty road where the drivers' dhyan at the sub-conscious level is in tune with the flow of sound of his vehicle in motion.

it is difficult to teach or explain, to express it in ground reality it is a topic of entertainment for my wife and daughter studying in eight std. though my wife underwent vipassana meditation some 14 years back, did yoga, learnt sudarshan kriya at shri shri ravishanxar's art of living some 10 years back, learnt shashtriya sangeet for 1 year under the guidance of a reputed guru etc., etc. 

in flow of events in life, for a smooth flow, each event has to be deciphered into four parts time, place, event and each event in motion only then can we understand and have a smooth flow of passage but all this depends on each individuals' karma.  .

coming to my inner flow of sound vibration as a layman i feel sound implies motion in turn it activates or creates a vibration field, a fusion of all three creates energy or a flow of energy..

as regards curing autism i feel we should pay full attention in energising our subconscious system which works 24x7 by delving into knowledge already available to us in the form of twenty one vanaspati priya to lord ganesha (buddhi cha devta).an ayurvedacharya should make the necessary moves.



tika 2011-06-28 15:24:56




Hi Vijay I really need your help my email id is i think my child who is 2.5 year old is autistic  please help me by giving more information on this


 Former member 2011-06-28 17:19:11


I will be nice if vijay posts how to work with children with autistic condition through meditation will be great, I have a son in the spectrum as well. 


manessvijay 2011-07-02 07:46:39


hi                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       is , it is space,  time; action and flow of action.  now we are in mumbai-goregaon to be precise i take him on daily outings 3 hrs. morning time, 3 hrs. in the evening. you can't take adhd kids on the streets, i take him on the highway. in the 3 hr. session i carry him on my lap for nearly 2 hrs. in this busy mumbai streets. this is how i was able to let his mind adjust to walking speed. this is what i meant when i said you have to match his energy level only then he will respect you and start listening  to you. now he understands marathi and utilizes  his thinking mind.and does many things on his own .he goes to different places, comes with us for marketing, hotelling etc. etc, now he is near normal but still non-verbal though he emits different voices.after another 2 weeks we are planning to shift near sangli where krishna river flows so that he can interact with flowing river water and roam around at farmland for the next 2 years,  last 4 years he was in panchgani a hill station and education centre near mahableshwar. during rainy season clouds brushes pass you and it helped in changing his liquid chemistry provided. you take him for outings not worrying whether he will catch fever or cough,  this year we were  f orced to send our daughter studying in std. ix to boarding  as you said .we are dealing with a spectrum, for me it is a spectrum issue not a problem.   .   








.                                       .



priyakmr 2011-07-05 16:20:24


 what r the diets ur giving or ur son, . u have 2 kids,how u managed both ,b'coz i have problem regarding to have his siblings at home,b'coz she is 2 young  can she help her brother in anyway



manessvijay 2011-07-07 22:42:51


hi priyakmr

i  am dadu's mother sandhya  responding to your query. i  give him  lots of green leafy vegetables.  i give him all kinds of cereals all kinds of sprouts  i give him tea mix with lemon grass ilayachi ginger  and he likes vita marie biscuits i give him  rotis just like jawar roti mix with ragi he does not like outside food he likes only homemade food he likes moongdal khichdi mix with vegetables i don't cook seperately for him i give him tomato soup dal palak andf kadhi with rice.

it is difficult to manage both children hence we have put our daughter in boarding this year now studying  in std. ix.




NJ 2011-07-08 04:54:52


Manesvijay, By curing ADHD to 70% do you mean to say that your sons hyperactivity and aggression has come down to more than 1/2 of what it was earlier?. And the autistic features like inability to communicate and other sensory issues still exist?


NJ 2011-07-08 04:56:48


Read " And the autistic features like inability to communicate and other sensory issues still exist" as "And the autistic features like inability to communicateand other sensory issues remain the same and have not improved much"


manessvijay 2011-07-10 19:09:32


hi NJ

i am sandhya, dadu's mother, now he comes with me to market, waits patiently for 10 minutes at one place, till last year he would never wait, till 2 years back he would shrug off and release his hand from my grip, 2 1/2 years back he would pull himself in the opposite direction and myself and my daughter woold pull him in our direction, still after sometime we would get tired and he would have his way.when he was 4 1/2 years old i took admission in a very good nursery and on the 1st day itself he drove all the 22- 25 other children of his age group out of the hall and threw their water bottles and tiffin and aayas were running after him to catch him and it took them nearly 40 minutes to get hold of him and he climbed grills and windows and moved very fast when he was 3 and 4 years old he would leave us and move on his own alone my daughter and myself would run and catch hold of him, 3-4 times i tried to take him to weekly bazaar within minutes or maybe seconds he would mess up the street vendors' onions, tomatoes, potatoes and they would request to please not bring this chikd for marketing.




