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Colorful 2021-05-16 10:17:49


Hello All, I am here to post the ordeals we came across in our life. I still remember the day, when we went to the doctor for vaccine when my son was 23 months old and asked doctor he is still not speaking yet. Then the doctor asked some series of questions through which we could realize, perhaps my kid will be at the ASD- spectrum. Till then I never realised, that there is a world like this exists. I posted a question here in Parent tree 5 years before and got prompt response from many. I will be always thankful for that. And here I am, to pay back and give some hope to all those who are struggling. The journey was hard and tiring. But in the end, you will definitely see the light. My kid, now after all those BT, ST and ABA(vigorous) is close to every other Normal kid. Still has some issues, like, I have to teach him twice than to a Normal kid. But he is like every other adorable child. We moved to Germany, during this phase and contemplated a lot before moving. To utter disappointment of mine, my kid picked up German and he is fluent at it now. He even goes to English extra classes and speak fluently my mother tongue. Still has articulation issue, but no communication issue. The schools here are so kids friendly and I never think of coming back to India, as the pressure will be more on him through indian education system. A long story short. I wish all of you strong parents. Never give up hope and just give focus to your kid and definitely they will make your life blossom. All the best.

Vipish 2021-05-16 20:03:09


Hi, i am from khandwa, india. My son is also autistic and we also tried so many things and everything was looking very difficult, we almost lost our hope that he will recover. but finally recently we got a new hope and this is why i am sharing here, if anyone is here in india and facing the same issue, then we recently tried naadi yoga, i came to know about this through youtube, Dr Ashish and Dr Nishi from dehradun, they are actually giving naadi yoga therapy to special need kids, i thought to try once and it's being 2 months now and after the second set of therapy, we have seen changes in his speech section, he try to speak, he try to utter words, and second improvement is, now he try to hold the object and uses his right hand much properly than before. We have seen changes in very short time, so we are very hopeful with naadi yoga therapy. 

determined 2021-05-17 19:23:27


Hi Colorful,
 It is great to see parents posting success stories and I yearn to do that one day. My kid is 3.5 old on the spectrum. Has communication, articulation and awareness issues. We are doing ABA for last 4 months and ST, OT. Not seeing major improvement in speech, still speaking in one word and not clearly. Do you mind sharing any other techniques you used that worked for communication? My kid seems to be robotically answering or asking things she needs. Eye contact is minimal to poor. Did you use biomedical intervention or any diet restrictions? She used to speak in 2 word sentences when she was 2 year old and hit a major but slow regression and diagnosed at 3.


gun1 2021-05-19 13:11:22


they charge hell lot of money almost rs 30000 to 40000/- rs for 3 months. is it worth.  i know its NAADIYOGA

Colorful 2021-05-25 18:41:53


Hello Determined, 

  Every kid is different and the range of the spectrum is difficult to understand. But still, we need to spend more time with them to understand where they are lagging. Even now, my kid is having poor eye contact so do not worry about it. They do observe a lot, but the cognitive muscle which supports to convert our thoughts to words does not work properly. Our intention is to stimulate it in every possible way. 

My kid started to speak one word first, before that not even a single word. We took ABA as a recommended course from many, and through my own research in Internet. They first developed the sign language, and slowly mapping that with the words and then sentences. Seeing my kid like that with prompts, broke me. But we were determined to stay put and continued. Actually, we appointed a coach who can spend 3 hours per day with my kid and it came with huge cost (30K per month). The coach (ABA) was actually not so great (kind of average or the best of the existed lot), but it started producing results for us. 

Diet, we did not offer anything that is gluten initially. And followed very balanced diet as per the physician. Nothing extra. Infact, my kid was loving 'Raisins' and we lured him with that to speak. Your kid might like something, you can use that as your bait. 

As a parent, it is our responsibility to understand the kid better than anybody else. So spend quality time with them and you can achieve the desired results. All the best. 


Yuvi11 2021-05-27 12:01:51


Hello sir,
Can you please give your contact to discuss about my son. 

RadhaMohan 2021-05-27 16:37:19



It's best to follow a strict diet to tackle the food allergies most children are facing. 

Other supportive things for gut healing, detoxification, and support for brain development.

These 3 are critical aspects to heal autism.

These things should be done in a step-by-step manner.

One cannot achieve brain growth by skipping gut healing and detoxification processes.

This is a very detailed process and there is a need for discussion.

We have a small group of parents on telegram who are mostly following these methods of healing.

Join the group by clicking the above link on your mobile. This is purely a parents group.

I request commercial people not to join this group. 

I have started this group for helping parents who didn't know what to do with this condition or not having a clear path to follow.

Colorful 2021-06-03 17:17:03


send me a mail. 

sri2005 2021-06-04 15:28:02


Hi Colorful,

It is very happy  to hear success stories. it literally boost up the spirits. Yes what you said is true ,never lose hope. I am mother of 14 year old boy. He is epileptic and ADHD. becoz of his hyper activity and behaviour issues none of the main stream school gave admission. somehow joined him in a special school. wasted 3 years of my time. Now at home only. I only teach him. Miraculously my son picks up slokas very fast. I can say he is spiritual minded right from childhood. he learnt many slokas just by listening , watching TV. I taught him few. Now I am teaching him Bhagavadgita slokas. He recites well. But who will listen. Who pays attention to him. He is labelled as a boy who make mischief all the time . So i decided to create an instagram account and uploaded in it. When i received compliments from the people i dont know ,my joy knew no bounds. Dont know what is in store for him, but have faith in god that definetly he will show a  way. 
i feel the schools here for these kind of children are pathetic.  

