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sivaeu2020 2020-03-21 13:38:27


Dear friends, I am currently working in Europe and I have cute lil boy with autistic features (2 yr and 3 months). For first 12 months - he achieved all his milestones and then things started regressing. The mistake I did is, continuous TV and did not spend quality time with him. All of sudden by 1.8 yrs I started observe odd things like poor/no response to name calling, no meaningful speech. We are going for evaluations but still final score are not given for him. Negatives: 1. Poor name call response 2. Will not point to any object 3. No speech 4. Reduced eye contact Positives: (we are spending good time with him for last one month) 1. He can drive tricycle with pedals/tiny car with no pedals. 2. He started telling few words like apple(when we show him), Amma/Appa randomly(not seeing us though) 3. He eats his own food 4. Playing games - throws balls and collecting the ball if we ask during the game 5. Stacking up bucket blocks vertically and self appreciating 6. Improved eye contact 7. He understands our emotions greatly. If my wife cries - he consoles, if angry - he patch up, he segregates me and wife when we pretend fighting. 8. No crying outside, he enjoys and play in parks, if someone picks up - he will see their face, won't cry and won't go to them if I say no. 9. He always obey to our shouting/commands when he does any wrong doings. I have planned to relocate to india in July and he will be 2.7 yrs by that time. He will get all needed social support since all my and my extended family lives in chennai. He is now in gfcf diet. I am emotionally broken and trying to hide it since it can affect my family. Need all your suggestions please. I am not matured enough to handle this and don't know what to do. What should I do once we land in chennai ? May I join him in normal play school Should i need to get reevaluated in chennai - if so who is best Best therapy centers name please Any homeopathy or sidhha recommendations I live around mugaper(ambattur). Thanks,

123bhavi 2020-03-22 06:17:18


Hey..my assumption is he may not be under ASD..but definitely had some developmental delay..but .don't stop there..you just need to keep teaching him where he is lagging..its a team effort ( entire members of the family )..in engaging with him in plays and communication...looking at your post your son does not have any behaviour issues..so plz do not use any medication unless required...but you can use supplements like most of the ASD parents do as below 1 vitamins - see what your son lacks and get them topped 2 omega 3 fish oil - improves congestion skills 3 prebiotic - inulin Please google if your not aware what these are and consult a pedestrian and you can use the above based on his recommendations All the best

vaa26 2020-03-22 08:37:16


Hi ..
does he have any obsession for any toys or any sensory issues?

sivaeu2020 2020-03-22 13:34:28


He has no sensory issues. He play with all toys but car is his favorite. We tried to hide cars or take car from him suddenly and checked..he never cried or adamant asking it.

sivaeu2020 2020-03-22 13:46:19


@123bhavi, thank you for your feedback. We could see good improvement after stopping TV and importantly after spending time with him (thanks to corona quarantine). Behavior wise.. ninna edathula sutthuvaan(don't know exact English word) .. but very few times a day when he is very bored. He gets little frustrated when he is not able to fix shapes in the board or if he cannot reach his snacks. He will try his full effort to take the snack with some properties and only if he cannot, he come to us and pull us. We are giving fish(omega) oil & every fruit available. We give oats/rice/coconut milk. Only rice & rice based food. No wheat,maida,diary.

vaa26 2020-03-22 23:48:40


There is CARS test available online.. go through the questions so that you know the criteria of asd diagnosis.. Sensory issues are one of the major problems faced on the spectrum.My son was diagnosed with autism 3 months back when he was 2 yrs old.. his main concern currently are the sensory issues.. his CARS is 31 .. borderline autistic.. hopeful that good things will happen with him in the coming year

sai12345 2021-04-14 02:38:49


Hi sivaeu2020, my son's activities are similar to yours. Please would you WhataApp me at +15516896651. Would like to get a few details.


varshagra 2021-05-17 10:07:41


hi, you can try naadi yoga also, my son has the same problem and we tried so many things but didn't get the noticeable result. currently we are taking online sessions of naadi yoga from Dr nishi bhatt dehradun and we have seen many changes in a very short time. My son used to sit with support at back, neck holding was not proper, falls one side. Most of the times right side. After 2 months of naadi yoga treatment, he tries to hold his neck now, he sits without support, he recognizes voice properly and his stiffness has reduced. Check naadi yoga at your level also, you will find everything on youtube about naadi yoga dehradun, actually we came to know about this from youtube itself and this actually worked for us. hoping for the best for your son too. 

tin81 2021-07-15 13:33:52


Hello sivaeu2020, Pls share your contact on mail nit_singh2007@yahoo.co.in as I am also a father with similar condition.

rkdparent 2022-07-20 08:44:29


Vanakkam @sivaeu2020 
I€™m in the ame situation as you. I€™m from Chennai but currently in Toronto. I would like to connect to you to get some details, when you have some time can you please reach out to me at +13474019135 in WhatsApp please ?

rajappa 2022-07-20 17:30:58


I have a 11 year old with similar symptoms but improved a not since his childhood. We are trying homeschooling this year....schooling didn't help and we feel we wasted a lot of time sending him to school.

dushita 2022-08-01 15:22:35


My daughter wasn't diagnosed as on the spectrum until she was in her teens. But, that said - I tell people to learn from my family's mistakes: ASD kid = if you can homeschool, do so!


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