Inclusive school in Bangalore

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shi32 2019-12-15 01:21:57


My 4 year old was recently diagnosed with High Functioning Level 1 Autism. Speech-wise and academically is Ok but lacks skills in social settings - overstimulation lead to flapping. 

We are looking for mainstream inclusive school in Bangalore for UKG. Chrysalis High told they will admit in their "Care" program which is an additional 1.1 lpa on top of regular fee. Child will get half an hour attention from special educator every day. Any Chrysalis parent who availed this program would be of great help. DPS East too is ready to admit without any premium but acknowledged they do not have any special program though occasionally a councillor would asses. But high student teacher ratio is a concern. 

Any suggestions on other regular schools are most welcome.

nana1982 2019-12-18 23:37:52


Many international schools around that area are inclusive


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