"prabhavmompriya" is my instagram account where my sons bhagavadgita slokas can be viewed. Please watch. Thanks in advance and all the best. Wishing a happy and colorful life .
God bless.



Ria20 2021-06-05 19:46:44


Hi colorful, I am a resident of kolkata, India. My nephew has been diagnosed with autism at the age of 22 months. He will be of 2 year in a few days. I have posted for help in this group and receive great help . He had no eye contact, no response to his name, does not know who his father or mother or any other relationship. Does not point at things or understand when we point at anything. After starting the therapy ,in one month there was drastic changes. Like his eye contact improved, he responded to his name, started looking when we point at anything and even started a little bit pointing himself. But suddenly for the past two weeks there was a huge regression. All of a sudden he stopped doing everything. Still we continue our therapy. Since you have experience with your child can you please guide me that if this regression is normal or not? Or how we can help him to get out of this spectrum?

Colorful 2021-06-07 01:33:34


Persistence is the key. Do not worry about the two weeks regression. Just keep doing the therapy even if it is repeated, or it is boring to you. I am 100% sure, kids will progress over time. Over a 3 months, you can really see a progress. If you plan any activity, you have to include the kid into it. Yeah, it requires a lot of patience and our attitude towards life should also change. I mean, we should be mentally ready to handle this task. Then it will be easier. 

All said, this is how I and my spouse did it together. I quit my job. He just drops me at the therapy center. I wait for my kid, who will be in the session for 3 hours, inclusive of all the activities, play, and speaking. And then come home, feed him and allow him to sleep for an hour or so. And then only play in my apartment park. And then come home, this time, I do small activities along with my child. Then go to bed. 

It is important to make them tired to get good night's sleep and then proper diet (Balanced - Without gluten). Since it helps to keep the GUT cluster free. 

It is very much possible for us. Since it is our kid, we can do even more to that as well. I was mentally ready to deal with it. Hence I was able to manage it well. 

Colorful 2021-06-07 01:36:12


That is very nice. Every child is different and every kid is adorable. I am really happy for your kid for his extraordinary talent. Just FYI, even Bill Gates had a complexity and their brain works differently than anyone else. They will have a special talent and our job is to identify it and nurture it well. Since you already knew, he can recite well, that means, he can catch up things pretty fast. 

Focus on what keeps him interested and expose him for it. Who knows, he can invent something for this humanity as well. All the best.

Ria20 2021-06-07 08:47:48


@colorful thank you for your support and information. For last two days he started laughing alone for no reason and also making a humming sound almost all the time. It is so heart breaking to see him like this. He was diagnosed with mild to moderate autism. But now seeing the symptoms ,I think he has severe autism. We are really feeling helpless and empty.

amitch 2021-06-09 01:21:25


He may have yeast issues or phenol.avoid sugar.

Colorful 2021-06-09 12:38:11



It is stimming. They find it helping to alleviate their mood. Perhaps, he was upset and doing it. Laughing alone is like, he might have found, something funny which he recalls now and laughing. Again, do not worry about he is not being normal and all. 

The point is, yeah it is his world. You try to understand him. Unlike everybody there, he will not be able to express himself. Here is where you need to enter into his world. Put aside everything you have. Try to sneak into this world. When is he laughing, when is he stimming. Try to understand. Once you enter into his world, perhaps you will get an answer for everything. And it is easy to slowly embed your ideas into him and bring him to this real world. 

If you need support, then you can get an expertise support. It comes with a cost, and finding the right person is also a challenge. But again, I would insist, stop worrying for every activity our kid does. And it is not required to explain yourself for everything you do. And importantly stop worrying about future too.

Try to understand your child and he will take you to a different world you could ever imagine.

Patience and Persistence will do wonders. A Mother can do anything :-)

Ria20 2021-06-09 21:01:00


@amitch we are not giving him sugar . He is on gfcf diet

Ria20 2021-06-09 22:54:44


@colorful Actually the sudden shock from the news is still fresh in our mind. His therapist also said the same thing about the laughter. I hope our family will have more confidence and courage in future. The thing is all we can think now is that if he can't come to the mainstream how he will survive independently. I know we should not be like this but we can't help it. Still your words come as a great comfort. Thank you.

Ishaan1109 2021-09-20 23:29:18


@ Colorful  :  So nice and encouraging to get this news. Stay blessed

amitch 2021-10-16 16:07:07


Hope seems to be a fake account.parents beware

Nilkumar17 2021-10-17 14:03:01


Hi .....I would also like to mention that my 28 months old baby is diagnosed with mild austism ....since birth he was suffering from infantile spasm...and now with austsm...can anyone from this group kindly let me know about the good ayurvedic/homaypathic dr.... planning to consult dr Oswal...or there any other dr whom can I consult please advise


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