NJ 2011-07-11 04:11:07


sandhya,, You have been through a lot...I had also been through similar, but I guess to a lesser intensity... But we still have a long way to go..



manessvijay 2011-07-11 08:55:07



i can understand your feelings-its' a long way to go.the basics required for a normal childs' behaviour  are now being set by  him alone.even now he resists,if he doesn't have his way but he doesn't get hyper,he doesn't get out of control,he never leaves us, yes for 10-15-20 minutes he is angry, he creeks shouts; creates  different protesting noises, then he manages to cool down and settles and then he comes with us again with that full-charged energy, his creative gimmicks, having fun all the way but the major difference is he listens, knows his limitations his social interaction is moving at a faster pace as we are living in a market place near station he has to find his way through huge mass of people,many people try to interact and communicate with him on a daily basis, nowadays he has started watching cricket  boys of his age play  and they try to accomodate  him in their games. 

i would like my child  develop with that distinct creative full of enthusiasm identity.he can be turned into a genious by normal beings specialist in this field but if you observe; their personal life is full of tragedy;

i would present my views on meditation some other time; it is very simple;the simplest thing on this planet; it is the art of moving towards zero level or sleep level or moving from consciousness level to sub-consciousness level or a fusion of both, i don't know how it works,it is for the scientists or researchers to find out and put it on paper but atleast in my case it works, you move towards zero level only when you are physically and mentally or emotionaly tired and you go for honest and total relaxation during this phase of 5-10 minutes observing yourself with a free mindset, you yourself has to cultivate this habit or the art of doing nothing naturally, nobody can teach you, autistic children are simple beings and to understand, interpret and then to find a workable solution not going against their overall development is a mind-boggling task because they are very simple and understanding and implementing simple  things is the most difficult task on this earth.     



76powaimum 2014-07-09 08:33:15


would like to know abt the Ayurvedic tonic u mentioned in earlier post that u gave to ur son. And z let me know how his toe walking got cured. 
It will be of immense help.

76powaimum 2014-07-10 15:32:10


Any remedy for toe walking other then AFO's ??
plz if someone can help me give Afo makers contact from mumbai. Thanks

keerth21 2014-07-19 15:12:10


visit to & for more info on toe walking

deepforest 2014-07-20 11:15:08


in my city there are a very old Medial Psychologist (senior And Head of department)
He often told me that the New psychologist Who based on American DSM are very Fascinated to Autism.
And over diagnosing it
he says he see many children cover up all symptoms after they grew little old
so many parents even from America and Europe visit him with normal child diagnosed as Autism

aditis 2014-07-26 23:34:54


@ vijay hii,
I am aditi from mumbai, i am very impressed to know about your child. congrats to your miracle. it is really appreciating that you save your autistic child. my child was also autistic, i developed some new techniques to improve him. they are diffrent from yours. even i didnt send my child to any therapist. for hyperactivity i was giving him medicines. he is now in 8th cbse normal school.
please go through "BYE BYE TO AUTISM" i have mentioned some of my ideas to improve my son. Best luck for your efferts, you will be the best teacher of all the mothers like us.


manessvijay 2014-07-28 00:24:38


hi 76powaimum,
i am visiting this site after a gap of few months, hence the delay in responding. last month, i had tried ozone therapy but after a few sittings, he stopped taking this ozone gas, now i am searching for hbot therapy option and had visited hiranandani hospital but it is too far and there is the traffic issue. 
you can try hbot option, if you haven't as yet. 
as regards to ayurvedic medicines, some 3-4 years back, we had given him balaji tambe's medicines from their shivaji nagar outlet in pune for nearly 2 years. atleast once, you will have to visit their center at karla near lonavla.  
to give you an idea of how my approach is, there is a trance state or a flow state, i shift into a meditative flow state when i assist him, so time and efforts become immaterial, we both are in the flow and my job is to be alert as well so that he may not get hurt and this goes on and on and on and in this flow of activity he learnt many things and many of his issues got resolved, but this happened when we were in panchgani but in a crowded city like mumbai it is impossible to even think of experimenting thiis style of activity, so his flow got to an abrupt halt but to his credit he did adjust himself but still i carry a feeling of guilt but my wife just doesn't want to accept this and she has more faith in therapists and special schools but now he has covered a lot of his shortcomings but we feel there is a lot of restrictions in this environment or to put it bluntly mumbai and its suburbs in 2014 is not an ideal place for a holistic upbringing  of children, especially of the autistic, adhd type.
here please note, i don't intend to discourage anybody but posted a reality of the present state of this city and how that much more tough it is for parents/caretakers to handle autistic children.  

Sidi 2014-07-28 15:33:49


Please be careful if u plan to live near river or any water ponds, as there are lot of news about autistic kids getting drowned...recently.

yagyadahal 2018-05-25 22:43:36


My daughter Astha is 9 years old she hasautism..what should i do..plz advise me

manessvijay 2018-05-27 17:56:45


namaste - am posting after a long time - this is a subtle issue - will share my experience but need to go in details to get a clear picture

saigtl 2018-05-28 16:48:25


Hi Vijay,

Please post our experiences. It will be helpful for parents.


manessvijay 2018-05-29 07:01:17


yagyadahal - namaste i feel you need to try giving juice of cannabis leaves in very small qty as you are from kathmandu - have no idea whether cannabis plant is banned in your country but had read about its beneficial properties some 3-4 years back. do consult a proper nutritionist before giving dose in small quantities

 Former member 2018-10-08 14:34:52


     Please provide his contact details. I need his advices about my daughter. 

deepakpatil 2018-11-25 03:24:42


Dear Vijay, I'm also trying mediation to help with my son's healing. Can you please provide your contact details so that I can talk to you, need your guidance.


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