Finding some purpose for my teenage son

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Pasasoni 2022-07-25 12:40:05


I have a 17 year old high functional son. We live in Gurgaon. He was doing OK in studies in normal school until recently but Corona hit and he had to be confined at home with no physical schooling. It is then that his interest and aptitude towards studies completely got lost and he had nothing else to do. He developed psychosis during this time which is under some control now. He is now registered in an open school and doesn't do anything other than watching gadgets/TV which has worsened his situation and may effect him in long run.

I am seeking some information/guidance to figure out how I can make him purposefully busy. Tried many things and dint work and don't have any clue so far as to what his natural inclinations are. Looking for some course/sports/others near Dwarka Express/Gurgaon to keep him occupied for at least half a day.

Thank you in advance.


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