We cured our Child Autism in 3 years

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dtsparent 2021-04-30 08:05:09


Hi my son has some autistic features. Please add me 8056829176 to this group. Thanks

dtsparent 2021-04-30 08:07:39


Please add me to this group and help me. 8056829176

Akmass007 2021-05-05 21:46:18


Plsbadd me to the wassapp group

NiteshKawad 2021-05-06 22:09:11


My son was also autistic. we used to take naadi yoga treatment from Dr Ashish Gilhotra and Nishi Mam. After 3 months of naadi yoga treatment, these are the changes we have seen. First thing is €" his head circumference has been increased by 1 cm and there are great changes in his understanding level. He follows the commands, for example: if I say him, not to move until I come back, he will not move. And also he will do sun salutation, if I ask him to do sun salutation then he does one posture which is very cute and he is crying for very small small things now, tears are coming out while crying, so earlier it was not there. He recognizes things which are surrounded by him. And sleeping hours has increased. There is Improvement in food intake and he is trying to get-up from floor and he stands for few minits with wall supports. i am highly satisfied, as nothing worked before.  


sachisinha 2021-05-16 20:31:45


My child is also autistic and i am from india. i have ssen so many people questioning about right treatment, actually we also have tried so many things but currently we are trying naadi yoga therapies of ashish gilhotra and nishi bhatt mam, they are from dehradun and we are really very impressed with the improvements actually in a very short time frame. i am so glad to share the improvements in my son after 1 month of naadi yoga treatment, we have seen a tremendous and miraculous changes, these are the major improvements €" neck holding and his eye contact is getting better now, am so happy to say that he is calling now papa, he has started speaking some words, he is more active now, and he used to get 40 jerks around in a day before, but it has been reduced to 4-5 jerks in a day and sometime only 1-2 jerks in a day. Balancing his body now, he tries to stand for few seconds. While doing the therapy, there are instant changes in my son, so am very happy about naadi yoga. and i would suggest if anyone is facing this, you can search more on youtube about them or whatever ur resources, use them and know about naadi yoga, that might help your kid, this is our belief. and best wishes for everyone here.   


Maneesh25 2021-05-22 15:34:37


Sir, please also help me. i am father of 3 Year 2 months old Autistic Boy Kid. My email id is jha059@gmail.com

Simi1432 2021-07-24 15:18:11


Hi ,my son has hiperactive, pls help us. 0034640801647

sagar11 2021-07-28 10:32:11


hi, my email is bhaviksagar11@hotmail.com. Please share your journey to recover from autism

Saras21 2021-07-31 13:13:50


Hi Mam,

My son has ADHD for the past 1 year. Can you guide us fro the therapy center.

Saras21 2021-07-31 13:28:33


My mail ID is rsaraswathi1993@gmail.com

JL34 2021-08-14 19:50:01



please suggest me best therapy centres for speech,OT,ABA in hyd.

12334566778 2021-08-16 11:49:17


Please add me I whatsup group 9958333123

Saahil35 2021-08-20 02:21:35


Hi. Can someone suggest any good OPT therapist in Hyderabad Please?Its urgent, please see help Ÿ™

ganga1 2021-09-12 19:32:58


Hi, thank you for sharing the positiveness among us. My email id is bgvbabu@gmail.com and I request you to share the details of what you followed to cure your kid. 

arun888 2021-09-13 15:27:21


Hi Carlo,

Please email me that how your son got cured/came out from Autism,Is there any special medicine or what miracle behind that.

My email - arunlogix@gmail.com

Thanks in Advance.


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