Autism Symptoms and Next Steps

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trucks 2021-11-05 22:28:38


Trying to get all ASD related symptoms in one thread so that parents can identify the red flags early and also to help with the next steps.

trucks 2021-11-05 22:48:43


My kid is 20 months old and is showing the following symptoms.


ASD Red flags:
1. Not speaking proper words yet. He can say crow but cannot call us by mama or papa. He says those words randomly though.
2. Not responding to his name.
3. Not playing with kids his age. He can make eye contact but does not show interest in playing with kids.

What is he doing well?:
1. He can walk, run, climb stairs without any issues.
2. Can point at things to ask for help.
3. Understands our little orders like bring shoes etc., and can act on it.
4. Communicates well with hand gestures and pointing.
5. Makes good enough eye contact with us.
6. Plays well with the family.
7. No sensory issue that we have noticed so far.

What we have done so far?

1. Pediatrician raised some concerns about the development esp. speech. Says he may be on the spectrum.
2. Met with a pediatric neurologist and he says it is too early to diagnose for ASD as he is less than two years old.
3. Assessment from regional center for early intervention is done [we are in CA, US] and awaiting results.


1. Will going to India help [at least for few months], as we have a larger extended family there with lot of kids?
2. Wait till he turns 2 to really start the therapies in US? Until then, spend time in India.
3. Is it too early to say he is in the ASD spectrum or do we have enough red flags already?
4. Hearing a lot about virtual autism where people say some children are not born with Autism but develop autistic symptoms because of too much screen time. Is this true? We are seeing lot of improvements in eye contact and other behaviors after removing screen time.
We are wondering if all these issues are due to the screen time only. Are we wrong or having false hope?

Please pour in your thoughts, kindly respond to the questions if you can, or just share your symptoms and what you did?



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