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Anjali86 2023-04-05 11:41:08


Hello All,
I have 30 months old son who started showing symptoms of autism. I started going through google like all other parents. I am scared, and don€™t know what to do.
so far, we have started biomedical and homeopathy.
but I came across some other things as well and your guidance is really needed. Also we can look into these therapies together and see if we give our kids a HOPE.
1. Son- rise program 
2. Doman therapy
3. Stem cell therapy 
4. MeRT therapy
5. Access consciousness bar therapy 
6. Naadi yoga
7. Khadar vali diet
8. ABA and OT

Currently I am living in Germany and there is too much waiting for therapies. I am thinking of coming to India for therapy. Please pour in your suggestion 

sri2005 2023-04-21 16:12:42


Hello Anjali,

 Early intervention is better. But i feel better u stay back in germany and get the therapies done. Dont keep high expectations of therapies and treatment here. i am mother of 16 year old son. He has ADHD and Epilepsy problem. I only teach him at home. none of the school gave admission becoz of the hyperactivity problem. Special schools are pathetic. 

Mother is the medicine for all. Have patience. Try out various therapies at home only. Like set a target and work on it. For example, if u want to teach ur child to brush teeth. Set a target of 15 days or so and work on it. The child has to mingle with the kids. So everyday 1hour see that he spends time among children. Give ur son a home based school experience. 

I am not disappointing u, ur plans of coming to india for therapies.  

Prabhav mom

sri2005 2023-04-21 16:20:46


Hi Anjali,

Try NIMHANS banglore for therapies.


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