Did anyone try to treat autism in natural environment (with kids, family) without therapies ?

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krrao 2021-10-05 05:25:57


I am father of 3 years old boy living in CA, USA, my son recently diagnosed with autism, running around for evaluations at public schools , various ABA therapists with waiting time.
my parents , relatives suggesting to send mother and kid to India for few months and see he gets better among large combined families and kids surrounded , 

we are in dilemma whether to send to India and see and then if he does not improve ,will try therapies in USA .
or will it be late , so we should start right now in USA ?

did any one try sending kids to India temporarily? And letting them live in free natural environment, with siblings without therapies and see improvements?

appreciate any feed in this regard. 

Yogik 2021-11-28 10:10:12


I did.

My son was 2.4 years when I saw red flags and the word "Autism" hit as a rock. Could not focus on my job so, we moved from US to India for a 3 month long vacation (and also for formal diagnosis since the wait time in US was 6-8 months).

here is my observation after spending 3 months in India.

Pros in India:
1. He can now tolerate gathering of more than 3 people - earlier he used to close ears and get frustrated if lot people talk at once.
2. Doctors are accessible and get appointments within 15-20 ways wait time, OT also readily available
3. Grand parents is a biggest support 
4. can get maids to do all daily chores
5. lot of kids around
6. warm temperature (no Snow) , therefore can play outdoors almost every day through the year

Cons for India :
1. We opted for home program to avoid daily commute and traffic hassle of a big city. home program was good but my observation is it takes 2 people to handle an autistic child.  
2. Difficult to set routine - something is always going on - marriage/funeral/functions etc 
3. Future schooling is a big question mark?
4. Social stigma / interference with family - I dont care about peoples talk, but my family does have some impact at back of the mind
5. Lack of playgrounds/parks/ open space 
6. long working hours - little work-life balance 


babblu 2021-12-20 00:08:57


Hi yogik where do you stay in India? I am looking for a home threapist for my son. I am at chennai. Any leads will be of great help to me

Drsaam 2021-12-23 16:28:34


Coming to india and starting home programming is a good idea. specially u can save the time of waiting period and utilize it. Another thing will be a good idea if u start occupational therapy in India.


sri2005 2021-12-25 11:41:14


Dear Krrao,

 Early intervention is always good. I feel therapies are given better in US than India.
There will be social stigma here. People just dont try to understand but they are ready to comment.
I am mother of 14 year old ADHD boy. Mentally and physically i struggled so much. Initially at the age of 4 years my son was in regular school near by my home. becoz of his behavioural issues school authorities have asked me to take him out as they dont get new admission if any other parents see my son. then i have put him in a special school for 3 years which was of no use. Again initially for one year there was improvement but later started declining. Maids arent trained properly. Due to lack of patience they used to beat children. 
Since then my son is at home only and i only teach him. Unfortunately none of my family members extended their support in mending him. Only my husband and my parents supported me. At one moment i was psycologically paralysed. 

Upon identifying my sons interest in learning slokas i started teaching him bhagavadgita and various other slokas. He quickly picks them. 

Why i am telling all this is please analyse before u send your kid to india. So many friends of mine have advised me to come to US, but my husband was not at all interested. What is the use if the peers and family members doesnt support u, help u. Just think twice before deciding to sending ur family to india. In US they wont discriminate the law. there wont be social stigma. May be u miss family members. but try to meet all ur friends in the weekends. These kind of kids should not be left alone. they need to be taken out , need to be among friends. then only they learn to socialize.                                                                                                                                                                     Your son is 3 years , so dont waste time. If you strongly feel your family members will help u out, then it will be helpful. But future schooling and planning of settling will be a big question mark in India. 

Patience is the key. I wish u good luck. If u find time please watch my sons bhagavadgita sloka recitation in Instagram "prabhavmompriya". 



sri2005 2021-12-25 11:54:05


Dear Yogik,

 Upon interacting with my friends in US what i understood is, Life is mechanical in US. If children are good ,life goes on smooth. But if u notice any uncertainties  then comes the challenge. 

what u said is right. Pros and Cons of staying in India. But think on long run. Future schooling and social stigma will be an unsolved mystery. I suggest better u stay back in US and plan accordingly. Utilizing the weekends productively (I hope u both are working). 
Nurture his interests. Have faith in god and have patience. Things will fall in place when u work honestly. 

The reason y i am answering to the parents who have the option to stay in US is , as i have encountered many problems here. My son is 14 year old with ADHD problem. He is confined to home. I have learnt that the therapies are good in US.

Wish u good luck



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